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Waterproof Necklaces


Wear our waterproof necklaces to the gym, in the ocean or in the shower, they will never lose its color (lifetime color warranty)


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TRENDING Seaside NecklaceBold Waterproof Necklace
Seaside Necklace 24 reviews Sale price44,99€
NEW Summer necklacesSummer Gold necklaces
"Soleil" Layered Necklace Sale price53,99€
NEW white choker for beachWhite gold jewelry
Barbados Choker Sale price44,99€
NEW Gold Greek Eye necklaceGold evil eye pendant
Athena Necklace Sale price44,99€
NEW Spicy NecklacePepper Necklace
Chilli Necklace Sale price42,99€
NEW green stone pendantgreen stone necklace
Green Stone Pendant Sale price44,99€
NEW Malachite NecklaceReal malachite necklace
Malachite Pendant Sale price54,99€
Figaro ChokerFigaro chain
NEW big beach necklaceSummer Nautilus Necklace
Palau Necklace Sale price48,99€
NEW Bold Pearl NecklaceBold Chain with Pearl
Bold Pearl Necklace 4 reviews Sale price49,99€
TRENDING Coin Pearl NecklaceCoin Pearl Necklace
Coin Pearl Necklace 3 reviews Sale price48,99€
Lucky NecklaceWaterproof Clover Necklace
Clover Necklace Sale price44,99€
Green Choker WaterproofBeaded Choker
Green Beaded Choker 1 review Sale price41,99€
TRENDING Heart Mother of Pearl NecklaceWaterproof Heart Necklace
Love Necklace 5 reviews Sale price47,99€
Pearl Cross NecklacePearl Cross Pendant
Pearl Cross Necklace 8 reviews Sale price44,99€
Pearl Gold ChokerReal Pearl Choker Waterproof
Pearl Power Choker 1 review Sale price44,99€
NEW Gold mother of pearl necklaceMother of Pearl Pendant
Mother of Pearl Pendant Sale price48,99€
Green ChokerGreen Emerald Choker
Raja Ampat Necklace 2 reviews Sale price59,99€
Sold out Spring ChokerSunrise Choker
Sunrise Choker Sale price40,99€
Choker Pool ProofWhite Choker
Thalassa Choker 1 review Sale price43,99€
Flat Minimal ChokerWatersafe Choker
Thin Choker 2 reviews Sale price38,99€
Green Aventurine NecklaceAventurine necklace
Venetia Necklace 9 reviews Sale price51,99€
Half Links Half Pearl Choker NecklacePaperclip Pearls Necklace
"Mykonos" Necklace 24 reviews Sale price47,99€
Gold Sun PendantSummer Sun Pendant
Sun Pendant 29 reviews Sale price41,99€
Sold out Gold Turtle NecklaceSea Turtle Necklace
Sea Turtle Necklace 32 reviews Sale price39,99€
Shark Tooth NecklaceSilver Shark Tooth Pendant
Sold out "Tulum" Cowrie Necklace"Tulum" Cowrie Necklace
Sold out Gold Small Ball ChokerDainty bead choker
Sold out Cuban Choker WomenGold Cuban Chain Necklace
Cowrie Shell PendantSilver Cowrie Necklace
Sold out Mini Links ChokerMini Links Choker
Mini Links Choker 9 reviews Sale price35,99€
Layered Choker Necklace"Ornos" Layered Choker Necklace
ON SALE Freshwater and gold chokerPearl Sun Necklace
"Naoussa" Necklace 39 reviews Sale price62,99€ Regular price72,99€
Sea Urchin NecklaceGold Urchin Necklace
Sea Urchin Necklace 9 reviews Sale price42,99€
Chunky Herringbone ChokerChunky Herringbone Choker
Layered Pearl NecklacePearls Necklace
Manta NecklaceManta ray necklace
Manta Necklace 26 reviews Sale price43,99€
Whale Tail NecklaceGold Whale Tail Necklace
Whale Tail Necklace 52 reviews Sale price39,99€
Sold out Pearls Droplet PendantFreshwater Pearl Droplet Necklace
Box Dainty ChokerDainty Box Choker
Dainty Box Choker 7 reviews Sale price37,99€
Colorful ChokerATOLEA Choker
Aloha Choker 20 reviews Sale price39,99€
Sold out Colorful Beads pearls chokerNecklace Summer Colors
"Manihi" Necklace 19 reviews Sale price48,99€
TRENDING Layered ChainsGold Layered Necklace
TRENDING Luna NecklaceLuna Necklace
Luna Necklace 24 reviews Sale price43,99€