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NOW READING: 15 Incredibly Beautiful Sea Creatures

Types of beautiful sea animals

15 Incredibly Beautiful Sea Creatures

You’re likely amazed by the playful dolphins and enormous blue whales in the ocean. But when was the last time you dived in the ocean and witnessed the beautiful sea creatures under the sea? Did you know that there are beautiful sea creatures that are yet to be discovered? 

From fishes to snails to mollusks and seashells, there is something about them that will amaze humans. So, if you want to know more about these beautiful sea creatures, we have listed 15 incredibly beautiful sea creatures that you will find interesting. 

List of Beautiful Sea Creatures 

In the wild, you will find a lot of beautiful sea creatures that you wouldn’t expect to lurk in ocean water. They are rare and look very pretty, and also admired for their sizes and colors. Here’s a list of these beautiful sea creatures in the ocean. 

Brittle Star

Of course, you’re familiar with starfishes, and this Brittle Star is closely related to them. They only have long and slender arms that protrude to their central disk, unlike the usual starfish. Brittle Stars look very attractive, and they can be attributed to their symmetry. 

These majestic and beautiful sea creatures are agile in their movement. They are flexible enough to pull themselves in their desired direction. They combine snakelike and graceful qualities. 

In addition, Brittle Stars are very excellent and known as multitaskers, making them incredible. 

Beautiful sea creatures in the ocean


Scotoplanes are also known as sea pigs. They are considered one of the incredibly beautiful sea creatures because of their rare, jelly-like appearance, like a sea cucumber. However, unlike the usual crunchy green vegetable, this sea creature lives at the bottom of the ocean, and they intend to live in dark places. 

Cute and beautiful sea creatures

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimps are known for their exotic rainbow colors. They are neither shrimp nor mantis, and they appear to be small. They have bulging eyes, greenbacks that glow, red legs, and long antennae that make them look like shrimp. 

Their size is about 4 inches long, and their bodies are big and colourful, and they have bright eyes. And though they appear to be strange, they are also considered one of the ocean's beautiful sea creatures. 

Different beautiful sea creatures


Nudibranch is known for its soft bodies. These are marine molluscs that include over 3,000 species that live in seas worldwide. They are also known as sea slugs, and they come in bright and beautiful patterns and colors. These features are their defence mechanism since they don’t have a shell. Their colours help in making them beautiful, and these colours scare away possible dangers. 

Interesting and beautiful sea creatures found in the ocean

Leafy Sea Dragon 

Not everything you see that appears to be leafy grows on plants. Yes, it’s probably hard to imagine, but this leafy sea dragon is a beautiful sea creature. When you look at it, you’d be able to see that they’re like a seahorse. Apart from that, their colors are also vibrant, making them stand out. 

Pretty sea creatures

Coconut Octopus

This species is known for being intelligent. They are very impressive, as they use tools like coconut shells to hide and protect themselves from predators. When they reveal themselves, the coconut octopus truly is a beautiful sea creature. Their appearance may be light and dark tones, and their body is like snakeskin. 

Unique animals found in the ocean

Hairy Frogfish 

So you probably think that Hairy Frogfish. Well, it’s a combination, only that they are fish. They can walk on the seafloor by their bottom fins to look for meals. And though they look strange because they are hairy, they still are amazing and can change colours to adapt to their surroundings. 

Beautiful sea animals

Glaucus Atlanticus 

These beautiful sea creatures are also known as “blue dragons, " a kind of sea slug. What makes them incredible is that they can float upside down on the waves. Their blue bellies match the surface as they face up. They also have their silverbacks that face down and blend with the light shining down.

Amazingly beautiful sea animals

Flying Gurnard 

This beautiful sea creature is known for its “wingspan.” It truly is eye-catching because it is rare, and they look like a bird. The Flying Gurnards always keep their large pectoral fins close to their bodies but instantly flare out when a predator comes. In addition, their fans come with blue spots that make them very stunning underwater. 

Beautiful animals in the sea

Enypniastes Eximia

Though these beautiful sea creatures were discovered in the 1880s, the Enypniastes Eximia was caught on camera in 2017. This sea creature was called by scientists as the “headless chicken monster”. This is because it doesn’t have a real brain nor sensory organs. However, it still plays an important role when it comes to filtering sediment off the ocean floors. Thus, it makes them beautiful. 

Beautiful animals in the ocean you need to see

Sea Anemones 

There are more than a thousand species of sea anemones in the ocean. They are known for their colourful appearance and their adhesive legs. They are usually attached to the ocean floors, and they have pale to bright colors. Sea Anemones also have cylindrical bodies. 

Beautiful sea creatures types

Christmas Tree Worms 

Each of the worms comes with two bright colored crowns that usually protrude from its body. They are composed of radioles, and they have appendages, which they use for respiration. Christmas tree worms are also known for their bright colors and distinctive beauty and shape, making them one of the beautiful sea creatures in the ocean. 

Awesome sea creatures


These beautiful sea creatures are known for their polypoid and medusoid zooids. There are only about 175 different species of Siphonophore, and they can grow up to 40 meters or 130 feet long only. 

Awesome beautiful ocean animals

Marrus Orthocanna 

This is a colonial animal that is known for having quite a complex appearance. They have the orange colour front, and their gas-filled float that is like fire makes them incredible. Overall, this beautiful sea creature resembles blueberries and grapes. 

Cute ocean animals

Vampire Squid 

Lastly, the Vampire Squid appears to be small. It looks like a flower, and it lives up to 3,000 feet below sea level. The vampire squid’s body feels soft, and they can live and breathe normally in a distant habitat known as their oxygen minimum zone. 

Interestingly unique sea animals


There are still millions of beautiful sea creatures that are yet to be discovered in the ocean. Thus, there are still a lot of things for us to explore. However, we can take care of the ocean so we can always preserve these beautiful sea creatures. That way, these creatures can live in an amazing world where they can be and live freely. 

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Beautiful ocean animal types

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