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Sea Creature Jewelry


Dive in our Sea Creature Jewelry : discover our Sea creature earrings, our Sea animal bracelets, our Sea creatures-inspired rings. You can also represent your favorite marine animal with one of our Sea creature animal necklaces or anklets

Every jewelry is designed to capture the very essence of the underwater experience and is expertly cast in genuine 92 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel. Wear them as a treasured keepsake and special reminder of those calm, carefree days spent by the sea. 

Many of our unique Sea creatures designs embody the spirit of being around the sea and shore. Each piece from this collection will be sure to delight and thrill the beach lover in your life. 


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ON SALE Octopus Ring (5603982475432)Stainless Steel Octopus Ring (5603982475432)
Octopus Ring 365 reviews Sale price34,99€ Regular price49,99€
Whale Tail RingWhale Tail Ring (5603626090664)
Whale Tail Ring 63 reviews Sale price42,99€
Manta NecklaceManta ray necklace
Manta Necklace 22 reviews Sale price38,99€
Whale Tail NecklaceGold Whale Tail Necklace
Silver Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)
Sea Turtle AnkletGold Sea Turtle Anklet
Turtle Anklet 18 reviews Sale price38,99€
Seahorse AnkletSeahorse Anklet
Seahorse Anklet 9 reviews Sale price33,99€
Silver Whale AnkletGold Whale Anklet
Whale Anklet 8 reviews Sale price35,99€
Gold Turtle NecklaceSea Turtle Necklace
Octopus EarringsOctopus Earrings
Octopus Earrings 10 reviews Sale price32,99€
Whale EarringsSilver Whale Earrings
Whale Earrings 4 reviews Sale price32,99€
Silver Starfish necklaceStarfish Necklace
Starfish Necklace 25 reviews Sale price41,99€
Shark NecklaceShark Pendant
Shark Necklace 31 reviews Sale price42,99€
Seahorse NecklaceSeahorse jewelry
Seahorse Necklace 6 reviews Sale price39,99€
Seahorse RingSeahorse-ring
Seahorse Ring 1 review Sale price29,99€
Sold out Whale Shark RingWhale Shark Ring
Whale Shark Ring 13 reviews Sale price39,99€
Shark Tooth NecklaceSilver Shark Tooth Pendant
Gold Octopus NecklaceOctopus Necklace
Octopus Necklace 11 reviews Sale price42,99€
Sold out Sea Turtle CharmSea Turtle Charm
Sea Turtle Charm Sale price9,99€
Sold out Whale Tail CharmWhale Tail Charm
Whale Tail Charm 1 review Sale price9,99€
Starfish CharmStarfish Charm
Starfish Charm Sale price9,99€
Whale Shark NecklaceWhale Shark Lover Gift
Silver Whale NecklaceWhale Necklace
Whale Necklace 3 reviews Sale price41,99€
Starfish AnkletMini Starfish Anklet
Shark Tooth AnkletShark Tooth Ankle Bracelet
Shark Tooth Anklet 9 reviews Sale price34,99€