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Gold Ankle Bracelets


Step into the radiant world of gold ankle bracelets, your golden ticket to timeless style and seaside elegance. These exquisite accessories are your go-to for adding a splash of glamour to any outfit, whether you're hitting the beach or stepping out for a sunlit brunch.

Designed to dazzle, our tarnish-free gold ankle bracelets not only uplift your style but also stand as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Perfect for every occasion, they're your faithful style companion, capable of transforming a simple look into something truly magical.

Discover the joy of accessorizing with gold ankle bracelets, a treasure that mirrors the golden hues of the sun and the sparkling waves of the ocean.

Browse our collection today and find the perfect piece that promises to shine, come rain or shine, shower or pool. Embrace the golden era of fashion with a lifetime color warranty, exclusively at our store.


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Freshwater Pearls AnkletFreshwater Pearls Anklet
Gold Herringbone Ankletwaterproof herringbone anklet
Waterproof anklet"Amalfi" Figaro Anklet
Sold out Gold waterproof ankletGold water resistant anklet
"Piana" Anklet 9 reviews Sale price36,99€
Sea Turtle AnkletGold Sea Turtle Anklet
Turtle Anklet 18 reviews Sale price38,99€
Pearls Anklet BraceletPearls Anklet
Fiji Anklet 13 reviews Sale price43,99€
Rope AnkletGold Rope Anklet
Palm Tree AnkletPalm Tree Anklet
Palm Tree Anklet 9 reviews Sale price31,99€
Mermaid Ankle BraceletMermaid Anklet
Mermaid Anklet 11 reviews Sale price34,99€
Starfish AnkletMini Starfish Anklet
Seahorse AnkletSeahorse Anklet
Seahorse Anklet 9 reviews Sale price33,99€
Gold Pearl AnkletPearly Anklet
Pearly Anklet 3 reviews Sale price39,99€
Silver Whale AnkletGold Whale Anklet
Whale Anklet 8 reviews Sale price35,99€
Sold out Water resistant ankletWater resistant Anklet
"Antigua" Anklet 12 reviews Sale price31,99€
Shark Tooth AnkletShark Tooth Ankle Bracelet
Shark Tooth Anklet 9 reviews Sale price34,99€