We are two good friends, Elisa and Clem, who decided to join forces for our shared love of the Ocean. Oceans and marine life have always been an essential part of our lives, so we wanted to share our passion with others.

We believe the best way to express our interests can be done visually, hence we created Atolea. Our jewelry inspired from things related to the ocean and we are happy as we get to share them with like-minded people.

All our jewelry is based around the ocean and marine life, hence they feature all things related to the Island life – be it cute sea turtles, waves or palm trees etc...

They are made from Sterling silver or Stainless steel to keep their shine even when you take them with you to the ocean, literally. The jewelry we create is very close to our hearts, and we believe they capture the essence of our creativity and passion.

We wanted to merge quality, creativity, and passion together, and we believe that’s our pieces will bring inspiration to your own unique journey as you follow your passions and dreams.

Because we have such a high passion for the oceans, the beaches, and most importantly, the marine life, we donate each month a part of our profits to non-profit environmental organization working towards the mission of preserving and protecting the ocean, the beaches, and the waves.

Since our beliefs are aligned, we have been working together towards our shared goals to make the ocean and marine life better, both today and tomorrow. With each of your purchase, you will be helping the future of the oceans.


We have one world and it’s in our care. The future of the planet is in the palm of our hands and we must act now. You can help to make a difference. 

We donate a part of our profits to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 1999 to help protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef. 

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is saving our Reef and all its living diversity for future generations with concrete actions such as :

• Restoring Reef islands to protect precious marine life, including the world’s largest green turtle nesting area.

• Rebuilding reefs using coral IVF, and partnering with the Smithsonian to store cryogenically frozen coral samples so they’re never lost.

• Pioneering new Australian technologies to monitor and protect corals.

• Understanding the Reef with 3D mapping and DNA sequencing, partnering with groups like NASA or Google