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NOW READING: Why should we protect coral reefs?

Why should we protect coral reefs

Why should we protect coral reefs?

Coral reefs are crucial for our environment. Particularly for the ocean. Coral reefs are also known as the “rainforests of the sea”. They are beautiful, colorful, and vibrant. Coral reefs add beauty to the ocean and make it look mesmerizing. 

Coral reefs are not only important ecologically but also economically as well. It is vital that coral reefs should be protected at all costs. Coral reefs are getting extinct due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include natural degradation and climate change. And other reasons include causes like overfishing, coral mining, and pollution caused by us.

Today, we will discuss the importance of coral reefs, which will help you understand why we should protect coral reefs.

Reasons why should we protect coral reefs? 

There are numerous reasons why you should protect the coral reefs. Some of the effective and highlighting features are listed below.

Ecosystem to various marine animals

Coral reefs are crucial to the environment. It is not only because they are vibrant or add beauty to the ocean. But they are home to many marine species.

The degradation of coral reefs is destroying the homes of many marine animals. Due to this reason, the animals do not have any home to thrive. Therefore, to protect the animals and their breeding, it is necessary to protect the coral reefs. 

Reasons why should we protect corals

Food safety

Likewise, the trees, coral reefs also have a primary role in the production of food. Coral reefs are one of the vital sources for providing food to the environment. 

  • They are a food source for marine animals as well. 
  • Many types of fish eat coral reefs to live and survive. 

To avoid the chances of bending or breaking the food chain of marine animals and humans. It is crucial to protect the coral reefs.

Coral reefs protect the land 

The other reason why we should protect coral reefs is that they protect the land. They can protect the land from tsunamis and storms. Coral reefs make sure that the land does not have a lot of aftereffects of natural disasters.

They protect the coastlines from the damaging effects of waves and water storms.

why should we protect coral reefs facts

Economic importance

The coral reefs are fundamental for the economy. It is one of the most crucial reasons why coral reefs must be protected. Coral reefs provide essential resources and services. These are worth millions of dollars. 

By importing or selling them, a county or the fishermen can make a lot of money. Hence, the economic importance of the coral reefs is what makes it necessary to protect them. It is because many people around the world depend on coral reefs for food. That is the reason the selling of coral reefs has a lot of profit.

Tourist attraction

The coral reefs are colorfully and vibrant in nature. They have a dynamic physical appearance which makes them very attractive. There are different kinds of coral reefs, ranging from colorful to single-color coral reefs.

Their physical appearance makes it crucial for the tourists and increases tourism. The increase of tourism in a county leads to economic growth as well. 

We should protect coral reefs

Protect the environment

Coral reefs have a role in keeping the environment pollution-free. They absorb the unnecessary harmful gases that can pollute the environment. Coral reefs are also important for the nitrogenous fixing cycles.

Coral reefs release oxygen and release into the environment. It makes our surroundings cleaner and toxicity-free. Hence, it is the most essential reason which signifies why we should protect coral reefs.

Protect the coral reefs reason

A medical future 

The coral reefs are known to be medically valuable as well. There are certain medicines that include the addition of coral reefs. They are a great source of research. Many scientists are still studying and finding medical uses for coral reefs.

  • To know whether the coral reefs are important for the field of medicine or not, it is critical that we should protect the coral reefs.
  • Coral reefs have a unique physical structure, which has helped scientists learn about many things related to medicine. 
  • Scientists have also claimed that coral can be used in bone rejuvenation. Now that is something extraordinary!

The most crucial part of coral reefs is they provide scientists a base to study specific cancers and find a treatment. In addition to this, coral reefs also help scientists identify the solution for the aging cells. 

Coral reefs are not just essential to marine life, they hold great significant value in our lives as well. The most astounding part is that only some parts of coral reefs have been studied.

Who knows what astonishing research may come forward if a large portion of the corals is studied and investigated? It can be valuable to all living organisms on Earth. 

Therefore, it is our job as citizens and the most intelligent beings on the planet to protect these organisms. Look out for other living organisms as well. 

Importance of protecting coral reefs

Provides Jobs

One of the main reasons given which we should consider protecting coral reefs is that they provide numerous jobs all across the world. As mentioned earlier, coral reefs are valuable to tourism, they are directly responsible for employment. As coral reefs help the tourism industry grow, more and more jobs are being provided locally. 

In today’s era being employed is a blessing, and therefore we should protect the coral reefs to help the less fortunate. To do this, we can raise awareness among people and can educate them on what importance the coral reefs hold.

Coral reefs play a vital role in the fishing industry

Coral reefs are a breeding ground for many species of fishes. Hence, fish industries heavily depend upon coral reefs. Therefore, it is one of the most important reasons given that we should protect the coral reefs. 

Important for research purposes

Coral reefs also allow scientists to study climate change and patterns. Therefore, it is necessary that these organisms must be protected. 

Coral reefs importance


The above-specified are some of the reasons given which signifies why we should protect coral reefs. Coral reefs hold significant biological importance. Therefore, awareness must be spread all across the globe.

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Protecting coral reefs

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