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NOW READING: 10 Jewelry Perfect For Beach Wedding

Perfect jewelry for beach wedding

10 Jewelry Perfect For Beach Wedding

Beach weddings have long been a hip trend for nontraditional weddings that many people only dream of doing for their weddings. However, some people find beach weddings a very casual event. 

Usually, guests don’t have to worry about dressing up formally for the wedding and can come in very appropriate beach clothes. Some even have groomsmen and bridesmaids not wear the traditional tuxedos and gowns that can get expensive.

Even though people keep it casual and minimal to dress up for beach weddings, it is a good idea to accessorize for this fantastic occasion and wow your friends and family with your fashion sense. ATOLEA jewelry has a collection of accessories perfect for your beach wedding jewelry and fashion.

These are 10 pieces of jewelry that would be perfect for that beach wedding outfit.

Mermaid tail ring

Wedding rings are the essential part of the wedding, unifying the couple forever. But rings aren't exclusive to a couple of weddings, and you too can accessorize with the perfect ring to show off. 

The mermaid tail ring shows off a sizable blue crystal that encapsulates the color of the bright blue ocean and even has a unique band shaped like a mermaid tail, making it a perfect beach wedding jewelry. 

Unique beach wedding jewelry

“Summer Night” Earrings

An easy way to accessorize your casual beach dress is to wear a cute pair of earrings. These cute dangling earrings feature a crescent moon on the one hand and a shiny star for its team with your choice of either a gold or silver color. The moon and star are a perfect aesthetic for that night or sunset-themed beach wedding.

Lovely beach wedding jewelry

Turtle Bracelet

A bracelet is an easy way to accessorize perfectly to go with your tropical beach vibes for people who can't wear earrings. This bracelet comes with a small turtle charm tied together with wax cords that look like a tiny rope on your wrists. These turtles symbolize faithful perseverance, a perfect message for a couple of the wedding.

Beautiful beach wedding jewelry

“Cali” Necklace

The best thing to tie up your whole beach dress is wearing the perfect necklace. The Cali necklace is the most elegant piece of fashion you can add to your outfit, and this gold necklace comes in 3 layers with the bottom. And the main attraction of the article features a cute shining star followed by eye-catching sparkling rocks and, lastly, a simple, sleek gold chain on top of it all. 

Beach wedding jewelry ideas

Whale Bracelet

A beach wedding is the perfect social occasion where friends and family can come together and enjoy each other's presence. Some good friends like to dress up together and wear something similar to each other to show their friendship to everyone, and the Whale bracelet is a perfect accessory to do that. 

This bracelet has a cute whale charm tied together by paracord that can come in different colors such as yellow, pink, navy blue, sky blue, mint blue and black. The different colors are a perfect way of having each member of the friend group show their individuality while being in solidarity with one another. It truly makes great beach wedding jewelry. 

Adorable beach wedding jewelry

Shark ring

Not everyone likes to dress super elegant some just want to wear something cute with their outfit to show their unique taste, but this doesn't mean you don’t look stylish doing it. For example, the shark ring with its simple design of a ring in the shape of a shark wrapped around your finger, but it's simple animated style makes it look charming even children would love to wear.     

Jewelry for beach wedding

“Coachella” 15 ring set

If you want to show up with something unique and definitely would catch the eyes of many other guests at the wedding, this one would definitely pique your interest. The “coachella” 15 ring set is a unique fashion sense many would find hard to pull off wearing. 

The whole package comes with 15 different rings that you can wear, showing off various aspects of the beach and nature. Of course, you can wear just one ring from the entire set but wearing multiple rings at one time is definitely a bold fashion statement for sure.


Best jewelry for beach weddings

Ocean Ring

If you don’t feel like being over the top with your fashion and just love the minimalist but eye-catching style, this band would suit your style. The ocean ring is a simple but colorful ring made of resin that looks like the ocean enveloping your fingers with flakes of gold scattered around the ring. This accessory would look perfect with a unique turquoise outfit. 

Jewelry best for beach weddings

Ocean Anklet

An anklet is an accessory that is not something you can show off since it down on your ankles and is easily covered by clothing or footwear; some beach weddings even allow you to just go barefoot and walk the sand but even just pairing these with some cute sandals is a really nice addition to your whole outfit. 

The ocean anklet has its simple ocean charm with beads of different shapes and colors mimicking the colorful pebbles and starfishes around the coastline. 

Jewelry perfect for beach wedding

Starfish earrings

Keeping things fancy rocking some silver or gold for your earrings is an easy way to accessorize and keep it simple but classy. The starfish earrings are a pair of earrings with gold or silver with dangling gold plated or sterling silver starfish. Silver and gold have always been symbols of grace and elegance; wearing these pieces would definitely show your taste for luxury and excess.

Beach wedding lovely jewelry


Beach weddings are the perfect excuse for everyone to dress up and have a fun time on the beach and show everyone your unique fashion sense. Jewelry is a simple but effective way to tie up your whole outfit. 

ATOLEA Jewelry is a perfect place to start looking for that ideal piece of Ocean-inspired jewelry. We are inspired by our love of the Ocean to create unique designs that will complete your Ocean vibe specifically for a beach wedding outfit. 

So dive into our ATOLEA Sea-inspired jewelry now and make your beach wedding outfit more special!

Perfect beach wedding jewelry

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