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NOW READING: Turtle Ring Meaning and Symbolism

Sea turtle ring symbolism

Turtle Ring Meaning and Symbolism

Turtles have become a subject of inspiration for jewelry making. For years, it gained popularity both in jewelry and real life. In real life, people created causes to save their species and their habitat, while in accessories, they are chosen subjects because of their attractive characteristics.

But do you know that turtles in rings have actual meanings? They are essential to Indian culture’s Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Turtle rings became such a trend that sometimes, people forgot that they had noted values and religious symbolism. To better understand the turtle ring meanings, here are the gathered facts that we want to share with you:

Symbolisms of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi

Turtles, or tortoises, are first and foremost the representation of the God Vishnu. It is said that this is his form of incarnation. Kurma is the Hindu term for turtle or tortoise. This is his avatar, where Vishnu is associated with the myth of the churning of the ocean milk. 

Turtles are also linked to the Goddess in Hindu culture, for she is a depiction of wealth, good luck, prosperity, and good fortune. So, turtles also have this significance in an extension and as a sign of the goddess herself.

Four Pillars of Good Luck

Now, turtles are very powerful and significant creatures in Feng Shui. According to the scholars of this practice, turtles are connected with the whole creation of the universe. Its parts, the upper half and the lower one, have their own belongingness story. The upper half is heaven, and the lower half means or represents the water.

Represents Love, Happiness, and Bonding

Another turtle ring meaning is that it represents love, happiness, and bonding. We love things that can improve our love lives, and turtle rings do that. It attracts the lovers towards each other and increases the love among themselves. 

It also motivates each other to be loyal to their partner. Wearing turtle rings, if this is your intention, can be a promise ring. It may not be that fancy to look at, unlike pure gems and stones, but the vow and commitment poured into it are more meaningful. Thus, any other rings cannot match what was put into it by the love of two people.

Sea turtle ring meaning


Tortoise jewelry, especially turtle rings, is a representation of strength and good luck. It is said that it improves intuitive qualities and is considered suitable for both creative and business people.  

Also, because it is a symbol of strength, turtles are depicted as a sign of resilience and perseverance. They may not be the fastest animal on the planet or one of them, but they are very consistent. An outstanding trait to always remember by. So, to help you, wearing turtle rings can remind you of those traits you want to instill.

Associated with Heaven and Earth

As said above, this creature is related to heaven and earth. Wearing it makes the surrounding environment pleasant to live with. An excellent turtle ring meaning increases the feeling of love and less repudiation among the family members that there is no discrimination left among them.

Turtle ring meaning

A Symbol of Long Life

Turtles are considered to be long-lived creatures with a well-lived, hard life. It can live up to a hundred years. Therefore, according to some beliefs, the turtle ring, meaning when wearing it, diseases disappear, and new energy is produced in the body.  

According to science and some scientists, wearing a turtle ring may suppress particular veins of the body, which keeps the body healthy enough. Well, it can also symbolize you can also live a long and happy life.

Removes Negative Thoughts

Another feature of the tortoise ring or a turtle ring meaning is that it removes negative energies and bad thoughts from the wearer’s mind. It communicates positive and great feelings in the heart. It also motivates us to progress in life and whatever we think of doing.

Additionally, removing negative stress and turning it into a positive vibe can help you prosper. It increases lifespan, lowers rates of depression and levels of distress, promotes better physical and psychological well-being and better-coping skills the next time you face hardships. 

So, as a connection, turtle rings can remind you of that change you are doing for yourself. So, better keep that in your mind!

Good Luck and Prosperity

Wearing a turtle ring can bring luck and prosperity to you. It is also said that it is good for one’s career because, in this aspect, it awakens your sleeping fortune as soon as you wear it. Moreover, wearing a turtle ring means infusing people’s respect towards you and mending your degraded works—success in your business and your job.

In Feng Shui, turtles, as you know, bring this aspect to anyone’s home. Since turtle rings have the creature’s part up front and center, wearers tend to wear it at home to bring wealth and the two mentioned aspects inwards in our own space.

An Object of Metal and Other Auspicious Things

This one may not be as symbolic and meaningful as the others that got enumerated before, but turtle rings are better in silver or gold. However, they can also be made using other metals and gems like pearls, diamonds, rubies, and so many more.

Like in Feng Shui, wearing the turtle ring on the right finger is hugely beneficial. It got instructions on how to wear it, when to wear it for best results, and the dos and don’ts. 

But then, it is also okay not to follow the rules of turtle rings and be auspicious. Instead, you must choose to follow what you believe in. This includes you wearing it at any time, of any day, and on any finger of yours. Just remember to respect others’ beliefs still.

To End Things

Turtle rings are definitely in the trend presently. They have gained the love and adoration of people, especially those who like dainty things. However, even when it is fancier, they still carry deeper meaning and symbolism. 

Here at ATOLEA, you will never run out of choices to choose from our waterproof jewelry with a lifetime color warranty. Every piece has their own meanings and symbolisms with them that will make you want to wear them more. 

So check out our elegant water-resistant jewelry now and wear your love of the Ocean with class and meaning!

What turtle ring means

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