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NOW READING: Get To Know The Biggest Oceans in the World

Get To Know The Biggest Oceans in the World

Get To Know The Biggest Oceans in the World

If you’re fascinated by the ocean or like to go to the beach, you will find it interesting to know the biggest oceans in the world. Water bodies cover more than seventy percent of the Earth’s surface. 

So in today’s blog, you will get to know the biggest oceans in the world. Sure, it would make you fascinated by oceans even more because of what you will discover. 

Top 9 Biggest Oceans and Seas in the World 

Let’s discover 9 of the biggest seas and oceans worldwide as measured by surface area in sq. kilometers. 

Pacific Ocean 

First on our list is the Pacific Ocean, which takes up more than 1/3rd of the world’s surface. You can find it between the Southern Ocean, Australia, Asia, and the landmasses of the Western Hemisphere. The Pacific Ocean is known to contain twice as much water as the second largest body of water in the world, which is the Atlantic Ocean. 

Aside from being the largest water body, the Pacific is also known as the oldest existing ocean basin. And according to NOAA, the Pacific has the oldest rocks, at about 200 million years old. In addition, it holds more than half of the world’s open water supply.

Ferdinand Magellan named it in the year 1520. According to Magellan, the name “pacific” means peaceful in the Portuguese language. Furthermore, some areas of the Pacific are referred to as the “Ring of Fire,” which is just near the Pacific basin, where 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes happen. 

Biggest ocean in the world

Bering Sea 

The Bering Sea is located between Siberia and Alaska and has the most unpredictable weather and atmospheric conditions on Earth. What’s more interesting is that the Discovery Channel had this television show called “Deadliest Catch,” which talks about the history of the real-life adventures of 5 Alaskan King boats on the Bering Sea. 

The weather where the Bering Sea is located is one of the most unforgiving. Most especially during the winter crabbing season, where winds have a hurricane-like force. Cold waves also become violent, and the ice fields become a major threat for sailing boats. Furthermore, there are about four hundred fish species in the Bering Sea, leading to the extinction of other various species. 

Amazing big oceans in the world

Caribbean Sea 

You will be mesmerized by the Caribbean Sea’s beauty. Its clear and warm water is always inviting. The water is not also that salty, unlike other seas such as the Atlantic Ocean. This is why many would want to visit the Caribbean Sea because of these qualities. 

It possesses a counterclockwise current; the water enters right through the Lesser Antilles and exits through Yucutan Channel to form a Gulf Stream. And while it is stunning, the Caribbean sea can be dangerous. Since there are earthquakes and frequent volcanic activities, and strong hurricanes, you must take extra precautions when you’re there. 

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s almost enclosed completely by land, and it got its name from the Latin word meaning “in the middle of the Earth” or “inland.” This is home to some of the world’s busy shipping routes. That’s why the Mediterranean Sea is also tagged as a prime area for pollution. 

With approximately four hundred tons of oil transported yearly, and around two fifty to three hundred tankers of oil crossing it every single day, the Mediterranean has oil spills accident time after time, making it a serious problem. On average, there are about ten oil spills every year in the Mediterranean Sea. This is why it experiences effects of global warming that are becoming saltier and warmer in the past decades. 

Interesting big oceans in the world

South China Sea 

There are hundreds of small islands located in the South China Sea. These islands are referred to as archipelagos and are mostly abandoned and uninhabited. That said, several countries are making an argument about whoever has a claim over them. 

Furthermore, the South China Sea covers more than 100 reefs and islands. Most of it was located within the Spratly Islands, which are rich because it is a home to rich fishing grounds. It’s also home to oil and gas deposits. And because of its rich sources, the islands are claimed by Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia. 

Large oceans in the world

Arctic Ocean 

The Arctic Ocean is perhaps one of the biggest oceans in the world but still the smallest one. It is surrounded by most lands, North America and Eurasia. The Arctic Ocean is located on the North Pole and has the most endangered species living, including sea lions, seals, turtles, whales, and manatees. 

And even though the Arctic Ocean is mostly covered with ice, it still comes with thickness and summer sea ice that has dramatically declined for the last 30 years. Experts noted that the changes are consistent, knowing the increase in temperatures of the Arctic ocean. As a result, it has the effect of global warming. Furthermore, scientists noted that the Arctic Ocean would be free from ice in the summer in 30 years. 

Indian Ocean 

Located between Northern Asia and Western Africa, Antarctica in the South, and Australia in the east, the Indian Ocean is known to be the warmest. It has a large saltwater body that contains a splash of small islands that leads to continental rims and the 4th largest island called Madagascar. 

Atlantic Ocean 

The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd largest ocean in the world. It covers around twenty-one percent of the Earth’s surface. It separates South and North America from Africa and Europe. Also, the Atlantic Ocean is the youngest ocean in this world today, which started about 200 million years ago, during the Jurassic Period. 

Big oceans that exist in the world

Southern Ocean 

The Southern Ocean is also known as the Antarctic Ocean surrounding Antarctica. It is also home to various species that are near extinction. And since fishing and hunting hurt the Antarctic Ocean’s delicate ecosystem, there is now an area, at about 50 million sq kilometers in the ocean. 


Now that you know the biggest oceans in this world, what we need to do is to take care of them in as many ways as we can. But, unfortunately, as you can see, some of these oceans have negative outcomes these days, mainly because of what men do. 

Humans, as we are, we are unconsciously harming the oceans. But, if we can harm it, we can also make things right so we could preserve the ocean. More so, start doing it today so the next generations would be able to witness its beauty and enjoy it. 

And if you want to take care of the ocean, you may want to check out some of the ATOLEA Ocean-inspired jewelry and wear the trendiest accessories every day. Join us on our mission of preserving the Ocean. That way, you can show your care to our oceans!

Awesome large oceans of the world

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