Stainless Steel Octopus Ring-Atolea Jewelry (5603982475432)Octopus Ring (5603982475432)
On sale

Stainless Steel Octopus Ring

24,99€ 37,99€
Wave Ring-Atolea Jewelry (5603986931880)Silver Wave Ring (5603986931880)
On sale

Wave Ring

22,99€ 31,99€
Whale Tail Ring (5603626090664)Sterling Silver Whale Tail Ring (5603626090664)
On sale
Ocean Wave Ear Cuff-Atolea Jewelry (5604087070888)Wave Earcuff (5604087070888)
On sale

Ocean Wave Ear Cuff

23,99€ 28,99€
Wave Bracelet (5604641833128)Wave Bracelet (5604641833128)
On sale

Wave Bracelet

34,99€ 49,99€
Freshwater Pearl Necklace ChokerFreshwater Pearl Choker
On sale

Freshwater Pearl Choker

38,99€ 49,99€
Gold Manta RingManta Ring
On sale

Manta Ring

32,99€ 43,99€
Whale tail necklace Silver Whale Tail Necklace
On sale

"Fidji" Whale Tail Necklace

30,99€ 36,99€
Wave Earrings-Atolea Jewelry (5604098965672)Wave Earrings (5604098965672)

Wave Earrings

Fish Ring (5603493642408)Fish Ring (5603493642408)
On sale

Fish Ring

28,99€ 34,99€


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Atolea is on a mission to help save our beautiful Oceans.

We donate 10% of our profits to Ocean conservation charities. When you buy on Atolea Jewelry, a portion of your purchase will go directly to keeping our oceans safe, clean & beautiful!

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