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NOW READING: 10 Types Of Pearls You Should Know

Best types of pearls

10 Types Of Pearls You Should Know

"The world is your oyster and it’s up to you to find the pearls." Pearls are the unique treasures of the seas, glistening with different colors. It's no surprise these are such prized possessions. These pearls are timeless pieces of jewelry having been adorned throughout history, even by kings and queens. 

These rare jewels come from mollusks, oysters, and other sea creatures that are capable of forming pearls found in different places around the world and produce different types of pearls. Each type of pearl has its unique property and is valued by its rarity and objective beauty.

List of Pearls

If you want to know more about different types of pearls you can find in the ocean, then check this out. 

Natural pearls

We start with the rarest type of pearl, which is naturally occurring in the ocean. Pearls aren't always formed inside oysters. They need to have been through the process of its defense mechanisms against irritants that form the pearls. 

There are only less than a percent of natural pearls worldwide, and the rest are all cultured pearls. This scarcity makes these natural pearls catch a very high price in the market if you even manage to see one for sale.

Rare types of pearls

Cultured Pearls

Cultured pearls are what you get to buy in the market most of the time, and the difference is that the same process forms these pearls, but farmers make it so that pearls will form all the time. 

Even though cultured pearls are more common, this does not mean they are cheaper. Some very pretty and big pearls can have a hundred-thousand-dollar price tag. There are different types and processes done by pearl farms worldwide, creating different types of pearls in the process. 

Amazing types of pearls

Akoya Pearls

This is the first cultured pearl on the list as it has been a big industry of pearl farming, mainly in Japan, starting way back at the beginning of the 20th century. These pearls are glistening white pearls with perfectly round shapes that everyone likes and recognizes; these pearls are fairly affordable, but their farm can also produce a rare black coloration but undergoes a different treatment process.

Interesting types of pearls

Freshwater Pearls

China has produced a more diverse type of pearl with various colors across the spectrum and different shapes to the perfectly round ones. 

They are made from freshwater ponds in China and are typically cheaper than other types of pearls, but some rare combinations of shapes and colors of these pearls can still easily have hefty price tags depending on the demand.

Different type of pearls

Tahitian Pearls

The pearl of French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful pearls having a contrasting Black color. Unlike the natural white pearls, the rarest is the pure black pearls. Still, they usually have primarily gray colors with green, blue-green, or even silver hues that form unique pearls combinations. These luxurious pearls are one of the most expensive types of pearls out there.

Types of different pearls

South Sea Pearls

The Philippines also has their own unique and beautiful types of pearls cultured from one of the largest pearl-producing oysters called the Pinctada Maxima oysters. These pearls are sought after for their large sizes and have a gold or pure white color perfect for jewelry since everybody loves gold much more than gold pearls. 

The cheapest you could get this start at two hundred dollars and reach up to tens of thousands. There is also a type of south sea pearl that is silver in color but is farmed on the north coast of Australia. 

Types of interesting pearls

Sea of Cortez Pearls

Mexico produces the rarest cultured pearls globally since they are only obtained from a single farm in Guayas, Mexico producing only around four thousand cultured pearls per year. 

They share a natural black color from the Tahitian Pearls but have a much more intense coloration. Naturally being such a rare type of pearl, they are also one of the most expensive types of pearl in the market.

Pearl types that are rare

Blue Pearls

This unique blue pearl is farmed from abalone being cultured on the coasts of New Zealand and Australia. This unique pearl has been a long experiment by peal farmers to produce pearls from abalone and has only been successful recently, which yielded them a unique blue pearl standing out from other types of pearls. 

Unique pearl types

Mabe Pearls

Mabe pearls, also known as blisters, are a type of pearl with half a sphere or disk-shaped; hence, they are called half-pearls or blister pearls. These pearls are cultivated inside a mollusk's shell, and they appear to be a part of the shell until they are ready to be removed like a blister. Mabe pearls are large earls with an average size of 12mm to 14mm in length. 

Pearls found in the ocean

Keshi Pearls

Japan also produces another unique pearl from their farms called the Keshi pearls, derived from the Japanese word of Keshi, meaning poppy seed. These are byproducts or excess of the process, which usually have unique shapes and sizes. These pearls are typically cheap since they are only considered scraps but are still precious and perfect for designer jewelry.

Pearl types


The history of pearls goes way back in our history, dating back thousands of years ago. Pearls will always be considered as one of the most precious pieces of jewelry to exist on our planet. Pearls are not only known for their value and beauty that shines among the rest, pearls are also considered as a symbol for wealth and perfection, a very befitting symbol for a gem with outstanding beauty. 

Many covet this gem, but only a few can enjoy it, for pearls are very expensive, a gem that only the wealthy can experience. Different types of pearls, different ways of culturing these gems, and these differences greatly affect the value and worth of these gems. Truly one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind, an irreplaceable and awe-inspiring beauty that shines the brightest no matter where it is from.

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Adorable types of pearls

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