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NOW READING: Are Dolphins Endangered? 5 Ways To Save Them

Are dolphins endangered

Are Dolphins Endangered? 5 Ways To Save Them

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent and popular marine creatures on the planet. Their way of socializing with people is what makes them well-loved and likable. However – they are still not exempted from the harshness of life. Like most creatures on the planet, they are still susceptible to various factors that lead to the dwindling down of their population.

Despite being a staple in the ocean tourism industry, are dolphins endangered? If they are, what are the ways to save them? In this article, we will all be answering all those questions precisely.

Are Dolphins Endangered?

Are dolphins endangered? Yes. Dolphins are no exception when dealing with environmental factors that limit their population. Human activities can be attributed to their decline over the years. Bycatching, pollution, and global warming are among the few reasons why the number of dolphins has been declining over the years.

Five species of the 41 dolphin species listed by the IUCN are considered endangered. Some of them fall under critically endangered, endangered, and vulnerable. Thankfully, various organizations and countries are paving the way for their conservation and protection. A testament to the ongoing efforts is the passing of various laws to protect not only dolphins but also other marine creatures.

Interesting facts about dolphins

Dolphins not only contribute to humans via marine tourism, but they also balance out marine life. Without them, there will surely be a number of species that may overwhelm that system. Saving them is one of the reasons why most organization have put their efforts towards it. If you want to know how to save these gentle creatures, here are a few ideas:

Ways To Save Dolphins

Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself about “Are dolphins endangered?” but you were not aware of different ways to save them. Here are the ways to save them from being endangered.

Abandon Single-Use Plastics

Plastic straws, cups, lids, utensils, and many more can contribute to an already polluted ocean, and they also make up a big percentage of marine pollution. It is estimated that around 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean each year, and there have been thousands of creatures, including dolphins, that have become entangled, choked, and worse, killed.

Minimizing the use of plastics goes a long way in keeping the dolphin population and the marine population on the rise. Remember that every reduction makes a huge difference, and if every people in the world reduces the use of plastics, then the world is a better place for them and us.

Why are dolphins endangered

Join Clean-Up Drives and Community Advocacies

Another important way to save dolphins is by joining cleanup drives and community advocacies. In this way, we can conserve ocean life in our little ways, but if the community joins too, it would be a great effort to have a clean and safe environment for our marine life.

Clean-ups can take place anywhere, from the coasts to the streets, and it doesn’t require you to live along the beach or the shore to join one. Every piece of plastic you get from the clean-up is one less trash that will find its way through the ocean and to our marine life. Cleaning can take place anywhere, and it can be either on the river, beach, coast, or just around town.

Avoid Marine Life Exploitation

Certain products can contribute to and affect the life of marine species. Avoid purchasing or making a business from turtle shells, corals, and even cosmetic products that use squalene. Another way to save dolphins is by avoiding exploitative experiences such as enrolling yourself in dolphin tours or dolphin shows. It may look like an education or fun tour, but it is one of the biggest marine tourism exploitations.

Dolphins suffer from captivity. They aren’t living the life they should live in the wild, and as long as people still patronize these kinds of activities, it will serve as fuel for business owners to still make money out of these poor dolphins.

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Ask The Help Of Lawmakers And Representatives

You should know your rights. If you have witnessed dolphin fishing or exploitation, be sure to seek the help of the government or various organizations to take action immediately. Contact these individuals and tell them that dolphins are an integral part of the marine ecosystem. 

You can also ask the help of lawmakers to take action against the use of single-use plastics, promote renewable energy, and other initiatives to help maintain clean and safe habitats for marine species.

Spark Change

If you are just an individual who wants to make something big out of the little you have, then spark change by telling your family, friends, relative, classmates, neighbors, and people around town how their actions can harm our ocean. Share incredible marine life facts about dolphins and other marine species that they may know nothing about. Inspire little children as they hope for the future to bring change in keeping our ocean clean, safe, and protected.

Stay up to date with various coastal cleanups and support marine life advocacies. Always make sure that your voice can be heard by people who seem deaf when it comes to these topics and discussions. You may only have one voice, but if it can affect one individual to the next, your voice can spark the change our world needs.

How can we save the dolphins from being endangered

Minimize Carbon Footprint 

There are many ways to minimize your carbon footprint, and whether you are inside or outside the house, you can simply walk if you can, turn off the lights if not needed, and your appliances. Try going for eco-friendly products that aren’t shipped across the world, and always ensure that you do responsible practices that aren’t detrimental to the ocean.

Wrapping Things Up

So, are dolphins endangered? Every action you take makes a lot of difference for the lives of not only our dolphins but also the rest of our marine life. Everyone should hold themselves accountable for what we can do and our capabilities to help our environment.

May we let us all continue to strive for the better in keeping our ocean clean and safe for all marine lives out there. You can spark a movement that will make a huge impact for the years to come in your little ways.  

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