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Shark Jewelry


Dive in our collection of high-quality Shark Jewelry and show your love for these fascinating creatures.  

Shark tooth necklaces have been worn for centuries. They are not only a popular fashion statement, but also hold symbolic meaning and have played the leading part in many myths. 

Shark jewelry (especially Shark tooth) have long been recognized as a symbol of protection. The ancient Hawaiians wore shark tooth jewelry to keep any sea dangers at bay.

This is based a myth of a young Hawaiian warrior who emerged from a battle with a sea god, victorious, and wearing a shark tooth necklace. Ever since, it’s believed that these teeth prevent shark attacks.

All our Shark jewelry are handcrafted in Stainless and Gold plated, they will never tarnish or turn green so be ready to wear them for all your summer adventures ! 


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Shark Tooth NecklaceSilver Shark Tooth Pendant
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