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Summer Earrings


Are you ready to turn heads this summer? It's time to elevate your hot weather looks with our dazzling collection of summer earrings. These pieces are the epitome of sunshine and style, designed to add a burst of joy and glamour to your sunny escapades!

Summer adventures call for accessories that can keep up with your vibrant spirit, and our summer earrings are up to the task! We're talking total waterproof confidence here; these beauties are perfectly equipped to withstand a splash at the pool or a day at the ocean.

Whether you're rocking a chic swimsuit or a flowy sundress, these earrings will be your perfect, shimmering companion, adding a dash of dazzle wherever you go.

And we know, summer love is special, but these earrings are here to stay with a lifetime color warranty, offering endless seasons of style and shine. You can sport them year after year, making waves with their everlasting sparkle and undeniable charm.

Ready to steal the spotlight? Get set to sparkle all summer long with our stunning range of summer earrings - the ultimate blend of fashion-forward style and everlasting quality. Your summer wardrobe just got a sparkling upgrade, and you're about to become the glowing goddess of the season!


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ON SALE Tiny Gold Hoop EarringsZircon small hoops
Tiny Gold Hoop Earrings 86 reviews Sale price41,99€ Regular price49,99€
BEST SELLER ON SALE Waterproof Hoop Earrings SetGold Hoops Bundle
Triple Hoop Earrings Set 130 reviews Sale price71,99€ Regular price89,99€
Hammered HoopsHammered Hoops Earrings
ON SALE Mini Pearl Huggie EarringsMini Pearl Huggies Earrings
Mini Pearl Huggies Earrings 52 reviews Sale price42,99€ Regular price48,99€
"Summer Night" Earrings (5604006330536)"Summer Night" Earrings-Atolea Jewelry (5604006330536)
Pearl Hoops EarringsFreshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings
Gold green earrringsGreen stone earrings
Gold Thin Hoop EarringsThin Hoop Earrings
Thin Hoop Earrings 24 reviews Sale price33,99€
Ocean Pearl EarringsOcean Pearl Earrings
Hoop EarringsBold Hoop Earrings
Helios Hoop EarringsGold Helios Hoop Earrings
Cowrie EarringsSilver Cowrie Earrings
Cowrie Earrings 31 reviews Sale price42,99€
Gold Summer Hoop EarringsBall Hoop Earrings
Sold out Wave Earrings (5604098965672)Wave Stud Earrings
Wave Earrings 25 reviews Sale price36,99€
Big Hoop EarringsBold Hoops
Bold Hoop Earrings 21 reviews Sale price35,99€
Sold out Drop EarringsGold Drop Earrings
Drop Earrings 20 reviews Sale price38,99€
Boho Hoop EarringsBoho Hoops Earrings
Boho Hoop Earrings 19 reviews Sale price39,99€
ON SALE Heart EarringsGold Heart Earrings
Heart Earrings 23 reviews Sale price32,99€ Regular price38,99€
Green hoops earringsTiny green hoops
Gold Croissant Hoop Gold Croissant Earrings
Big Hoop EarringsGold Big Hoop Earrings
Large Hoop Earrings 6 reviews Sale price32,99€
Sun Hoop EarringsSun Hoop Earrings
Sun Hoop Earrings 17 reviews Sale price35,99€
Starry Night EarringsStars Hoops
Twisted Gold Hoop EarringsTwisted Gold Hoop Earrings
Teardrop Hoop EarringsGold Teardrop Earrings
Octopus EarringsOctopus Earrings
Octopus Earrings 11 reviews Sale price32,99€
Silver Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)Whale Tail Earrings (5604163682472)
Pearls hoops earringsPearl drop hoops earrings
Bali Earrings 9 reviews Sale price44,99€
Oval HoopsOval Hoops Earrings
Oval Hoop Earrings 1 review Sale price35,99€
Waterproof Zircon HoopsWaterproof Stone Earrings
Shine Earrings 27 reviews Sale price41,99€
Chunky Huggie Hoop EarringsEarrings for the gym
Small Hoops SparklingGold Party Earrings
Gala Earrings 3 reviews Sale price43,99€
Sold out Double Gold EarringsDouble Gold Earrings
Whale EarringsSilver Whale Earrings
Whale Earrings 4 reviews Sale price32,99€
NEW Flat stud earringsFlat Gold Earrings
Tide Earrings Sale price40,99€
NEW Blue white earringsWhite Blue Earrings
Santorini Earrings Sale price41,99€
NEW sun stud earringsBeach stud earrings
Sun Stud Earrings Sale price34,99€
NEW ON SALE stud pearlReal Pearl Stud Earrings
Pearl Stud Earrings 1 review Sale price38,99€ Regular price41,99€
NEW gold nautilus earringsnautilus jewellery
Palau Earrings Sale price40,99€
BEST SELLER Waterproof Pearl EarringsGold Freshwater Pearl Earrings
NEW Spicy earringsPepper earrings
Chilli Earrings Sale price44,99€
NEW Ocean vibes earringsGold earrings flat
Antibes Earrings Sale price40,99€