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NOW READING: Octopus Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Interesting meaning and symbolism of octopus necklace

Octopus Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Mysteries underwater have always attracted ocean lovers. It has been a major inspiration for the designs of jewelry. Octopus is one of the fascinations that inspired designers worldwide. Many liked the idea of wearing octopus’ jewelry because people liked its style. 

But did you know that the jewelry you wear tells something about you? There is a lot of octopus necklace meaning and symbolism. The same goes for other jewelry like octopus rings, bracelets, earrings, and more. It’s not just the jewelry itself, but because of this amazing creature’s quality. In this article, you will be more inspired by octopus creatures and the octopus necklace's meaning. 

Why Do People Like Octopus?

An octopus is known for being a mystical creature in the ocean. While many fear octopuses, there are also people who admire and become fascinated with them. In ancient times, there were a little bit of both worlds in terms of their meaning. 

People would consider them deities, especially those who live near the sea. However, those in ancient times believed octopuses could create whirlpools that may destroy ships. Today, people would have it as jewelry that they can wear anytime and anywhere. Just like the octopus necklace, every time they wear it, it may seem like the octopus is their spirit animal. 

Octopus Necklace Meaning

Sometimes, you find it odd to see people wearing octopus necklaces. But, little did you know, there is a corresponding meaning to it. In fact, in other cultures, octopuses are linked to darkness and the underworld. It’s mainly because octopuses come with a unique ability. If frightened, they could secrete glands called ink cloud, which turns water into darkness. 

Jewelry and amulets feature octopus as worn by sailors. They always believe octopus necklaces, rings, or bracelets could protect them from adversity and evil thoughts when sailing. They always believed that octopuses would save them from attacks in the deep sea. 

In modern times, an octopus is linked with time spirals and cyclicity. That said, it becomes a symbol of longevity and eternity. Also, the ancient shamans would use it to increase their quality of life and grow as a person. Because of cyclicity, the octopus is also connected with lunar activities and moon phases, which are repeating, variable, and eternal. 

All about octopus necklace

Octopus Necklace Symbolism

Now that you understand why people wear octopus jewelry and know about the meaning of the octopus necklace, you should also know about octopus necklace symbolism.

1. Agility

An octopus is a creature that shows impressive agility. They use their mouths to break the open shells that hide prey. They have arms that are flexible and powerful, making them grab and do things easily. Also, each tentacle has limbs, allowing them to sense its surroundings.

2. Intelligence

Ever noticed the head of an octopus? You observe that it’s much larger than the rest of its body, right? That’s because an octopus is blessed with wisdom and intelligence. While their heads can be smaller than a domestic cat, they still develop a nervous system that spreads across their eight tentacles. It makes their intellectual skills to become truly marvelous.

3. Immortality and Eternal Life 

It’s rare to know someone who regenerates severed extremities and thinks an octopus has superpowers. They have three hearts, and since their heart symbolizes life, having more than one heart means immortality and more than life. No wonder many people like to know the meaning of the octopus necklace.

4. Versatility

An octopus is considered a king of disguise, as they are full of ways to pass and become unnoticed by predators. Aside from that, they have tricks up their sleeves to escape if their disguise is being spoiled. 

Like Flounders and Seahorses, an octopus may change their color just to blend into the environment. They also have the ability to change their shape just to pretend to be other creatures, like sea snakes.Meaning of octopus necklace

5. Regeneration

Only a few animals can regenerate their lost body parts. In the world of reptiles, they have alligators that may regrow their tail. Among the creatures of the sea, they have the octopus and starfish, who have the ability to regrow their tentacles and arms. This ability would make this animal the symbol of healing and regeneration.

6. Awareness 

Octopuses are known for having a lot of neurons in their tentacles. It can be intriguing, but it’s also astounding and worth the remark. More than 10,000 neurons can make the octopus become a sensitive animal. It’s an impressive ability to make the octopus a true symbol of illuminated perception and awareness. And when it comes to humans, they will have this attitude that would save them for the rest of their lives.

7. Altruism

Octopuses are saints of the sea. That’s why they also symbolize generosity, self-sacrifice, and selflessness. Both male and female octopuses teach us to always put our desires apart for a better cause. 

Once the breeding season is done, the male octopus dies, so his female mate must protect the eggs until they hatch. The female octopus would stay and defend her eggs even if it meant a fatal encounter with predators or even without food.

8. Dexterity

Aside from the Octopus’ camouflaging skills, they are also known for nimble dexterity. Their mouths are very complex and have tool-like features that will let them do things like breaking shells that hold prey. Also, their tentacles or arms are not just strong but also flexible. 

Wrapping Up

Since octopuses live in the ocean, they become subjects in mythologies and folklore of people all over the world. That’s why many people would have it worn as jewelry. Octopus necklace means always has a strong octopus’ spirit, making them their spirit animal of their own.

Thus, a great way to always remind yourself about the qualities of an octopus is to have an octopus necklace or jewelry. It encapsulates the powers of octopus, and it keeps its spirit closer to you.

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Symbolism of octopus necklace

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