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NOW READING: Most Scary Sharks Ever Existed

Most scary sharks

Most Scary Sharks Ever Existed

Sharks have long been existing in our waters for millions of years now, and the stigma around them isn’t stopping either. We all know that they are one of the most dangerous and scariest marine creatures swimming in Earth’s waters, as well as the apex predators of the sea.

If you are an apex predator of the sea, this means you encounter a few threats to your survival as well as being on top of the food chain. It is a feeling like you hold the reigns of the entire water on a whim.

Despite thousands of shark species, these certain species of sharks are the ultimate villain to every swimmer's nightmare. If you want to know more about scary sharks that ever existed on the planet, then it is your lucky day, as we will be listing down quite a few of them.

5 Of The Most Scary Sharks Ever Existed In Our Ocean

While there are specific species of sharks that evoke fear and terror in every human being, these scary sharks listed here are considered the scariest and have frequent encounters with humans that made them on the list.

1. Great White Shark

Without a doubt, the most feared creature on the planet, the Great white shark is considered the largest predatory fish in the world and one of the scariest sharks ever existed. A full-grown great white shark can grow as big as 30 feet of pure brute force in maturity. One of its intimidating features is its jaws consisting of 300 plus serrated teeth that tear flesh like it's nothing.

Because of their nature, they have been the poster boys for movies associated with sharks, such as the films ‘Jaws’ and ‘Meg.’ The great white shark has been reported countless times involving shark attacks on humans than any other types of sharks in the world. On the flip side, it is said that they attack humans out of mere curiosity and not a thirst for human meat. They are carnivores and primarily feed on seals, otters, walruses, and other small types of fish.

Most scariest sharks
Scariest sharks

2. Tiger Shark

In terms of human attacks, tiger sharks come in second to a great white shark when associated with humans. The tiger shark is often believed as one of the scary sharks as it bites and hunts on everything they encounter. Tiger sharks grow relatively smaller than great whites but can reach up to 17 feet when it reaches maturity and has the jaws to chew down meat without many frills.

What makes them one of the scariest sharks in the world is their aggressive behavior combined with every intent to kill. So, if any one of you comes across a tiger shark who has distinct stripes just like your typical tiger, then it would be a good idea to swim off of that particular water and just be safe about everything.

Scariest sharks ever existed
Most terrifying sharks found in the ocean

3. Bull Shark

Coming down at number three is like a raging bull. The bull shark ranks third in the world when it comes to incidents of human attacks. They are often found in coastal and tropical waters and freshwaters. What makes them dangerous is that they love freshwater, so if you are out there basking under the heat of the sun in your local river, then it would sound a terrible idea to stay long in that spot.

Bull sharks are quite aggressive creatures and are often found in brackish waters and keep going upstream. They come first for off-shore attacks and are highly aggressive creatures that will attack you for no particular reason. They got their name as they tend to headbutt their prey before they attack swiftly, hence the bull shark.

Scariest sharks found in the ocean

4. Shortfin Mako

Out of all the sharks listed here, the shortfin mako is dwarfed by its counterparts. But when it comes to sheer speed, the shortfin mako leaves everyone out in the dust as it can speed up to 42 miles per hour. The shortfin mako can be found in all waters in the world and are known to give great white sharks a run for their money as they are also to be blamed for reported shark attacks on humans.

One of their distinguishing features is their lower jaw consisting of hundreds of curved teeth, making their prey inescapable whenever they bite onto them. What separates them from other sharks is their ability to swiftly swim that, in a blink of an eye, it can close the distance in a single blink of an eye. So, it is best not to try your luck whenever you come across these terrifying marine predators.

Scariest shark of the sea

5. Oceanic White Tip Shark

The Oceanic whitetip is like a firefighter, and they are the first responders to arrive on the scene and are looking for a sumptuous meal to cap off its day. The oceanic whitetip shark is to be blamed for human fatalities during the sinking of the Nova Scotia steamship in World War 2 off the coast of South Africa. From various witnesses, reporters were told it was like a feeding frenzy for the sharks that 192 out of the possible 1,000 lives were only saved.

Oceanic white tip sharks are extremely agile creatures and have good detection skills that can pinpoint locations of prey and are also considered opportunistic feeders who prey on whale carcasses or even the tiniest of fishes. They are aggressive, unusual, and curious, and most free divers observe proper precautionary measures whenever they see oceanic white tip sharks in their area.

Most terrifying sharks in the ocean


Sharks are, without a doubt, some of the terrifying creatures not only in the water but across the world. Still, humans are a threat to their survival than them being a threat to us. Scary sharks are the apex predators of the sea and provide balance to various food chains. If their numbers are quickly declining as days go by, then it might just be more terrifying to lose them than to encounter them in the wild.

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Most scariest sharks living in the ocean

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