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NOW READING: Top 7 Cutest Sharks Ever You Haven't Seen Yet

Cute sharks deep in the ocean

Top 7 Cutest Sharks Ever You Haven't Seen Yet

Have you ever seen movies about sharks? You probably think that sharks are scary because of their reputation. They are scary, and humans might be endangered when around them. However, did you know that despite their frightening looks, there are also cute sharks that you haven’t seen yet? 

You may never see a shark before, but when you do, you can’t help but become scared and, at the same time, amazed at how they look. How much more when you get to see some of the cute sharks that are very rare to find? If you want to know more about cute sharks in the ocean, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you will know the Top 7 cutest sharks ever. You will also know some of the important details about them, especially the factors that make them so cute. 

7 Cutest Sharks in the Ocean

Perhaps you’re fascinated with sharks, and you want to know more about them. Unfortunately, there are different kinds of sharks you haven’t seen. Here are 7 of the cute sharks you might haven’t seen yet. 

Thresher Sharks

These are solitary shark creatures that are usually found in the Indian Ocean. They are usually separated according to sex, and some hunt groups. Thresher sharks are known for their thrasher-like tails or their caudal fins that can be as long as their body length.

These are cute sharks that are also active predators, of which they use their tails as weapons to stun their prey. Their heads are short, and their noses are cone-shaped. They also have teeth that range in size and mouths that are small. That’s why Thresher Sharks are considered cute sharks in the ocean. 

Cutest sharks in the ocean

Leopard Catshark

Leopard sharks are known for their small sizes. Its size is just about the size of a medium fish. They are harmless, and these cute sharks are found living at the bottom or near the warm waters. Leopard sharks can also be found anywhere, especially near the Saldahana coast to central South Africa. 

What makes them one of the cute sharks is that they are also mistaken as fish. But if you happen to see them, some of their features are shark-like. It’s a tiny shark, not the ones that you see in the movies. These cute sharks are the ones you might see in the aquariums for their rare appearance. 

Cute sharks found in the ocean
Cute sharks

Chain Catshark 

Chain Catsharks are among the cute sharks known for their brown and yellow skin, with dark brown markings. It looks like a chain. That’s why it got its cute name. The markings also help camouflage from their predators. And unlike other sharks, the chain catsharks have yellow and green eyes that are feline or reptilian. 

Furthermore, the chain catsharks are living deep in the ocean. They are found anywhere between 250-1800 feet below the surface. They lay motionless on the floor of the ocean, and when they do, they will look more like lounging mermaids or serpents than a shark. 

Interestingly cute sharks in the ocean

Greenland Sharks

Greenland sharks are known for their silly expressions. They galumphing giant sharks with very tiny mouths buried far beneath their snout. That’s why it looks like it’s always smiling. Greenland sharks are also known as northern sharks in the world that are found in Iceland and Greenland. 

Greenland sharks live far down about 2,400 feet below the ocean's surface during the summer season, where the water is cold. However, Greenland sharks swim close to the surface and feed on polar bears that fall from the ice and the water during winter season. 

Types of cute sharks

Dwarf Lantershark 

Dwarf Lantersharks are cute sharks that have sizes that are smaller than the hand of a human. These are rare sharks, so they are not likely seen. They are only seen a few times off the coast of South America. Its size is about 8.3 inches or 21.2 cm large. 

The Dwarf Lantersharks are so cute and small, making them not as frightening as any other sharks that you picture in your mind. At first glance, Dwarf Lantersharks is just a size of a fish, and you would not likely think that they are sharks at all. 

Cute sharks you never know existed

Pygmy Sharks

Pygmy sharks, when you look at it at the right angle, you will see how cute it is. It is known for its big head and under-slung jaw features. In addition, they have white markings just around their mouth, like a little kid wearing too much lipstick. 

They are also like dwarf lantern sharks because of their tiny appearance of about 8 inches. Furthermore, Pygmy sharks are found most of the time around 6,550 feet, just below the ocean’s surface. Their belly also glows in the dark, helping them illuminate its path, entice their prey, and make them one of the cute sharks in the ocean.                                               

Cute types of sharks

Lollipop Catshark 

Lollipop Cat Sharks were seen in the late 1800s, but only a few things about this shark are known. However, it can be identified because of its tadpole-like body. That’s why it is ranked as one of the smallest and cute sharks in the world. It could grow around 7.5 inches or about 19 cm long to 28 cm. 

They are rarely seen, and there are many disagreements about other sharks. However, lollipop Catsharks are also found in the Gulf of Mexico and Southern Baja California. They are also found between 509 to 3,041 feet, just below sea level. 

Sharks that are small in size found in the ocean

Wrapping Up 

The word ‘cute’ is not something you would describe as sharks. However, now that you know some of the cute sharks in the ocean, you might probably want to see even just one of them. Perhaps, there are slight features about them that are strange, but there are also plenty of fun and very interesting facts about these cute sharks. 

As a human, the first thing we could do is save these cute sharks since some of them are small and vulnerable. And if we want to save them, we should also save the ocean because they live freely. That way, we can still witness these sharks and look at their innocent eyes, where you feel like pinching their cheeks and talking to them like a baby. 

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Cutest types of sharks that exist

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