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NOW READING: 15 Effective Water Pollution Solutions To Save The Ocean

Water pollution solutions

15 Effective Water Pollution Solutions To Save The Ocean

One of the main environmental issues that we are facing is water pollution. About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. While many things must be done to protect the ocean and environment, we should always prioritize water pollution solutions. It’s an important method to maintain a healthy and clean ocean. 

Water pollution may end from harmful substances that contaminate all bodies of water, especially the ocean. However, there are still many ways to protect and save the ocean. That’s why in this blog, you will know what effective water pollution that we, ourselves, can do to save the ocean is because it’s about time that we do it on our own and become an inspiration to others. 

Water Pollution Solutions for the Ocean 

Perhaps you’ve already noticed that water pollution makes a big impact on the ocean. The effects of pollution may destroy not only the bodies of water but also the entire ecosystem. So, what are the possible ways you can do it? Here is a list of water pollution solutions that every humankind should practice. 

How to resolve water pollution problems

Reduction of Plastic Waste 

Plastics like cellophane and bottles are commonly washed into the ocean. About 9-12 million tons of plastic can reach the ocean every year. If this keeps on happening, it will end up degrading the quality of the water. Plastic waste reduction is just a simple water solution that substantially ensures the quality of our ocean water. If we do this, it prevents the problem from worsening. 

Conservation of Water 

If you want to do your part in keeping the ocean water clean to protect the world we live in, then water conservation is possible. It is an effective water pollution solution that every humankind can make. Also, there are many ways to conserve water every day. Even if you’re taking a bath or brushing your teeth, it’s always better to keep the water turned off when not in use. 

Ways to save ocean from pollution

Water Treatment 

Another effective water pollution solution is water treatment, right before it is reintroduced into the waterways. It’s an effective solution since wastewater treatment facilities can remove all pollutants in wastewater through biological, physical, and chemical processes. 

Fish Responsibly 

When you’re fishing, always practice catch and release to keep fish alive. If the fish in the ocean died, many people would be affected. In addition, we can no longer buy fish, and the source of living of our fishermen would also be affected. So, whether you’re a professional fisher or someone who wants to catch fish in the past, be responsible enough so the fish and the ocean will remain healthy. 

Best solution for water pollution

Always Practice Safe Boating

One effective water pollution solution is safe boating. Suppose you’re done boating, anchor in areas that are safe and far from seagrasses and coral. Always follow the ‘no wake’ zones so you can protect the ocean floor and everything in it. 

Having a Water-Efficient Toilet at Home

In the past, toilets may use up to 3.5 water gallons when flushed. It's a good thing, and there is a water-efficient toilet in the market already. You should consider having this toilet in your house because it will not use much water when being flushed. This can also be an effective water pollution solution that helps in conserving water. The efficient toilets can use only 0.8-1.1 gallons of water. With that, it will not only help the ocean, and it could also help you save money. 

Use of Septic Tanks 

Septic tanks are useful equipment that can help in treating sewage. It separates the liquid from the solids and uses different biological processes to properly degrade solid substances right before the liquids flow into the drainage system. Septic tanks also reduce water pollution that the water already has. 

Avoid Using Ocean Products 

There are a lot of products that can be linked to threatening endangered species in the ocean—using cosmetics that come with shark squalene content, or perhaps wearing jewelry that is made of a sea turtle or coral shell, having souvenir shells of nautiluses and other animals can end up in the ocean. It supports unsustainable fishing, and it could risk important sea creature species and the ecosystem. 

Explore the Oceans 

As they say, ‘People will protect what they love.” If you care for the oceans, you can try going outside and exploring the oceans around you. That way, you can see if there are wastes around and make possible actions to prevent it from worsening. 

However, if you’re not living near the ocean, you can just visit the local beaches near you. That way, you will know what issues to address to people responsible for taking care of the ocean. 

Best way to save the ocean from pollution

Never Dispose Cooking Oils and Fats to Your Sink

Disposing of cooking oils and fats to your sink will not only clog your drains, but it may also cause disease and illness to spread in the local water supply. This is a big problem, especially with groundwater contamination in the yards. It can leach the surrounding soil easily, thereby attracting bacteria right away. Afterward, the bacteria will spread the disease in water sources and may later reach the ocean.

Conduct Tree Planting Activities near the Ocean 

Planting trees near the ocean or on an island is not just about making the place look beautiful. There is the main reason for this, and that is to protect the ocean. Trees are the reason why the topsoil will not get washed away when it rains. 

Big trees also help in preventing soil erosion. Because when the soil is eroded, the pesticides and other chemicals may be washed away on the sea. However, if there are big trees, it prevents eroding the soil, thereby protecting the oceans. 

Pick Some Litter 

As a human, you are a steward of God’s gift on this planet. Always do your part in making the world a better place, and start by picking wastes you see in the environment. Pick wastes near rivers, as these wastes can be carried to the sea. If it happens, then it’s going to be a major contributor to ocean pollution. This simple water pollution solution can always make a difference. 

Use of Bleach Detergents should be Minimal

Water pollution by chemicals like detergents can be a big concern on our planet. The laundry detergents we use may contain chemicals that can cause water pollution. Limiting the usage of detergents is always an effective water pollution solution.

Water pollution solution

Support Charities for the Environment 

No matter where you live, everyone will appreciate it when you support charities. Charities that work on watershed protection, water pollution solutions, and similar causes are always worthy of support. You just have to find an organization that is always active in your place and donate every year. The support you give may also reach anti-pollution projects.

Keep Vehicles from Leaking 

Leaked oil may pollute the streams and the ocean, especially if it soaks through the rock, soil, and groundwater. Oil pollution may also have a devastating effect on the environment. It spreads over the surface in a thin layer and prevents getting oxygen to plants and animals that live in the ocean.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know about water pollution solutions you can do as a human, perhaps you already realize that we usually cause water pollution. Whether it’s small-scale or huge issues about waste disposals and oil spills, everything we do can destroy the ocean.

But despite all this, there is still time to save not only the ocean but the rest of this planet. We should start changing our lifestyle and be mindful about what we do; save water, go green, and above all, spread these water pollution solutions because it’s never too late.

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Stop water pollution

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