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NOW READING: The Best Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower: Make A Splash Without Worrying!

Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower

The Best Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower: Make A Splash Without Worrying!

When it comes to accessories, we all have our signature pieces that we'd rather not part with. From your grandmother's vintage necklace to the waterproof jewelry that's become all the rage, and even that modern, sleek ring you bought on your last vacation, these adornments can be an extension of our personality.

But what happens when life's practicalities, such as taking a shower, come into play? Are these cherished items resilient enough to brave the daily onslaught of water, soap, and shampoo? Thankfully, not all jewelry is delicate.

Here's a list of the best pieces you can confidently wear in the shower without hesitation.

Understanding Jewelry Materials

Before diving into the specifics, it's essential to grasp why some jewelry pieces can endure a shower while others can't. The main determinant is the material used to make the jewelry.


If you're a fan of classic looks, gold jewelry might be your go-to. Solid gold, especially 14k and above, is resistant to water. However, be cautious with gold-plated pieces. Over time, the plating can wear off, and frequent exposure to water can hasten this process.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel jewelry is becoming increasingly popular due to its affordability and durability. It's rust-resistant and can endure the humid environment of a shower. Plus, it's a great hypoallergenic option for those with sensitive skin.

Jewelry you can wear in the shower


Platinum's natural white sheen doesn’t fade over time, and its density makes it incredibly durable. It’s no wonder then that this luxurious metal can brave the torrents of a shower without damage.

Gems That Can Take The Pressure

Just as with metals, not all gemstones are created equal when it comes to water resistance.


The saying that 'diamonds are forever' holds in the shower too. Being one of the hardest natural substances on Earth, diamonds are unlikely to get damaged or lose their sparkle under a showerhead.

Sapphires & Rubies

Both sapphires and rubies are next in line after diamonds in terms of hardness. They are resilient and can easily withstand routine showers.

Hardened Resin or Plastic

While not as glamorous as the aforementioned gemstones, jewelry made from hardened resin or plastic is incredibly water-resistant. They are often colorful, funky, and a fun addition to your shower routine.

Essential Tips for Showering with Jewelry

While many jewelry pieces can withstand the test of a daily shower, it's crucial to keep in mind that even the hardiest items need a little care and attention. Here are some comprehensive tips to ensure your adornments remain as radiant as the day you got them.

Check For Loose Components

Before you hop into the shower, take a moment to inspect your jewelry.

  • Stones: Ensure that all gemstones are secure. Over time, the settings holding these stones can loosen, especially with frequent wear. The last thing you want is for a precious stone to go down the drain!

  • Links and Clasps: For chain bracelets or necklaces, ensure that all links are intact and clasps are secure. Regular water exposure can sometimes weaken these components, especially if they're not made of robust material.

 Shower-proof Jewelry

Opt for Mild Shower Products

Your choice of shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners can affect your jewelry. Opt for mild, pH-balanced products without harsh chemicals. Some ingredients in shower products can tarnish or corrode certain metals and dull the sparkle of some gemstones.

Consider a Shower Jewelry Holder

If you often forget to remove jewelry before showering, consider investing in a dedicated shower jewelry holder. These are usually waterproof pockets or mesh bags that you can hang in your shower. They provide a safe space to quickly store your jewelry while you wash and ensure you don't leave them behind after.

Dry and Polish After Showering

When you're done showering:

  • Pat Dry: Using a soft cloth, gently pat your jewelry dry. It's crucial to remove any lingering moisture, especially from crevices where water can hide and potentially lead to rust or tarnish.

  • Polish: Every once in a while, give your jewelry a gentle polish after drying. This will help maintain its shine and remove any soap residues that might have clung to it.

Rotate Your Pieces

If you have a vast collection, consider rotating the jewelry you wear in the shower. This gives each piece a break, reduces wear and tear, and minimizes the risks associated with constant water exposure.


Can I wear gold jewelry in the shower?

Yes, solid gold, especially 14k and above, is resistant to water. However, gold-plated jewelry might wear out faster with frequent exposure to water.

Are diamonds safe to wear while showering?

Absolutely! Diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances on Earth and can withstand routine showers without losing their sparkle.

Why should pearls be avoided in the shower?

Pearls are delicate. Water can weaken the silk threads they're often strung on, and soap can take away their natural luster.

How can I ensure my jewelry doesn't accumulate soap scum?

Opt for mild, pH-balanced shower products and regularly clean and polish your jewelry to keep it free from soap residues.

What's a practical solution for those who forget to remove jewelry before showering?

Consider investing in a shower jewelry holder. These allow you to safely store your jewelry while you wash and ensure you don’t leave them behind post-shower.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it's totally possible to wear cool jewelry in the shower without it getting ruined. We showed you some of the best kinds you can choose from. And with Atolea's special waterproof jewelry, you don't have to worry about colors fading or the jewelry getting damaged, ever.

We promise this with our lifetime color warranty. So, go ahead and wear your favorite pieces anytime, even in the shower, knowing they'll stay looking great. With Atolea, you can keep shining, no matter where you are.

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