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NOW READING: 10 Mythical Sea Creatures That Will Make You Curious

Mythical sea creatures

10 Mythical Sea Creatures That Will Make You Curious

In Greek mythology, there are a lot of mythical sea creatures that humans have been fascinated by. Even though there is no certainty about what lies underwater, humans are still curious and eager to know more about them. So, it’s no wonder that stories throughout history have captured the imaginations of humans. 

Mythical sea creatures have lived in the waters for centuries. If you wondered about these sea creatures and what they’re like, we will discuss them in this blog. Some mythical sea creatures may be strange and do not do good, and some are naughty and beautiful. So, without further ado, read for more sea creatures that will make you curious. 

List of Mythical Sea Creatures 

Storytellers throughout history have lived in dark waters. They come in all sorts of giant creatures that may cause chaos on the surface. There are also mythical sea creatures that can lay large waste to small sea creatures living in the ocean. Below are ten mythical sea creatures that are interesting and will make you feel curious. 


One quote that you probably heard is ‘Release the Kraken.’ A Kraken is a huge octopus in Norse mythology. This is one of the famous mythical sea creatures that fear sailors and seafarers who are sailing in waters. Krakens can just wrap its very large tentacles around ships and drag them down until they reach the bottom of the sea. Krakens are like the Greek version of Cetus. Both of them are large sea monsters, only that Krakens resemble giant squid. 

Interesting mythical sea creatures


In Greek mythology, Cetus is described as a sea monster. It can also be like the myth of Andromeda and Perseus, as a sea monster that Poseidon sent to scare the land of Ethiopia. Though the term may be vague, it can be based on stories and clues about Cetus. They can be a dragon, serpent, whale, shark, and even fish. 

Mythical sea creatures


Calypso is a nymph sea creature who wants to turn Odysseus to become immortal and marry him. However, he is married to Penelope. The story goes this way, while Odysseus is on his way home, he is imprisoned by Calypso for almost seven years. On the island of Calypso, Athena requested Zeus to release Odysseus as captive of Calypso. Zeus complied with to request right away.

Sea creatures based on myths

Scylla and Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis are two different creatures. Scylla is known as a 6-headed sea monster who only lived under the rock in Messina’s straits. It represents the danger of the rocky shore. She was identified in many ways, and mostly she’s described as a woman with dog heads and dragon-like tails that emerge on her body.

On the other hand, Charybdis was the whirlpool that devoured the ships of sailors that escaped the anger of Scylla during their journey. These two creatures came from the legend of Odyssey.

Myth based sea creatures


Sirens are proof that not all sea monsters are scary and look threatening. Sirens are one of the mythical sea creatures that are the fin folk of Greek mythology. They are popular because they can lure unwary sailors through their enchanting and lovely songs. 

Unfortunately, because of this, the ship of the sailors becomes wrecked and gets into the rocky coast of the Sirens. They are depicted as part-bird and part-woman. Sirens are also popular in Greek mythology, about Jason and Argonauts and Odysseus and his journey.

Awesome mythical sea creatures

Lernean Hydra

Lernean Hydra is a 9-headed serpent that is found on the Lerna coast. If only one of its heads was cut off, there would be two or more heads that would grow back in place. These mythical sea creatures also lived just near the underworld’s entrance. And according to the 12 Labors of Hercules, Lernean Hydra must be slain.

Unbelievable mythical sea creatures


Amabile is a Japanese mythical sea creature that has been forgotten for years. It is known as a favorable yokai, a class of supernatural spirits famous through Japanese folklore. Amabile introduced himself to a man and foresee two things; a pandemic that would ravage the country and a rich harvest that would bless Japan for the next six years.

However, it was instructed that to stave the disease off; people must draw the image of Amabile. It must be shared with as many people as possible. This sea creature also appeared to people whom she predicted about an imminent epidemic and good harvest.

Mythical sea creatures you won't believe


If Scylla was swimming in the sea, Circe must have been jealous and poured a threatening medicine potion into the seawater. This caused Scylla to turn into a horrible monster with 4 eyes and 6 long necks that appear to be sneaky.

Circe mythical sea creature that comes with grisly heads, wherein each contains 3 rows of sharp teeth. Furthermore, the Circe mythical sea creature is a goddess who is also the daughter of the sun god called Helios. Circe then turned Odysseus, as well as his men into a swine on their voyage home.

Mythical sea creatures of the sea


Dagon is another mythical sea creature that Lovecraft mentions in his stories. He was a god that is worshiped and adored in olden Syria that is just in the center of the Euphrates. In the settlements located in the Euphrates places, Dagon was known as the ‘father of gods’ that is similar to the Hurrian Kumarbi and Mesopotamian Enlil.

Amusing mythical sea creatures


Vodyanoy is a water spirit that lives in streams, ponds, and rivers. He is a creature from the Slavic tradition and described as a male creature with a fat, sagging body and a face covered with green hair. Vodyanoy also comes with a long green beard that stretches down his feet.

It is believed that Vodyanoy got blamed for causing floods and drowning villagers. He is also believed to be responsible for kidnapping young girls through disguising as a flower. And to get rid of this mythical sea creature, people must bless the rivers where Vodyanoy usually appears.

Scary mythical sea creatures

Key Takeaway 

It’s no surprise that mythology fascinates people and makes them curious. The list of mythical sea creatures may remain a myth, but what’s important is that we can learn from them. Real or unreal, their stories became popular to us and could give us a lesson. A lesson that we can relate to in real life that could make or break us. Hopefully, these lessons have taught us to become better versions of ourselves.

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Sea creatures according to myths

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