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Sun Jewelry

Step into a world of golden hues and radiant sparkles with our all-new Sun Jewelry Collection. This curated selection of jewelry pieces encapsulates the dazzling beauty and warmth of the sun, offering you a golden opportunity to shine at every occasion.

Crafted with precision and artistry, each item in our Sun Jewelry Collection is designed to mirror the sun's magnificent allure. From radiant sun pendant necklaces to our sunburs ring, our pieces are a homage to the celestial entity that graces our skies daily.

As you browse through our vibrant Sun Jewelry collection, you'll find pieces that resonate with the sun's empowering energy, each crafted to add a touch of sunshine to your ensemble. Our sun-themed jewelry not only complements your style but serves as a daily reminder of your inner light and strength.

Make a luminous statement with Sun Jewelry, where every piece is a celebration of light, life, and luxury. Discover the collection today and let your inner radiance shine forth.


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Gold Sun PendantGold Waterproof necklace
ON SALE Sun Signet RingGold Summer Rings
Sun Signet Ring 47 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price37,99€
Gold Sun PendantSummer Sun Pendant
Sun Pendant 13 reviews Sale price41,99€
Gold Sun NecklaceGold Sun Necklace
Sun Necklace 37 reviews Sale price44,99€
Gold Rainbow RingRainbow ring
Golden Hour Ring 52 reviews Sale price43,99€
Sunseeker Mini Beaded NecklaceSunseeker Mini Beaded Necklace
Sun CharmSun Charm Necklace
Sun Charm 5 reviews Sale price9,99€
Spring ChokerSunrise Choker
Sunrise Choker Sale price40,99€
Silver Sun Necklace BundleSunkissed Bundle | Silver
Sunkissed Bundle | Silver Sale price84,98€
ON SALE Sun Necklaces BundleSunkissed Bundle
Sunkissed Bundle 7 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price84,99€
TRENDING ON SALE Jewelry SunSun Jewelry Combo
Golden Glow Bundle 7 reviews Sale price67,99€ Regular price84,99€