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NOW READING: Stunning Underwater Plants You Should See

Stunning underwater plants you should see

Stunning Underwater Plants You Should See

What’s up, my fellow marine enthusiasts! The ocean is a vast kingdom in which millions of marine mammals have lived long enough for us to witness how majestic these creatures are. It has also become one of the primary shelters for stunning underwater plants that are truly vibrant in their kind. 

Underwater plants are brimming with vibrant and bold colors that we aren’t accustomed to seeing on land. If you’re wondering what some of the most stunning underwater plants are you should see, then lucky enough, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ve listed underwater plants that are colorful in their own ways. From sun corals to sea anemones, check out the list of these amazing and stunning plants in the ocean you might not have heard of. 

7 Stunning Plants in the Ocean You Should See

While the list can go on for a long, we are only listing down seven stunning plants in the ocean as listing everything down can take ages.

1. Purple Coral

As the name suggests, the Purple Coral gets the top spot not only for its vibrant lilac color but because it is also one of the most plentiful corals on the planet. They have been a fantastic home for thousands of fishes, from clown fishes to Moorish idols down to the Yellow tang.

Not only does the Purple Coral highlight its bold colors, but the fish living within its area is also known for exposing their vibrant colors. Purple corals are considered reef-building species, which means they are an important part of the ecosystem as they start on the reef scene and quickly spread across the area, providing shelter for every coral-reef fish.

Gorgeous underwater plants you must see

2. Green Sea Anemone

Baring strong resemblances to the Anastasia Flower, the vibrant Green Sea Anemone is one of the better-looking colorful underwater plants you should see whenever you go for snorkeling or water adventures.

They are abundant among the coral reefs, and their distinct green appearance results from a symbiotic relationship with the photosynthetic green algae living within its gut, hence, the green color. Like most sea anemones living in coral reefs, they also attach themselves to surfaces such as rocks and in coral reefs, they wait for small fishes to swim across their tentacles and get stung.

Lovely underwater plants

3. Sun Coral

If you are named from the source of sunlight, chances are, you can be the brightest marine underwater creature on this planet. As the name suggests, the Sun Coral resembles the Earth’s sun in so many ways, the vibrant and bold yellow colors that live amongst oceans, caves and dark spaces.

One of the reasons for their bright yellow to orange colors is because one of their primary food sources is zooplanktons. While they are named after the sun, they aren’t known to greatly benefit from its sunlight. As much as you would want to see them, they can be as rare as they can be as they prefer dark areas and without sunlight.

Colorful underwater plants you should knowPretty plants underwater

4. Red Sea Whip

As the name suggests, the Red Sea Whip almost resembles a whip that is colored red but only lives in the sea. It almost loos like crimson-colored hair coming from an anime figure. What makes them fascinating is that unlike their counterparts made of calcium carbonate that almost feel like shells, a red sea whip doesn’t have it. As a result, their tentacles dance with the current of the water.

They are commonly found in subtropics and tropical waters and prefer shallow temperate waters. Like most of its kind, they are vibrant and can almost easily be seen if you’re just snorkeling in the open waters.

Unique plants underwater

5. Kelp

Kelps might look like algae but seeing them underneath the water is like an undercover jungle with bright-colored green trees. They are primarily seen on the shorelines of beaches that will almost look like a pile of seaweed. However, they can be as vibrant as they can grow around 18 inches per day! 

It was not until the year 2007 wherein a group of scientists stumbled upon a kelp forest in the Pacific Ocean. Most thought kelp couldn’t thrive and flourish under warm tropical waters. 

Imperfectly beautiful plants under the ocean

6. Open Brain Coral

Most of the underwater plants here are named for how they look. Just as with the case of the Open Brain Coral, it resembles what it likes to have an open brain, but kid you not, they are easily one of the most colorful underwater plants on the planet. 

They are a coral type commonly found in various reef systems. However, their numbers are dwindling as they have become a popular aquarium specimen to enthusiasts, as well as the destruction of reef systems due to climate change and coral bleaching. Open Brain Corals are mainly found in warm shallow waters within the Indo-Pacific region.

Cool underwater plants
Vibrant underwater plants

7. Bubble Tip Anemone

One of the best and most colorful sea anemones on the planet, the Bubble Tip Anemone should not be missed by divers and snorkelers alike as these anemones come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Ranging from green, red, and even pink!

They mainly thrive in areas wherein sunlight is abundant. Their bubble tips are their way of eating their food. Whenever they’re hungry and hunt for food, their tentacles stretch out of their body, and when a fish is caught within their tentacle, the tentacles come right back in and consume their food. Pretty crazy, isn’t it? 

Elegant underwater plants you must know

Wrapping Things Up

Are you amazed by the number of underwater plants that are truly vibrant and colorful? We’re amazed too! Not only that, but it also helps us think that fishes aren’t the only ones that are important underwater. Some of these underwater plants are home to a diverse reef system that allows everyone to thrive.

Let’s not put it to waste as these are important for marine life and humans. Conservation always goes a long way, and with different social media platforms, let this be the medium to help and preserve their kinds for the years to come! 

And by supporting us here at ATOLEA Jewelry, you are becoming a part of a better future for the marine life!

We have been supporting Ocean conservation charities for a while now and part of your purchase from our Ocean-inspired jewelry were used on programs that help maintain and preserve the marine life.

So dive into our wide collection of ATOLEA Jewelry now and help us keep the beach, the Ocean and the marine animals safe for future generations to come!

Nice underwater plants

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