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NOW READING: 8 Octopus Fun Facts You Probably Haven't Heard Of

Octopus fun facts

8 Octopus Fun Facts You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The octopus is one of the most easily distinguishable marine creatures on this planet. Thanks to their eight-long arms combined with their tentacles, they have become quite the popular creature on this planet. However, aside from their distinct number of arms, they are shrouded in mystery as people aren't well-educated with them as you would've hoped for.

Perhaps you find octopus fascinating. That's why in this blog, you will know some of the octopus fun facts you probably haven't heard before. That way, you will get to know them and understand what they're like.

Octopus Fun Facts You Should Know

While it can be overwhelming to list down all of the weird yet fascinating octopus fun facts, lucky for you, we will be listing the 8 octopus facts you probably haven't heard of! So, read clearly as you will be astounded by some of them. Here they are!

They Pack Poison

The blue-ringed octopus is considered to be the most venomous animal in the world. It is estimated that a single drop of tetrodotoxin is enough to kill about 27 people in a matter of minutes. Some of them use this poison as a defense mechanism.

Facts about octopus

They Eat Their Kind As Well

Another octopus fun fact is when an octopus is relatively hungry. Everything is on the menu, and they will even eat their fellow octopus. Some researchers witnessed some of these violent acts personally. Furthermore, scientists and researchers have also witnessed female octopuses eating their mating partner once the deed is done. Yikes!

Fortunately, thanks to adaptation, male octopuses have a way of not getting killed once copulation is done. These special adaptations include mating within arm's reach to avoid getting eaten by the larger female and sometimes sacrificing one of its limbs just to get away as it will just soon regenerate. Cool!

Octopus Have Blue Blood

As we all know, octopuses are mainly found on the ocean floor. To thrive in this area, the octopus' blood is colored blue instead of a red one. This is because of the copper-based blood called hemocyanin, which is the primary responsibility for the blue color. 

Hemocyanin is efficient in transporting blood into the depths compared to iron-based ones. As a result, it makes octopus thrive in deep waters because of the low oxygen concentration and very low temperature.

Furthermore, this evolution has its drawbacks, and its main drawback is that octopuses are extremely sensitive to acidity in water. When acidity is relatively high, octopuses can circulate oxygen throughout their body. This leaves scientists and researchers worried that the constant dip in temperature due to global warming might wipe their species out.

Octopus fun facts

Once Mating Is Done, It's Over!

Mating and parenthood are brief affairs for octopuses, and this is because they die after. What makes this one of the fun octopus facts unique is the way they reproduce. Octopus practice external fertilization in which they expel their spermatophores through the female's tubular funnel. In some cases, they can just extend their arm, and the female gets it. In return, the female will almost always receive it wholeheartedly.

Once mating is done, the male octopus wanders off into the abyss until it dies, whereas the female octopus will have to wait and take care of its eggs. A female octopus can lay up to 400,000 eggs which they will tend to for a few months. Once the eggs hatch, her body will now be against her as there will be a cascade of cellular suicide in which it starts from the optic glands and down to its tissues, causing its eventual demise.

Cool Defense Mechanism

When an octopus feels threatened or in danger, they have this defense mechanism in which they expel a cloud of ink into the water. This mechanism causes their predators to be blinded for a couple of minutes, giving them plenty of time to escape. Unfortunately, it also misinterprets the predator's sense of taste and smell. Their defense mechanism is so potent that some octopuses have trouble making their way out of their ink, leading towards their untimely demise.

Fun things to know about octopus

They Have Lived Long Enough

Octopus are known to be some of the oldest creatures in the world. It is thought that the first-ever fossil that was found dates back to 296 million years ago! This specimen belongs to the family of Pohlsepia and is currently displayed in the museum of Chicago. The species is described as a "globular plat" or a "flattened cow," but what makes them consider it the earliest predecessor is that its tell-tale sign of having a set of eyes and eight arms is hard not to ignore.

Although researchers and scientists aren't sure about this, they still believe in an ink sack inside the specimen. In other words, the octopus was already here long before dinosaurs established themselves and these species of octopus already have their distinct features dating back a hundred million years ago.

Octopus interesting facts

A Mind Of Their Own

75% of the octopus' neurons are located on their arms. What this means is that each arm can do something on its own at the same time. When their arms are severed, their arms can still react in their way. This means that their arms can search for prey around the cave, and some can dig out the sand just for protection.

Masters Of Disguise

Octopuses are known to be masters of disguise in which they can easily change colors 3-tenths of a second. It is one of their distinct features as it eludes predators easily. This talent is so impressive that they can instantly change colors accurately to that of their surroundings combined with the texture. Hiding in plain sight is also their great deception as it can also help catch prey off guard. Another thing is that their body can go through different cracks, crevices, and shapes easily.

Interesting facts about octopus-


Octopuses are quite amazing, right? Although they are some of the most notable marine creatures on the planet because of their eight arms with suction cups, there are still some awesome facts about them that will leave you feeling dumbfounded and in awe. 

There are still octopus fun facts that cloud these beautiful creatures and having listed down the eight already feels like you've already known these creatures for many years. These creatures are great and, at the same time, fascinating!

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Fun facts about octopus

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