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NOW READING: Meet The Coolest Sea Creatures You Haven't Seen Before

Coolest sea creatures you should see

Meet The Coolest Sea Creatures You Haven't Seen Before

There are thousands of sea creatures in our ocean, and keeping tabs for every one of them is a daunting task, to say the least. Not all people have seen all the sea creatures our ocean offers, and if you are to meet the coolest sea creatures, this might be the best opportunity to do so.

In this article, we will list some of the most fascinating yet coolest creatures in our ocean. Some of them you might not have heard of, or some of them you did. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the coolest sea creatures you haven’t seen before!

List of Coolest Sea Creatures 

Perhaps you love the ocean and with that, you always want to know the coolest sea creatures in it. Check out this list of coolest sea creatures and understand what they’re like. 

Peacock Mantis Shrimp 

Commonly found in Northwestern tropical and Indian waters, the Peacock Mantis Shrimp has quite the vibrant colors just by looking at it. But don’t let that fool you, as this one is some of the best punches a marine creature could have, thanks to its extra-large appendage upfront. 

In fact, it is considered to be the fastest move in animal history. Fortunately, they don’t use that primarily to attack humans but are only used to open up the shell of a mollusk or dismember a small crustacean.

Awesome and coolest creature of the sea

Ribbon Eel

The ribbon eel is commonly found in caves around or inside a coral reef and is commonly found in waters near Indonesia across East Africa. Like peacock mantis shrimp, they also have quite the colorful feathers around their body in which they start as little black eels then transition into bright yellow and blue across their bodies with dark stripes. 

However, what makes them one of the coolest sea creatures on this list is that they are called “Protrandic hermaphrodites," which means that they can change sex throughout their lives.

Beautiful and cool sea creatures
Coolest animals found in the ocean


It’s so easy not to distinguish a frogfish from its environment, closely resembling coral reefs. Another thing is that you can mistake them for algae-covered rocks or even sponges. This species of anglerfish is somewhat good at mimicking its surroundings without them knowing. 

However, it is believed that this is a type of defense mechanism to elude predators. But what makes them one of the coolest sea creatures is their weird way of locomotion. They often use their pectoral fins to walk on the seafloor rather than primarily swim.

Cute and cool sea creatures in the ocean

Christmas Tree Worm

This species was found in the Great barrier reef and was instantly named by its founders. As the name suggests, this worm closely resembles a Christmas tree because of its appendage called radioles. These branch-like structures are responsible for breathing and feeding while the main worm lives in the tube. Interestingly, this branch-like appendage can be withdrawn whenever this species feels threatened. Quite cool, isn’t it?

Distinctive and cool sea creatures
Coolest ocean creatures

Box Crab

Another master of disguise is the box crab, a rarity among crustaceans. What makes this one of the coolest sea creatures is how they prey on their food. They bury themselves deep enough that their eyes are protruding out of the murky sand. 

Another feature that makes this crab the coolest one out of this list is its mating mechanism, in which he grabs a female box crab and then clenches her towards his body and waits until the female molts.

Interesting and cool ocean creatures

Giant Isopod

The Giant Isopod is commonly found in chilling deep waters and grows relatively large. They have an uncanny resemblance to ticks, but these underwater sea creatures are more like scavengers in which they primarily feed on dead animals falling into the ocean floor. 

These creatures were discovered during the late 1800s but are still shrouded in mystery as they are quite elusive creatures. It is believed that these unique and fascinating species grow even larger in deeper waters to withstand the amount of pressure at the bottom of the ocean.

Creatures of the ocean that are cool


The nudibranch species belongs to a family that has around 3,000 species of its kind. These multicolored slugs are relatively vibrant and majestic, to say the least. They are found in various shallow and deep waters across the globe and in tropical waters as well. 

It is believed that their colorful outside exterior makes up for it because they lack a shell. Thus, it serves as a defense mechanism from their predators as they can easily be preyed upon.

Uniquely cool creatures of the ocean

Red-lipped Batfish

Thanks to its distinct red big lips, a bizarre-looking fish, the Red-lipped Batfish is more commonly known as the “Galapagos Batfish.” They are usually found in deep waters, and their leg-like appearance is not actually their legs but rather their fins. These fins are used primarily for walking through the sand and checking out its surrounding area.

Cool sea animals you rarely see

Armored Snail

As the name suggests, there’s no other type of snail in the world as compact and armored as the Armored Snail. Its scientific name is Crysomallon squamiferum. It goes by other names such as “scaly-foot gastropod” and “sea pangolin.” 

What makes them one of the coolest sea creatures on this list is because their armor’s toughness served as an inspiration in making stronger materials, such as materials used in military equipment and airplane hulls.

Ocean animals that are cool


A close relative of the frogfish, the Coffinfish or more commonly known as the “sea toad.” One of the coolest features these sea creatures have is their small lure protruding around the back of their eyes. 

This serves as bait to catch their prey and chomps them down with ease. What makes it a good bait/lure is that eventual prey can hardly see deep in the water, thus making them good hunters down deep.

Amazing cool sea animals


There are still thousands of coolest sea creatures that are yet to be discovered in our ocean waters. We’ve piled up some of the coolest ones, along with the reasons for what makes them cool. Our ocean possesses some fascinating creatures that have bizarre traits. 

That’s why it is also important for humans to take care of our ocean and its surrounding bodies. Hopefully, the list is cool enough to make you feel flabbergasted once you get to know these creatures!

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