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NOW READING: Seashells' Meaning and Symbolism

Seashells' Meaning and Symbolism

Seashells' Meaning and Symbolism

The seashell has long been associated with different types of traits, meaning, and symbolism. They have become one of the most distinguishable aquatic life on the planet, and it is suggested that they have been with us for millions of years already. 

The seashell has long been a symbol of many wonderful creations from different time zones. During the time of Papyrus, they used seashells as a symbol of mankind, whereas during the time of early Christianity, they were a symbol of spiritual protection and religious pilgrimages. 

If you are one of those people who's wondering what seashells symbolize and what is the meaning behind them as to why people are using them as designs of jewelry and symbols for other uses, you are not alone. 

Today, we will be talking about seashells' meaning and symbolism. Learn more! 

Understanding Seashells Meaning and Symbolism 

There are a lot of things seashells symbolize. We've listed some of their most important symbols and meanings to learn more about them.

1. Life's Journey

One of the most popular symbols of a seashell is one's journey or their life's journey. It is believed that once you have seen a shell on the beach, they have been through everything. They have journeyed in different parts of the world, and seeing them in the sand means they have arrived at their destination.

They have already washed ashore, and mean, it is up to you whether you want to be washed away by the waves or be picked up by a human for their attractiveness. In life, we live our life on what we thought was right. However, there may be some circumstances that say otherwise.

Still, no two lives are the same; like shells, humans should live in their own unique way. The shell is a reminder that we were created in the image and likeness of God, and we are all given the opportunity how we should live our lives.

Seashells' meaning

2. Strength and Protection

Shells are used by various aquatic life for protection and strength from other predators. If you are going to use shells as a totem, most people use totems used it as a reminder of the simple things in life. Like the shell, let this be a reminder that you have protection in the form of your family and friends, or even other people.

Let it be a reminder that whatever road you take will give you the strength and courage to push through with everything in life. Life may not always revolve around you, but let this be a reminder that you are not alone in your battle. There will always be someone to help you during trials and tribulations.

3. Strong-willed Mind

In spirituality, the seashell represents a strong-willed mind. Why? It is believed that the hardness and durability of seashells will make the mental fortitude of people even stronger. It is believed that whenever you find stubborn people along the way, they are thought to have the heart of a shell or a stone.

In addition, the hardened texture of a seashell also represents protection. As we've mentioned earlier, while it protects aquatic life from predators, the living world sees it as a barrier to preventing evil intentions from coming into your mind and affecting your spirituality.

Everything about seashells

4. Relaxation

Shells are famous displays in the house, and it is believed that whenever a seashell is used for decorations, they spark peace of mind and relaxation. They are commonly found in areas with less human interaction, which promotes relaxation and peace within oneself.

They are totems and symbols for relaxation and a reminder that wherever you may be, find the relaxation you need. Heck, some cool guy surfers wear seashells because they think they are more of a surfer person than a person who would prefer suits. Jewelers put the ocean into necklaces and bracelets because they believe it creates that feel-good ocean mindset.

5. Eternity

It is believed that shells are for eternity. That's why people believe they symbolize immortality. It is also thought that living life after death makes you spiritually conscious.

Like humans, after their death, it is believed that they continue life after death. Seashells can live for millennia. Therefore, a seashell used as a totem or jewelry will remind you that there's life after death. And in some cases, reincarnation and immortality.

6. Defiance

A seashell might be bothered by the thousands of waves it deals with, but it never wavers under pressure. It is strong and defiant and can easily withstand the harsh tides of the ocean. 

Therefore, it is believed that whenever you have a seashell as a totem, it will remind you that whatever problems or crisis you encounter in your life, never waver, never fear. It will all come down and give you that perfect time to break through these adversities and trials.

If you were given a seashell as a gift, it is a reminder to never back down from life and proceed with grace. Keep going and push yourself, just as a seashell goes back and forth with thousands and millions of waves and tides each day.

Seashells' symbolism

7. Spirituality

It is believed that if you ever dreamed of a seashell, it is a sign that you are connected spiritually. It means the world is trying to connect with you. 

Back in the day, people used seashells to connect them to several spirits; they either had something to tell you or passed it on to you.

That's why most people with knowledge about this will tell you that whenever you have a dream associated with a seashell, be mindful of the people around as they may be sending signals and wants to communicate with you in many other ways.

Final Words

Seashells are unique in their ways and have been with us for hundreds of thousands of years. From ancient times up to this very day, they have become a popular symbol of life, hope, strength, and protection. 

A seashell might be small and fragile, but it doesn't deter them from living life as it should. Seashells are a great reminder to be defiant in all obstacles of life. If you have seashells as a piece of jewelry, it will be a great reminder of what you will become in the future, just like a seashell in its life. 

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All about the seashells

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