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NOW READING: 5 Amazing Types of Dolphins Cruising Through The Ocean

Amazing types of dolphins

5 Amazing Types of Dolphins Cruising Through The Ocean

Dolphins are easily one of the most recognizable marine creatures that can be found on this planet. There are around 43 species of dolphins in existence, and some of these species are close relatives to the gentle creature of the ocean, the whale. It is thought that dolphins are highly intelligent and social animals, and it is believed that their complex way of communication is just like ours.

There are many different types of dolphins cruising through the ocean, from whales, bottlenoses, to the Atlantic spotted dolphin and your regular dolphin. To know more about different types of dolphins, read the following information regarding some dolphin types that can be found traversing through the earth’s waters.

5 Types of Dolphins Cruising Through the Ocean 

Perhaps you’re fascinated by dolphins. That’s why in this section, you will know 5 of the common types of dolphins that are usually found cruising through the ocean. 

Common Dolphins

There are two types of dolphins cruising through the ocean, short-beaked and long-beaked dolphins. Although they may have differences, they grow equally the same until adulthood. They reach sizes of up to 8 feet and have an average size of 6 feet. 

Small-beaked dolphins are relatively weighed less compared to long-beaked dolphins. As indicated by their names, these dolphins only differ on one aspect: their beaks. They have a dark-colored back and have a white abdomen. Common dolphins are found in all parts of the world. 

Another difference between these two is that long-beaked dolphins prefer shallow waters, whereas short-beaked dolphins will go below the waters as low as 500 feet. By the time these dolphins reach around seven years, they have reached their sexual maturity for females and 7-12 years. They have a lifespan averaging 20 years. 

Amazing types of dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins

If you ever come to a theme park or aquatic show, then most likely you have witnessed a bottlenose dolphin. This type of Dolphin is widely known all over the world and is easily the most recognizable one. Bottlenose dolphins' high intellect makes them highly trainable, thus making them do acrobatic and complicated tricks with ease.

These beautiful marine creatures got their name because of their more pronounced beak, 3 to 4 inches in length. They can be easily identified with their light-gray to dark grey backs and slowly fade into a creamy color into their abdomen. Just like the common dolphins, they have relatively the same size, weight, and lifespan. 

Bottlenose dolphins are prevalent in tropical and temperate waters, such as Australia, coasts of South Africa, Pacific waters of Japan, and Norway’s Atlantic waters. 

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins 

Unlike other types of dolphins, the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are mainly concentrated in the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic spotted dolphins can be classified into two types in the Atlantic region, and the offshore Atlantic spotted and the coastal variety ones. This type of dolphin travels in pods or groups, and they are one of the species of very fast swimmers.

As their name suggests, they can be easily recognized by being spotted dolphins found in the Atlantic waters. Their black spots can be seen in many parts of their bodies, but lighter spots can be seen on their backs, whereas darker spots are noticeable on the stomach. One of their distinctive features is being an acrobatic marine creature, and they can easily leap out of the waters and hover around the waves of boats. 

Another distinct feature of Atlantic spotted dolphins are curved flippers, a dark grey hue at the back, and have white-tipped beaks. Atlantic spotted dolphins can grow as much as 7 feet and weigh around 300 pounds. Compared with other types of dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins have significantly longer lifespans than can reach for up to 40 years! 

Dolphin Types in the Atlantic Ocean

There are several species of dolphins found in the Atlantic. Some of these include:

  • Common Dolphin – as mentioned, common dolphins can be found in many parts of the world. Whether it’d be short or long-beaked, they are prevalent in these waters.
  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphin – from the coast of Panama down to New Jersey, there’s a high concentration of Atlantic spotted dolphins in these waters.
  • Atlantic White-sided Dolphin – between Greenland and Cape Cod, this Dolphin is focused on these waters. 
  • Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin except in polar regions, Atlantic bottlenose dolphins can be found in every water region worldwide. If you want to see one, they are focused around the coast of the United States. Aside from the United States, you can spot Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in waters around South Africa and Norway. 
Fascinating types of dolphins

Risso’s Dolphin 

By far one of the largest species of Dolphin, the Risso’s Dolphin has quite the appearance compared to other dolphins. Although they have dark colorings in parts of their body, they have these distinct white scars all over their body, and this may be due to constant battles with other sea predators such as squid, sharks, and many more. 

This type of Dolphin is considered an offshore dolphin, in which case it may be difficult to spot one on an ordinary day. Risso’s dolphins are closely related to pilot whales, false killer whales, melon-headed whales, to name a few. 

Amazing types of dolphins

Pacific White-Side Dolphin

Considered to be one of the most beautiful types of dolphins cruising through the ocean, the Pacific White-sided dolphin features white stripes along the sides and has a different dorsal fin. Although they can rarely be seen, they are prevalent in months from May to November. 

What makes them loved by people is how well they interact with them; they can follow your boat or simply play alongside the boat. 

Types of dolphins facts

Wrapping things up

Dolphins are, without a doubt, some of the most well-loved and liked marine creatures on the planet. There are still more species of dolphins known to man, and whichever type of species you may come across, they have this knack for you, leaving you with a smile on your face. 

Lastly, dolphins faces many threats. We must safeguard them for the years to come and for our children’s children to witness how these creatures are truly majestic. 

The best way to protect these lovely creatures is to conserve their only habitat - the Ocean. Here at ATOLEA, for every profit we make, part of it goes to Ocean conservation facilities. 

So check out our elegant collection of Ocean-inspired ATOLEA jewelry collections. We are sure that you will love them, especially you are buying for a cause. Join us in doing our part to save marine life, including the Dolphins! 


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