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NOW READING: Funny Facts About Whales That Will Make You Smile

Funny blue whale facts

Funny Facts About Whales That Will Make You Smile

Whales are very much well known to the public, they are probably one of the sea mammals that almost everyone knows of, but we only know these giants with little knowledge about them. 

Some of us might have already heard some interesting facts about Whales to the point where it seems impossible to be true, or it must have been just a joke. So today, let us uncover some funny facts that will surely make you smile.

The Ocean is a place where whales pee

When you go swimming in the ocean, have you ever thought that our ocean is just a humongous toilet for marine life? Giants like whales are capable of secreting many wastes out from their bodies, and whales often pee on the surface of the ocean. 

It might be disgusting to hear, and some would find it funny thinking that we have been swimming around in these animals pee all this time. But there is no need for those kinds of thoughts since, considering how wide the ocean is, the wastes of these giants are only considered to be like a single drop to a bucket.

Blue whales funny facts

Whale’s vomit used in perfumes

Each and every one of us uses perfume to make ourselves smell good no matter what kind of activities we may be doing for the day, but did you know that the vomit of a whale is used as an ingredient for the perfumes that we buy in the market and perfumes that we use almost daily. 

Therefore, whale vomit, most commonly known as “ Ambergris”, is considered very valuable to a point wherein it was given the nickname of floating gold since the appearance of Ambergris is a solid waxy substance that floats in the ocean’s surface hence the nickname.

Fun facts about blue whales

The Vertical Whales

Whales are known to be one of the world’s least sleep-dependent mammals. Although they are not very dependent on sleep, these mammals still take naps for around 10 to 15 minutes. Whales prefer to take their naps close to the surface of the ocean while positioning their body vertically. 

Unlike us humans who sleep with unconscious minds, whales have to sleep half-awake to avoid drowning to death. They lack an unconscious breathing system, meaning they have to think about every breath they take.

Facts about blue whales

Whale’s milk taste like toothpaste 

Just like any land mammals, whales also breastfeed their offspring. Therefore, their milk contained a high percentage of fat, allowing it to have the same thick consistency as toothpaste. With this consistency, the milk is enabled to travel through the water without breaking up. 

It is very important to whales that their milk always have the same consistency since, to breastfeed their offspring, they have to shoot it in their mouths through the water, so these whales can’t afford to have their milk dissolving in the water.

Blue whales funny facts

Whales love to sing

Whales are famous for their melodic songs, and they use their songs to communicate with one another. Their songs could last for 20 to 30 minutes, and some whales songs could last for 4t seconds. 

Although it is for a short time only, they repeat their songs for how many times. Most whales always use the same song, but for one specific species of whale, which is the Bowhead whale, they always change their song, their songs could only last for a few hours or for several days.

Whale tails are like human fingerprints

We humans can be identified from one another with the use only of our fingerprints. However, just like us, whales have a unique characteristic that can identify them from another. In their tails, each individual of these whales owns a unique pattern that does not share any similarities to any whales, meaning there are no two existing whales that share the same pattern in their tails.

Pregnant for about 1 year

Blue whales have a 10 to 12 months gestation period, and these whales are capable of getting pregnant every two to three years. Although they are still considered as babies, and as we say, babies, the first thing that we can think of when we hear this word are these cute little animals, but a baby whale is massive, with a length of about 23 inches and a weight of as heavy as 5,000 to 6,000 pounds at birth.

Whales have the biggest penis

It is not only their body that is huge but also their penis. Being known as the largest sea mammal in our ocean, it is natural to think that the male whales also own a large penis befittingly for their body size. The length of their penis could reach from an average of 8 feet and 2 inches up to 9.8 feet. And for its diameter, it reaches 30 to 36 centimeters.

Migratory Astronomers

Scientists found out that whales follow a straight-line path when migrating. They also concluded that these whales follow the sun, the earth’s magnetism and even star maps to help the whales guide through their 10,000 miles journey. So even when whales face harsh turbulence under the water, they still keep on going straight.

Blue whale amazing fun facts

Accumulated ear wax can tell a Whale’s age

Hearing ear wax might sound a little gross for some of you, but did you know that a whale’s ear wax is very significant since it helps our scientists identify a whale's age. This is because their ear wax can change from light to dark, and along with these color changes, it manifests an alternate band closely similar to tree rings that are also used to identify a tree’s age.

Wrapping Up 

Some of these whales’ funny facts might have been new to you, or you might have already heard some of these from other people, or you could have read it off somewhere on the internet. It is fun knowing that besides looking all majestic and humongous. These whales have these bizarre sides that make us more interested in how they behave in the ocean. 

Even though whales are like some kind of celebrities, we really don’t know much about them because they mostly spend their lives under the ocean. For normal people like us, there is no way for us to witness how they really are in their homes.

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Interesting fun facts about whales

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