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NOW READING: 12 Beach Rings for the Perfect Summer Look

Beach ring for summer look

12 Beach Rings for the Perfect Summer Look

For those who love the ocean, wearing a beach ring is more than just a fashion statement. have become the perfect accessories to wear during the summer months since they are stylish and comfortable.

We will look into some of the best beach rings to wear during the summer season in this post. The rings on the list are reasonably priced and crafted by expert jewelers. Moreover, they have creative designs that bring out the unique experience that the ocean shares with us. 

The Best Beach Rings to Wear this Summer

Stainless Steel Octopus Ring

This elegant ATOLEA Octopus Ring will wrap around nicely in your finger with a snug fit. Its intricate design captures every detail of an octopus' tentacles, including its suction cups. The ring is available in silver and gold color that matches its unique texture. 

Furthermore, it's made from stainless steel that can resist heat, sweat, and saltwater. It doesn't tarnish nor discolors even when worn for an extended period. It's delivered with eco-friendly packaging, and customers also get to enjoy a pack of stickers. The ring is adjustable and can fit almost every finger.

Octopus beach ring

Wave Ring

The ebb and flow of the ocean are perfectly captured in this simple yet majestic ring. Its simple arch is perfectly angled to mimic the shape of a wave. If you are a surfer or just someone who loves the ocean, this ring is perfect for you. 

This ATOLEA Wave Ring is available in three colorways, namely gold, silver, and rose gold. It is also adjustable, allowing it to fit in almost every finger size. Moreover, it's made of stainless steel, which is resistant to the effects of heat and sweat.  

Wave inspired beach ring

Beluga Ring

The Beluga whale is one of the most recognizable sea creatures because of its rounded head and stark white color. If you are an avid fan of the Beluga whales, you will add this to your online shopping cart. 

This well-crafted silver ATOLEA Beluga Ring is adjustable, allowing it to fit into any finger size. It is made from .925 Silver which is a tad bit harder than pure Silver. 

Beluga whale inspired beach ring

Santorini Cross Ring

Named after the famous Greek Island, the ATOLEA Santorini Cross Ring is perfect for the adventurous and the romantic. The" X" shaped ring is simple yet quite captivating. Furthermore, it's the ideal gift for someone close to your heart. 

The ring's shape is almost similar to an infinity symbol. It's made from .925 Sterling Silver and has a snug fit regardless of your finger size. It's a ring that your special someone would want to remember the beautiful times you had together. 

Santorini beach ring

Ocean Ring

Experience the allure of the sea at your fingertips. This gorgeous turquoise ring has tinctures of azure blue and gold flakes which perfectly mimics the enchanting ocean. The dazzling accents are made from 24K gold flakes.

However, unlike many of the rings in this list, it is not a one-size-fits-all piece. The seller will require your ring size to ensure that it fits perfectly to your finger. It's an Instagram worthy piece that won't leave a hole in your pocket. 

Ocean inspired beach ring

Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Ring

According to Hawaiian folklore, sea turtles are the protector of children and voyagers. Unfortunately, six of the seven species of sea turtles are now endangered. 

You can remind yourself of the plight of sea turtles and pledge not to pollute the sea by owning this piece of classy jewelry. This stunning silver piece depicts the beloved sea turtle, which symbolizes long life and good health. The ring is made from high-quality zirconia and sterling silver. 

Sea turtle designed beach ring

Sunset Ring

The sun setting on the ocean's horizon during summer is one of the most memorable scenes that's Instagram worthy. Now, you can relive that incredible moment just by wearing simple jewellery. 

This ATOLEA Sunset Ring is made from stainless steel and is available in silver and gold color. The vintage-inspired and straightforward design complements well with other beach rings in this list. So now, you can take that breathtaking sunset wherever you go. 

Sunset inspired beach ring
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Mermaid Tail Ring

Be captivated by the serenading maidens of the sea when you own this  Mermaid Tail Ring from ATOLEA. This mesmerizing piece showcases an ocean-blue crystal that reflects different ocean shades when viewed from different angles. 

Meanwhile, the well-crafted mermaid tail on the other end perfectly symbolizes rejuvenation and femininity. This fabulous ring is made from .925 sterling silver and is delivered in an eco-friendly bag with a pack of stickers. 

Mermaid tail beach ring

Gorgonia Ring

Discover the habitat of fish and other marine organisms nestled in the bottom of the ocean. This ATOLEA Gorgonia Ring depicts the common sea fan coral, a crucial piece of the aquatic ecosystem. 

The Gorgonia Ring features brightly colored blue and green accents that mimic the colors of nature. If you are a scuba diver or a free diver, it's the perfect piece to add to your collection. 

Colorful beach ring

Celestial Moon Ring

Be captivated by the mystery of the moon over the ocean horizon whenever you look at this ATOLEA Celestial Moon Ring. It features the iconic crescent moon, which is accentuated by a blue orb in the middle. 

The ring is made from sterling silver and is the best gift for the moon and ocean lovers alike. The hypnotic yet straightforward design fits perfectly with the summer vibe. 

Celestial beach ring

Seashell Ring 

If you are catching on the ring stacking trend, this ATOLEA Seashell Ring is the perfect starter. It's a 2-in-1 ring that is made from 18K gold and sterling silver. It's available in seven ring sizes and comes in gold or silver colors. 

The first piece of the ring features a half-moon design which is encrusted with moonstones. Meanwhile, the second piece is that of an intricately carved seashell. When stacked, it brings the wearer good fortune.  

Sea shell inspired beach ring

Dolphin Tail Ring

Dolphins are among the most iconic sea creatures. They are fun, intelligent, cute, and adventurous. So if dolphins are your spirit animal, you will surely love this Dolphin Tail Ring from ATOLEA made from sterling silver. 

The piece features two dolphin tails that sit side by side, symbolizing companionship. It's the best beachy ring to give to your best friend or your special someone.

Dolphin tail beach ring

Wear Your Beach Ring with Pride

Summer is the best time of the year for relaxation and adventures. But, wearing a beach ring is more than a fashion statement. Beach rings remind us of the value of the ocean and why it needs our protection so that future generations can also enjoy its beauty.

Check out our collection of elegant beach rings to complete your beach vibe, we are definitely sure you will love them ! 

Beach rings

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