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Whale Jewelry


The whale is seen as a symbol of good luck, strength and freedom. Discover our Whale jewelry and wear the spirit of these gentle giants.


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Whale Tail RingWhale Tail Ring (5603626090664)
Whale Tail Ring 63 reviews Sale price42,99€
Silver Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)
Whale Tail NecklaceGold Whale Tail Necklace
Silver Whale AnkletGold Whale Anklet
Whale Anklet 8 reviews Sale price35,99€
Whale EarringsSilver Whale Earrings
Whale Earrings 4 reviews Sale price32,99€
Dolphin necklaceGold Dolphin Necklace
Dolphin Necklace 7 reviews Sale price39,99€
Sold out Whale Shark RingWhale Shark Ring
Whale Shark Ring 13 reviews Sale price39,99€
Sold out Whale Tail CharmWhale Tail Charm
Whale Tail Charm 1 review Sale price9,99€
Whale Shark NecklaceWhale Shark Lover Gift
Silver Whale NecklaceWhale Necklace
Whale Necklace 3 reviews Sale price41,99€