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NOW READING: Why is Ocean Conservation Important?

Why is Ocean Conservation Important?

Why is Ocean Conservation Important?

The Ocean is an important component of our planet Earth. Almost 70% of the area on Earth is covered by Oceans. According to a fact, 97% of the water that exists on our planet is in the oceans.

It is very important to conserve Oceans and the marine life present in it. We should take serious measures to conserve the ocean.

After reading this blog you will be able to answer the two frequently asked questions i.e., why is ocean conservation important and why are ocean currents important to the coastal regions. 

Why Is Ocean Important ?

Why is Ocean conservation important? 

The ocean plays a vital role in keeping the temperature balanced on the planet. There are other benefits that have been provided by the ocean to the planet earth in all the organisms living on it.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of oceans to know why is Ocean conservation is important. 

It is the largest ecosystem 

It is no doubt that Ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet. It provides a habitat for many animals and plants.

Marine life cannot survive without oceans. In order to protect marine life, all plants in the ocean that are the source of many Pharmaceuticals ocean must be reserved. 

Source of animal protein

We depend on the ocean providing us food security. Have you ever wondered what is the largest source of animal protein that we eat? Of course, the answer is the Ocean. About one-fifth of it is provided to us by the ocean.

It is well known that the protein consumption ratio is quite high among human beings globally. 

Source of medications

Many of the medicines that we use and the treatments that we follow are made up of extractions from the ocean. 

  • Ocean conservation is important because our health depends on it. 
  • The question should not be why is ocean conservation important rather we should think about how to conserve the ocean.

Global trade 

Most of the Global trade among all the world is done through oceans. 

  • We provide the greatest medium of transportation.
  • Oceans should be reserved for maintaining the future of global trade which is important for all their countries in the world. 

Without the go, the global trade economies of the country will fall.  

Ocean is vital for global trade

Entertainment and activities

The ocean is admired by the majority of the people. Everyone loves the beachside on sunny afternoons. It also gives an excess towards many activities like surfing, scuba diving, swimming, rafting, etc.

The ocean is the source of both entertainment and creativity for almost every person. 

The largest source of oxygen

The Marine plants that are present on the surface of the ocean play an important role in producing oxygen. According to research, more than 70 or 80% of oxygen present on earth is provided by the Marine plants present in the ocean.

To conserve human life on the planet oceans must be conserved. 

Ocean is the largest source of Oxygen

Carbon dioxide emissions

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are produced by human activities on a daily basis. It is affecting our environment badly and it could be worse if oceans weren't there. Oceans absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are produced by human activities. 

Temperature regulation

The currents produced in the oceans play a beneficial role in distributing the heat all across the globe. They regulate the temperature in different coastal regions. 

Frequently asked the question why are ocean currents important coastal regions should be answered in a way that ocean currents have the ability to distribute the heat equally and neutralize the temperature at coastal regions. 

Local and global economies 

Oceans keep the local and global economies stable. They provide a network of communication, transportation, and trade all across the globe. For sustaining the local and global economy serious measures should be taken for the conservation of the ocean.

Protects from sudden climate changes 

Sudden climate changes can have drastic effects on the environment and life of all organisms. 

  • The ocean plays a vital role in protecting the planet from sudden changes in the climate. 
  • This is very important for all organisms as their survival depends on it.

Providing renewable energy 

The electricity that we use in our daily lives produced from the Waves and Tides of the ocean. If we do not take steps for conserving the oceans we can run out of all renewable energy. There will be no source to generate electricity. No one wants to go back to the stone age, right?

Unique species

Ocean provides a home to the oldest and most unique species that have existed on planet Earth. According to scientific research, we did not even discover 80% of the unique and unusual species that are living in the ocean.

The known species provides a lot of benefit to human beings. in order to save them, we have to conserve the ocean.

Here at Atolea Jewelry, we have created Ocean-inspired jewelry  that gives back to Ocean conservation, each purchase helps save our beautiful Oceans. 

Ocean is important for a lot of reasons

Our existence depends on the ocean

The ocean plays a vital and beneficial role in keeping the life on the planet sustained. If the ocean is gone that means we are gone. There will be no oxygen and other requirements of life on the planet.

The Ocean contains 97% of the water on the planet and there is no chance we can survive without that water. 

How to conserve the Ocean?

There are many ways through which the ocean can be conserved.

  • Limiting the energy use.
  • Recycling all the material. 
  • Using environment-friendly products 
  • Demanding for plastic alternatives.
  • Joining different communities that work for the conservation of the ocean.
  • Switching to eat sustainable seafood
  • Making communities for cleaning the beaches.
  • Raising awareness among the people.
  • The government should make strict laws 
  • People should be more vigilant and civilized
  • Factories should not dump their waste into the oceans.
  • Emission of greenhouse gases should be reduced.
  • Nature and environment-friendly habits should be adopted.


The ocean is very important to all the life present on the planet. It should be considered and serious measures should be taken for it.

After having a look at this you must be able to answer why ocean conservation is important and why Ocean currents are important to coastal regions. 

At Atolea Jewelry, all our jewelry is based around the ocean and marine life, hence they feature all things related to the Island life – be it cute sea turtles, waves or whales...

We donate 15% of our profits to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a non-profit organisation who protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef. 

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