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NOW READING: 10 Fascinating Types of Turtles Cruising Our Oceans

Beautiful types of turtles

10 Fascinating Types of Turtles Cruising Our Oceans

Turtles are one of the cutest and adorable creatures in the world. Although they move slowly, they lived for millions of years around the planet and are believed to be one of our Creator's helpers informing the world. Unfortunately, while many people have seen what turtles are and how they work, a few still have no idea what these species are about.

For instance, different turtles the sea roam around the ocean and hunt for food. But, not to be threatened, turtles are harmless and can be your pet at home. To know more about this marine animal creature, discover more in this post and look through its several types

Types of Turtle Crossing Our Oceans

Are you one of those people who thought that there is only one type of turtle? Turtles. If that's the case, then we're here to end all those confusions. There are several types of turtles, and they differ from one another. But first, let us know the general definition of what turtles are.

What are Turtles?

Turtles are a kind of reptile that belongs to the Kingdom Animalia under the class reptilia and other testudines. Surprisingly, these marine species have 13 families with different species and genus names. An interesting fact about this creature is how long it can live. 

Turtles are known to be living in the world for nearly 200 million years. They had developed before other kinds of reptiles, such as snakes and crocodiles, came. Could you imagine how long that was?

So, it's not probably just a sea turtle or a land turtle saying "Hi" to you along the beach, but it may be some other type! If you're excited to know what these are, let's find out all the facts below.

Loggerhead Turtle

This type of turtle has a long or log-type head. They have strong jaws and lack ridges on their carapace. Loggerhead turtles are fascinating as they can grow up to 3.5 long and weigh from 70kg or 170 kgs. They are also known for having scutes or scales that are non-overlapping and large.

Amazing types of turtles in the ocean

The Green Turtles

Because of the green fats you can see under its shell, this type of turtle has been called the Green Turtles, and nope, not Ninja Turtles. The turtle with an oval-like body that is flatter than the other turtles. 

Their carapace is with zero ridges, which has four lateral scales. Green Turtles are identified with the other types of turtles by their single prefrontal pair of scales, which is their unique feature.

Interesting types of turtles
Types of sea turtles you will surely love

The Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback turtles are the most prominent of all with their giant size. This kind of turtle can go for about 6 feet, making it the biggest turtle in the world. It also swims the deepest and travels the farthest up all, as it can reach up to an intensity of over 3000 feet. What's more, they weigh between 300 to 640 kgs.

They differ from other types of turtles because of their look and their shells. Leatherback turtles feed on jellyfishes and other jelly-like organisms around the sea. Unfortunately, they cannot take hard-bodied creatures, especially shells, because of their sharp jaws. 

Popular types of turtles

Hawksbill Turtles

This type of turtle belongs to the small turtle family. Because of their hawk-like pointed beak and head, they are named Hawksbill. However, what people mostly loved about them is their most attractive shells. When it comes to size, they are tiny in length, measuring 2.5 to 3 feet, making them one of the cutest and adorable sea turtle creatures in the world!

Awesome types of turtles
Adorable types of turtles

The Olive Ridley Turtle

Olive Ridley is one of the smallest turtles you can find in the sea. They have a small head and six scales on their carapace. Like any other small turtles, they can measure between 2 to 2.5 feet and weigh up to 45 kilograms. Interestingly, these turtles can lay 110 eggs within their nest, and it will take 52 to 58 days before it hatches!

Rare types of turtles

Flatback Turtle

Flatback turtles can length from 3.25 ft. and weigh up to 90kgs. They have a flat body and turtles that don't grow too big like any other type. Flatback turtles feed on invertebrates creatures like weeds, sea cucumbers, prawns, and jellyfish. 

Types of turtles living in the ocean

African Side neck Turtles

This type of turtle has a unique long neck that can detract from the shell. African Side neck turtles are often small and freshwater turtles that originated from the roots in sub-Saharan Africa. They can measure up to 17.7 inches and have a rounded shape, making them a good choice for a pet. Thus, they can be a bit more challenging to take care of than any other type of turtle. 

Unique turtle types

Kemp's Ridley Sea turtle

Kemp's Sea Turtles are one of the most popular types of all. They weigh between 32 and 50 kilograms and measure up to 2 feet in size. Their heads are triangular and moderate in their volume. They have a powerful jaw enabling them to eat crabs, jellyfish, fish, squids, and sea urchins.

Unique sea turtle types in the ocean

Red Eared Sliders

Are you looking for a turtle pet? Then this type of turtle is the best one to get. Red-eared sliders tend to be more friendly and easy to accompany. In addition, they are active turtles, which is a good match to be someone's pet. This species can live up to 40 years with natural conditions, though it may be relatively shorter when the turtle is trained. 

Sea turtle types you need to see

Western Painted Turtles

These types of turtles have a distinctive look. They are small yet beautiful, which can be outdoor or indoor pets. However, when turned into pets, they need a huge tank to swim accordingly as well. As pets, they are fond of cuddling and eating while swimming. 

Different types of sea turtles in the ocean

Final Thoughts

With all these types of turtles, you will surely know their difference from one another once you see them on the beach or seaside. And in case you have some thoughts, would you adopt one of these turtle types at home? It's always your call in the end! 

Nonetheless, being a responsible pet owner and a good citizen of the world, taking care of these turtles would be great. Besides, some of these turtle types are known to be endangered for some reason. So, as much as you could help save their habitat and their kinds. 

Here at ATOLEA, we can help you take a big part in helping save the turtles and all the marine life of their kinds. We have been supporting different Ocean conservation charities for a while now and you can be a great part of it, too! Because every purchase you make from our Beach-inspired jewelry collection, part of it goes to Ocean conservation campaigns on a mission to conserve the natural habitat of marine life.

So dive into our Beachy-inspired jewelry now and wear your love to the Ocean!

Types of turtles

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