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Waterproof Necklaces


Wear our waterproof necklaces to the gym, in the ocean or in the shower, they will never lose its color (lifetime color warranty)


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BEST SELLER Baroque Freshwater Pearl NecklaceBaroque Pearl Necklace
BEST SELLER ON SALE Freshwater Pearl Choker PendantFreshwater Choker Pendant
Freshwater Pearl Choker 332 reviews Sale price59,99€ Regular price79,99€
LOW STOCK ON SALE Gold Layered NecklaceGold Layered Necklaces
"Ios" Layered Necklace 283 reviews Sale price46,99€ Regular price59,99€
Snake Chain ChokerGold Herringbone
Gold Sun PendantGold Waterproof necklace
TRENDING ON SALE Jewelry SunSun Jewelry Combo
Golden Glow Bundle 8 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price84,99€
White beaded necklaceWhite dainty choker
BEST SELLER ON SALE Everyday JewelryEveryday Set
Everyday Bundle 7 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price85,99€
Rainbow Dainty ChokerRainbow Choker Dainty
Gold Rope ChainRope Chain Necklace
Double minimal chokerdainty double necklace
NEW Birthstone NecklaceBirthstone Necklace
Birthstone Necklace 34 reviews Sale price46,99€
ON SALE Initial NecklaceSilver Inital Necklace
Initial Necklace 75 reviews Sale price42,99€ Regular price49,99€
Summer Pearl necklaceWaterproof Pearl Necklace
La Isla Necklace 61 reviews Sale price46,99€
ON SALE Star Zircon NecklaceNorthstar Pendant
Starlight Necklace 53 reviews Sale price43,99€ Regular price55,99€
NEW White clover necklaceMother of Pearl Clover Necklace
Positano Necklace Sale price46,99€
Link Choker NecklaceLink Chain in gold
BEST SELLER ON SALE Jewelry Pearls ComboSummer Jewelry Bundle
Aloha Bundle 5 reviews Sale price78,99€ Regular price98,99€
TRENDING Blue chokerColorful Dainty Choker
Mykonos Choker 1 review Sale price41,99€
ON SALE Gold Waterproof ChokerWater Resistant Choker
"Piana" Necklace 50 reviews Sale price40,99€ Regular price43,99€
Mini Freshwater Pearl ChokerMini Freshwater Pearl Choker
Gold Drop NecklaceDrop Necklace Gold
Drop Necklace 11 reviews Sale price42,99€
TRENDING Emerald NecklaceGold Emerald Necklace
Emerald Necklace 8 reviews Sale price46,99€
TRENDING Beach pearl pendantIsland Vibes Choker
Sunseeker Choker 2 reviews Sale price58,99€
NEW Small diamond chokerdainty stone choker
Sparkle Choker 1 review Sale price64,99€
Sand Dollar PendantSand Dollar Pendant
Tropical ChokerGreen Choker
Tropical Choker 27 reviews Sale price43,99€
"Antigua" Choker"Antigua" Choker
"Antigua" Choker 51 reviews Sale price42,99€
TRENDING Pearl Letter NecklacePearl Letter Necklace
Dainty ChokerDainty Choker
Dainty Choker 38 reviews Sale price39,99€
Fine ChokerGold Snake Square Choker
Fine Choker 18 reviews Sale price39,99€
NEW Greek blue eye necklaceevil eye protection necklace
Greek Evil Eye Necklace Sale price44,99€
TRENDING Hammered Gold Medallion NecklaceGold Medallion Necklace
ON SALE Shine BundleWaterproof Jewelry Bundle
High Shine Bundle 4 reviews Sale price68,99€ Regular price86,99€
Gold Pearl ChokerGold Freshwater Pearl Choker
Dainty Freshwater Pearl NecklaceDainty Freshwater Pearl Necklace
NEW nautilus necklaceGold nautilus necklace
Nautilus Necklace 2 reviews Sale price43,99€
NEW Inca NecklaceAventurine necklace
Inca Sun Necklace 1 review Sale price46,99€
Sold out Baroque Pearl ChokerSingle pearl choker
Classy ChainGold Classy Chain
"Isle" Classy Chain 24 reviews Sale price41,99€
Keshi Pearl NecklaceKeshi Pearl Necklace
NEW Gold Layered Necklacedainty layered necklace
"Azure" Layered Necklace Sale price51,99€
Boho Layered NecklaceSilver Boho Layered Necklace
Gold Sun NecklaceGold Sun Necklace
Sun Necklace 57 reviews Sale price44,99€