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NOW READING: Discover The Smartest Sea Animals

Smartest sea animals

Discover The Smartest Sea Animals

The ocean is home to some of the smartest sea animals known to man. Some of them have been with us for thousands of years now. Our ocean consists of almost 240,000 creatures, and some of them are fascinatingly smart enough to be in contention with some of the smartest on land. 

While land animals such as chimpanzees and elephants get the most recognition as the smartest creatures on the planet, there are also sea animals who will make a run for their money in terms of intelligence alone. If you wonder what the smartest sea animals are there on the planet, let's dive deeper to know more!

Meet The Smartest Sea Animals In The Planet

It is estimated that there are more than a million species of marine creatures on the planet, only a quarter of a million has been discovered. If you're wondering who makes the list of the smartest sea animals on the planet, in no particular order, here's the list.


If we're going to talk about one of the smartest sea animals on the planet, the species of dolphins easily comes to mind. They have been long recognized as one of the smartest animals in the world, not only on water but also in the rest of the animal kingdom. 

They are known for their complex way of communicating with their species and their unique behavior towards them. Their brains are larger than humans in terms of size to body ratio. However, size isn't the factor why they are also considered one of the smartest. 

They are also known for their unique social behaviors due to the group of neurons present in their body; they can detect their reflection and have great problem-solving skills. In addition, some people would argue that all lists of the smartest animals should have dolphins on them. They, too, have complex limbic systems that are also found in our brains, albeit more complex. That's why they can also feel compassion and empathy for others.

Witty sea animals in the planet


A list of the smartest creature on the planet isn't complete without the octopus. Outside of vertebrates, octopuses are considered the smartest kind of invertebrates, which shows you need to have the backbone to have a big brain. They have as many neurons as nerve sells as do dogs, which means they have enough receptors to send signals to their brains. 

Furthermore, they have a section in their brain dedicated to learning, which makes it useful in difficult and handy situations. Their excellent problem-solving skills are well-documented, and their ability to camouflage in their surroundings is a testament to how smart these creatures are. 

It is also worth noting that these octopuses can extend their tentacle to reach a human's arm, check out something given to them, or even make eye contact. Some of these actions are linked to emotional expressiveness, making them one of the world's smartest sea animals. 

Brightest sea animals ever exist

Planet's quick-witted sea animals


Easily one of the most distinguishable marine creatures on the planet, Orcas or killer whales are also one of the world's smartest sea creatures. Next to sperm whales, they are second in terms of having the largest brain size of all sea mammals. The killer whale's brain is four times bigger than humankind's, cementing its place as one of the smartest in the animal kingdom.

If you're wondering how smart they are, it has been long studied that orcas have great problem-solving skills, playful, curious, and sometimes timid. Like elephants, orcas tend to love big groups around them. You often see them with groups of killer whales swimming out in the open. 

Like dolphins, they have a complex way of communicating with their kind. That's what makes them great predators of the ocean. Their ability to navigate and corner their prey makes them highly skilled hunters, even great white sharks are afraid of them! A testament to how intelligent and dangerous at the same time these marine mammals are.

Most intelligent ocean animals

Brilliant sea animals in the planet

Sea Otters

Although it may come as a surprise, sea otters are also ranked as one of the world's smartest sea animals. What makes them smart? The use of rocks to crack open up a shell is a rarity in the sea kingdom. According to a recent study, they weren't the first to use tools too, and it has been researched that their ancestors too used tools for millions of years.

Aside from using tools for the various task, it is also worth noting that sea otters have been observed to stack cups, play basketball, and even get goodies from a vending machine! That's how crazy smart these cute little creatures are!

Most genius sea animals in the planet

Great White Sharks

Although people think of them as murderers of the open ocean, Great white sharks are intelligent beings too! Just like how orcas hunt, great white sharks are adept at hunting. They swipe on their prey unknowingly. The way they behave is a testament to how smart these creatures are. 

It is not often that dolphins and otters get outwitted by a predator, but great white sharks have a heightened in which their brain synchronizes to perform this 'spur-of-the-moment act. It is also why they are efficient hunters and use less energy as much as they can when preying for food. 

In addition, when great white sharks gather, it is observed that they show a different behavior, from body-slamming each other to mouth-gapping. 

Bright sea animals in the planet

Wrapping Things Up

The ocean is quite an interesting place to look for intelligent creatures. Surprisingly enough, some of the smartest creatures on the planet live there. Although the list goes on and on, we've listed the smartest ones. 

In addition, some of these creatures are vulnerable and endangered, and it is up to humans to make concerted efforts to safeguard these creatures for centuries to come. There is still a lot of thigs that we don't know about these creatures, and if they are going to live for the next 100 years, it will be interesting as they will be fully studied and researched as to why they are one of a kind. 

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Uniquely smart sea animals

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