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NOW READING: Starfish Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Starfish necklace symbolism

Starfish Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

The starfish has long been a popular choice among jewelry designers for various reasons. The starfish represents many things, and putting it into the jewelry makes it more endearing in a way that giving it to someone or yourself makes it a meaningful one. However, not many people know about the meaning behind the starfish or let alone what it symbolizes.

So, if you plan on giving someone a starfish-inspired necklace or any piece of jewelry, then this might be the best opportunity to know more about the starfish and what it represents, and the meaning behind it. To learn more about starfish necklace symbolism and meaning, read further below.

What Does Starfish Necklace Symbolize?

Starfish Necklace and Charms

The starfish charm has become one of the favorites for incorporating it into various jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the starfish symbolizes something profound that including it in the form of jewelry provides a deeper meaning behind it.

If you happen to find a gift shop, they are everywhere! Especially the sterling silver starfish charms, they are easily one of the most popular souvenir gifts you could find. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they can complement various beach outfits on the get-go or even stand up strong in suits or gowns.

Starfish charms are popular for various reasons, and they represent something out of the ordinary. It is said the starfish represents equality, rebirth, and teamwork. The reason behind rebirth is the starfish’s ability to regenerate in the wildest of circumstances. In case you don’t know, if a starfish has a severed limb, it can regenerate a new one, or in some bizarre case, regenerate into a new and different starfish.

Starfish necklace meaning and symbolism

Whereas teamwork is needed for each limb to find food and easily walk through the ocean floor. Another thing that makes starfish charms a popular choice not only among customers but also for designers is how they can easily be incorporated into various designs. They are best paired with ocean-inspired themes such as pearls, shells, and other creatures.

Anyone can wear Starfish necklaces, regardless of their age or color, or anything. Having a starfish necklace also helps you represent the ocean differently. As we all know, the starfish species is one of the most recognizable creatures on the planet.

Starfish Meaning In Myth and Legend

There is also a various myth, meaning, and legend around the starfish. They are still being considered up to this day and have since been on for thousands of years now. Here are some of the starfish necklace symbolism.


In Christianity, the Virgin Mary is one of the starfish necklace symbolism, known for being the creator of safe travels as people venture over troubled waters and represent the emblem of salvation during difficult times. The starfish possess the star symbol, a celestial symbol representing divine love. Aside from divine love, the starfish also represents brilliance, inspiration, intuition, and guidance, to name a few.  


In Roman Mythology, the animal starfish symbolizes the love goddess Venus. It was known that the love goddess was born in the Adriatic sea and was seen holding a starfish or a shell. Venus is known for being a sensory goddess; the same can be said with the starfish, where it relies upon its keen sensory abilities to do its day-to-day activities for them to survive.

When it comes to starfish being a spirit animal, it is known that it teaches you how to heal yourself over a certain period. Just like with the case of starfish regenerating their lost limbs, it is like filling up the void in humans and replacing it with something better.

Interesting meaning and symbolism of a starfish

If your spirit animal is the starfish, you will most likely be leading onto a different yet unique path. You trust your instincts to get the job done and discern newfound possibilities with your innate ability. You can see things from a better perspective and have the voice and courage to do what’s right and wrong.

It is also said that you can see things, whether up and down, black or white, or even right or wrong, without judging right away. You see the whole picture recognizing that all things aren’t always what they seem to be and seeing that some things aren’t balanced, but that’s okay, as well as seeing things in-between.

Starfish Animal Totem

When you have a starfish as an animal totem, it is believed that you are a good lover and a friend. They say this because starfish move along with life in a unique way. This experience gives you the trust to follow your instincts and will soon develop the potential to seek new possibilities and opportunities.

People whose animal totem is starfish can also follow what’s on their hearts and inner voice to attain their desires and goals in life. Life may come at you to make you fail, but you will bounce back with ease.

Interesting symbolism of starfish necklace

You may also share the same sentiments, such as empathy to others, and is an emotional being who understands. However, those traits might need you to find a life partner that is understanding of your sensitive personality.

The starfish is also a totem of good luck and will help you radiate that positive affirmation within you. You will focus more on the goal and not be too hard on yourself whenever you falter along your journey. They say having a starfish as a totem means you are hardworking and have a strong commitment to your future career that will ultimately bring peace and harmony in this world full of negativity.

Wrapping Things Up

There are many starfish necklace symbols. That’s why they are a popular choice among jewelry makers, as it is believed that the wearer embodies what the starfish does. From bringing good fortune, good luck, positivity, and many more. The starfish brings a lot to the table and will truly be a good addition to any jewelry that you will wear.

Add spark and shine to your outfit just like how Starfish bring unique life beneath the waves by wearing our ATOLEA Jewelry Starfish-inspired jewelry. This is the perfect addition to any summer outfit that will definitely make heads turn.

Dive into our wide selection of Ocean-inspired jewelry now and start wearing symbolic accessories inspired by deep love for the Ocean!

Starfish necklace symbolism and meaning

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