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NOW READING: 10 Reasons Why The Ocean Is So Important

Why is the ocean important

10 Reasons Why The Ocean Is So Important

We know that water covers more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface; that’s why the ocean plays a vital role on earth. It is the heart of the planet, and we, humans, need it. The ocean provides many benefits to us and some of the biggest creatures on earth. We can’t survive without it, and if we do not take care of the ocean, we’ll end up in grief because there are many things that the ocean provides for us.

But why is the ocean important ? What are the things it gives that makes it very precious to humankind and wildlife? In today’s blog, you will know why we need the ocean, as we give you ten explanations to better understand how important the ocean is in this world we live in.

Why are Oceans so Important? 

As we grow old, we realize that the ocean is responsible for most life on earth. But as you could observe these days, the ocean is drowning in garbage and becoming more volatile because of the rising global temperatures due to climate change. Here are ten reasons why is the ocean important.

Importance of the ocean

The Ocean helps us breathe 

First and foremost, the ocean plays a vital role in the air that we breathe. It produces over half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs up to 50 times carbon dioxide more than our atmosphere. This 50% oxygen that the ocean gives is through the Phytoplankton that lives in the sea. And just like plants, they contain chlorophyll to use photosynthesis and capture sunlight.

Basically, these tiny organisms act the same way as they leave the tree on land. The Phytoplankton helps in absorbing carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. So, yes, we don’t see these organisms, but we know that they are a big help for us in the first place. And, of course, without the ocean, these organisms won’t exist.

Ocean importance

Ocean helps in regulating the earth’s climate 

Did you know that the sea is responsible for regulating the climate of the earth? In many ways, it regulates temperature, weather patterns, and global climate as it immerses up the heat and transfers warm water from the equator to the pole. As a result, the ocean always has the power to affect flooding, rainfall, and even droughts.

Since the ocean holds 97% of our planet's water, it means it holds almost all rain that drops on land comes from the ocean. Without the ocean, the earth’s weather would be risky in some places, and only a few places would be habitable. It keeps the carbon cycle balanced, and it controls our global climate.

It gives jobs to people 

There are many jobs that are related to sea activities. For example, millions of people worldwide were engaged in aquaculture and fisheries. There are also seafarer’s or maritime tourism workers who would sacrifice being away from their families and get onboard to earn. Almost 90% of world trade is made by sea, and millions of jobs are directly dependent on the ocean’s resources.

Our ocean gives jobs to lifeguards, fishers, water activity and sports instructors, harbors, marine-based operators, beach resorts, and more. The ocean also gave jobs even to people who shared their creativity in creating jewelry inspired by the ocean. The ocean gave them the idea about the designs for jewelry that people will surely love.

Best reason why ocean is important

Ocean is one of our suppliers of food 

The ocean gives the number one source of protein to people. So fish is among the best and sought-after menus for billions of people every day. But, of course, there’s more seafood that the ocean can produce than fish, like other edible creatures.

People have also used algae and plants from the sea to cook sushi and pancit that is common in the Philippines. Considering the growth of the population every day, people are relying more on the ocean for survival.


The ocean is also a big help when it comes to transportation. About 90% of the world’s merchandise involves marine transportation and is carried by sea. The reason is that there are multiple benefits for foreign trade that are compared with rail, air, and road transport. That said, shipping is the chosen way of transport because it’s cheaper, ideal for carrying large cargos, eco-friendly and safe.

Especially these days, where online shopping is a trend, many would order or shop overseas. However, if you also like jewelry, like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or anklets, you may check out Atolea Jewelry. You can discover great deals and discounts, and of course, free shipping worldwide.

Wildlife shelter 

Many wildlife creatures live and depend on the ocean. We all know that, as the ocean is not just a home to seal lovers like us, but most importantly, to the greatest abundance of wildlife on the planet. There is more life below the surface of the ocean. You will see dolphins, whales, turtles, and beautiful species of fish whenever you sail across the ocean. This is one of the reasons why the ocean is important.

Why ocean is important

Ocean is best for recreation and holidays 

We can’t deny the fact that the ocean is a happy zone. From fishing to boating to diving and kayaking, the ocean is truly a second home for everyone. It provides us with unique activities, making it an exhilarating place. You can swim, chill, dive, relax all you want and carry yourself to new lands while connecting to nature.

Ocean has therapeutic properties 

Did you know that it is a great source of medicine? Many medicinal products came from the ocean. It includes ingredients that help fight illnesses like heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Not only that, as it is believed that whenever we take a dip or swim in the ocean, it helps normalize our heart rate that would make us feel vibrant and active.

Provides us renewable energy 

Through the tides and waves of the ocean, our devices are being enhanced and developed. It helps in providing us with energy, which is essential in our daily lives.

It benefits our economy 

The ocean economy produces a significant amount of goods and services over the years. Because of the ocean, unemployed people already have jobs. Thus, giving them income to support their needs.

Ocean importance


There are many ways that we could protect one of God’s precious gifts to us, the ocean. Though many may seem to take it for granted, it’s always helpful that you start it within yourself. 

Because you are one of the billion people, who would be affected if the ocean is not properly taken care of. Start by doing something today that the next generations will benefit from. Avoid things that could harm it and teach others about why the ocean is important.

You can simply be of great help on Ocean conservation by supporting us here at ATOLEA. For every purchase you made from us, part of it goes to Ocean conservation charities.

So dive into our Ocean-inspired jewelry collections now and wear your love to the Ocean!

Interesting reason why ocean is important

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