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NOW READING: How Long Do starfish lives? 8 Facts About Starfish

How long do starfish lives

How Long Do starfish lives? 8 Facts About Starfish

Starfish is one of the most important and beautiful sea creatures. If you have a love for marine life, it is very obvious that you will like starfishes. They are harmless and beautiful to look at. In some regions of the world, they can be found abundant. 

There are a lot of facts about starfishes that make them unique among all other sea creatures. Starfishes have a longer life. However, it depends upon the environment and the condition of the water. If it is not healthy enough, starfishes can die sooner than their expected life span. 

Plastic and other human pollutants are killing starfishes along with other marine life at a faster rate. As a human, it is our responsibility to take care of the wild and marine life and protect them in all ways possible. 

An insight into the lifespan of a starfish

The life of a starfish can vary according to environmental conditions.  

Factors affecting the lifespan of a starfish 

It also depends on many factors, including the water condition in which the starfishes are living. It takes a lot of effort and thought to save the starfishes from dying. If you want to keep them alive for a long time, you must take measures to provide starfish with a healthy environment. 

Human activities

If a question arises like how long do starfish lives, its answer is hidden in the behavior of humans towards other creatures. Human activities have affected the lives of other creatures a lot. It also depends on where the starfish is living. 

The survival rate in wild water bodies

If you leave it in the wild, it can survive for 35 years which is a great number. Starfishes have the environment of their requirement in oceans and freshwater bodies, which is why they live longer. How long do starfish lives depend on the environment.

How long do starfish lives facts

The survival rate in aquariums

However, if you keep them at home in aquariums, they will survive for 5 to 10 years. It depends on how well you take care of them. You have to consider a lot of things, including humidity and temperature. You also have to provide them with food and proper lighting to make them survive for a long time. 

8 amazing facts about starfishes

There are amazing and stunning facts about starfishes you must know. We will discuss some of the most interesting facts about starfishes in the given section. Some of the facts about starfishes are so cool and beyond imagination that still researches is being made upon them in zoology and marine life departments. There is so much to explore about starfishes yet.

A starfish has no blood and brain.

It is weird. But, indeed, a starfish does not own a brain, and it has no such thing as blood. It is because of the difference in the nervous system. Starfishes have their nervous system spread along the length of their arms, and there is no such organ as the brain to control it. 

Starfishes do have fluids inside their bodies, but it is just seawater, and we cannot categorize it under the blood. Most of the vital organs of starfishes are also present in their arms, which is why starfishes can regenerate their body.

It can regenerate its arms.

It is also one of the most interesting facts about starfishes. They can regenerate their body cells. It mostly works on the phenomenon of mitosis. Starfishes multiply their cells which gives rise to body organs. If you deprive a starfish of its arms or even half of its body, there is a huge possibility that it will regenerate within a specific time. 

They can live up to 35 years. 

It is also an answer to the question of how long do starfish lives. They can live as long as 35 years which is quite a great number of years. As compared to other marine life creatures, starfishes live longer, and it is because they can regenerate and also bear tough conditions. 

2000 species of starfishes. 

There are 2000 species of starfishes available in sea waters. They all have distinguished characteristics from each other. Every species has its specialty and identity. 

  • There are many distinguishing characteristics that is why they are categorized in different groups of species. 
  • They even look different in some aspects when it comes to various species of starfishes. 

If you want to get yourself a starfish, you should be sure about its species and requirements. Not many starfishes can survive in aquariums. 

They cannot survive in freshwater.

Starfish need to have seawater. They live longer in wild water bodies because it is salty. Saltwater is very suitable for the starfishes. In freshwater bodies, they cannot survive because there is not enough calcium present in them. Starfishes need calcium to regenerate their body and also to carry out different processes happening in their body. You have to provide them with the saltwater of oceans to make them survive longer. 

Amazing how long do starfish lives facts

They should be called sea stars.

According to most people and scientists, starfishes have not been given a proper name. They should be called sea stars instead of starfish because of their physical appearance. Just like the sky has stars, so does the sea have and they are present in the form of starfishes. 

It has tough leathery skin. 

Starfishes have a very tough and hard layer of skin. This is also one of the reasons they have a longer span of life. They can protect themselves from tough conditions due to their tough skin and leathery appearance. 

They have eyes.

It will surprise you that although starfishes do not have a circulatory system or even a proper nervous system. It still has eyes through which they can see and recognize between favorable and unfavorable conditions. 

Final Remarks:

The above article will provide an answer to how long do starfish lives. Starfishes are unique creatures that have a lot of facts about them. Some of the interesting facts are discussed in detail for your information.

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