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NOW READING: Seashell Pendant: What Do They Symbolize?

Seashell pendant meaning

Seashell Pendant: What Do They Symbolize?

Along the beautiful coastlines of the world lies a great variety of very good shells to look at. Have you ever wondered why people loved to collect shells? Whether it be for display purposes because of its remarkable design or perhaps making a Seashell pendant necklace because it looks nice when worn, there is something about seashells that people can’t let go of.

Seashells are made by water animals that live inside them until they grow bigger and outward. When they grow outward, it shows an extraordinary design that can only be found in nature. No wonder why many are inspired to make them as souvenirs or elegant seashell pendants for necklaces just like what ATOLEA jewelry has.

There are lots of seashell pendants and necklaces that Ocean lovers go crazy about. But do you already know the meaning of seashells, and what do they symbolize? Perhaps you’re figuring out how to perceive seashells. Maybe it’s good fortune, a symbol of birth, or resurrection. 

Seashell Pendant and What it Symbolizes 

Whenever you’re shopping for jewelry, a Seashell pendant necklace is one of the designs you would consider. Mainly because of its design and how good it looks on you when worn, you forget to know the true meaning of seashell. 

Seashell Pendant: Proven to Improve Life 

Before we know what seashells symbolize, did you know that seashells have their field and aura? According to Chinese experts, many objects are used to bring positive energies to a place, and seashells are one of the objects that truly invite positivity in your life.

People who go to the beach can’t avoid picking up shells from the beach and casually place it around their home, car, or room. Most of us are not aware of its powers, but one thing is believed by many; that seashells come with luck. Here are a lot of meaning of the seashell necklace : 


One of the things that seashell symbolize is womb and fertility. Fertility is often associated with a scallop shell in particular, as represented in renaissance and ancient paintings of Venus. Venus is known as the Roman goddess of love and fertility. Venus always sees a scallop shell in a pagan ritual to encourage and attract child-bearing.

So, if you are having fertility issues and wanting to bear a child, wear Scallop seashell pendant necklace, as it signifies child-bearing. You can check out some Scallop jewelry and pendants from ATOLEA Jewelry for more choices and designs.  

Amazing seashell pendantHealing 

Seashells also symbolize healing. Such healing is associated with pain, illnesses, heartbreak, and failures. A Cowrie shell represents rebirth and charm for healing. Many Romans would also call the cowrie shell ‘matriculus’, which means little womb.

Cowrie shell also symbolizes love and fertility. So, whenever you wear a Cowrie seashell jewelry, wear it like an amulet, as it is believed to be focusing on feminine powers. 

Unique seashell pendant


One of the symbols of a shell is strength. It signified truthful speech and was stated in the tradition of prayer. A shell is considered a gift from the great ocean; that’s why it is sacred. It is seen in the hands of gods and goddesses to get strength when going off to war.

The seashell is meant to wake someone from ignorance and a symbol of victory from all the suffering. 

Peace and Abundance 

Shells represent the giving power of the Ocean. It also promotes the feeling of peace and abundance because it has a sacred meaning. Some shell comes with colors and a natural shine of shell that makes it ideal for wearing as ornamental or jewelry accessories.

Seashells are said to impact spiritual vibes and calming atmosphere to help you work and carry on your emotional issues. 

Growth and Renewal 

Seashells also symbolize growth and renewal. It represents the desire to grow indefinitely and the belief in the resurrection.

This is one of nature’s authentic masterpieces, and it is believed to help people grow spiritually. It’s good that you wear a Seashell pendant necklace as it helps you to keep going forward.


Have you noticed that seashells have water fountain designs? It is said that the seashell symbolizes wealth and the water fountain symbolizes money. Wearing Seashell jewelry means attracting money to flow unto you and becoming a blessing to others.

Lovely seashell pendantSafety and Protection 

Wearing a Seashell necklace means that you wanted to be protected and be safe. The seashells are believed to offer you some shield and relief from stress. The protective character of the shell will shelter you from the negativity that may penetrate your life.


Seashell pendants symbolize patience. It reminds us that no matter what we’re going through, there is always a silver lining that awaits us. It teaches us how to carry on when life puts us in a situation that we think we can’t handle. It gives hope and truly gives calm despite the situation.


These days, we’ve seen humble seashells raise their rank to fashion accessories like pendants, necklaces, and other jewelry. It’s safe to say that seashells were never a forgotten trend, and they are more than just an accessory. Seashells have meaning and symbols that people who wear as an accessory can always uphold and believe it’s true.

And with all the hype around seashells, perhaps you should take some time to have these pieces from ATOLEA Jewelry collections for Ocean-inspired jewelry like a seashell pendant necklace.


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