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NOW READING: Turtle Pendant: Meaning and Symbolism

Turtle pendant symbolism

Turtle Pendant: Meaning and Symbolism

Turtles are one of the cutest sea creatures in the world. The reason is not because of how slow they can go and how adorable they look when they hide, but because they possess a different character from other sea animals. For the most part, seeing turtles makes you feel awed by the beauty of nature. Their fins might go slow together with how they move, but they are priceless like any other animals on the planet.

You may have known a few people who love turtles a lot and would eventually do anything to see them live. In such cases, these people are the ones you can give out presents to whenever significant occasions arrive. But more to that purpose, find out a more profound symbolism of what the turtle necklace is all about. 

We'll answer all in this post your questions like "turtle necklace meaning" or "turtle pendant meaning," just in case you're having thoughts about it. So, let's discover it together here below. 

What The Turtle Symbolize

In general, all living and nonliving things have symbolism in our lives. But in this case, it's all about the turtles themselves. So, if someone gave you a turtle necklace or pendant, you'll eventually search for questions on the internet immediately. You might have asked Google many questions like "turtle necklace meaning" or "turtle pendant meaning" to discover the truth. 

To answer that, the turtle symbolizes perseverance, protection, retreat, steadfastness, healing, tranquility, and the primary value of all, longevity. These creatures had lived under the sea for many years, even before humans existed. For that reason, turtles have been ruling the sea more than everyone already knows. 

Mostly, turtles are seen as famous sea creatures as patient, easy-going and wise animals. Their emblem of long lifespan and sturdiness serves as their leading charisma, which is why people chose turtles to be one of their spirit animals. 

So, wearing a turtle as a piece of jewelry or as an instrument for good luck and long life is considered valuable by most people. Besides, having a turtle partnered with any jewelry might transform your style into an adorable look which is also a good thing to think of. 

Turtle pendant meaning

Turtle Necklace Meaning in Other Cultures

Every country has its own way of culture and beliefs. Therefore, if you've been finding clues to answer your "turtle necklace meaning" or "turtle pendant meaning" questions, you may have bumped into these topics a lot of times. While it is true that turtles symbolize protection, longevity, perseverance, and more in general, other countries also interpret what the turtle is. 


For instance, China sees turtles as one of their culture's four sacred animals. They consider turtles one of the oldest animals on Earth, which signifies endurance, strength, wisdom, wealth, and long life. Chinese people also believed that reptile creatures have magical powers. With that, the turtle's shell itself epitomizes the sky and its breastplate in the world. 


Japan symbolizes turtles as an instrument of good luck to its owners. For whoever has it, it can bring at least 10,000 years of good fortune. You may also find the myth of the four sacred creatures in Japan, which entails protecting the city of Heaven in Kyoto. If you ever visit their place, you will find Gen-bu or a black turtle representing the combination of a snake and turtle. Its purpose is to protect Kyoto from the north. Eventually, that's how powerful turtles are. 


On to a different purpose, African people see the turtle with fertility value, embodying femininity. Suppose you happen to know the African culture. In that case, many of their children's stories consider turtles one of the world's most intelligent creatures. 

The Nigerian Folklore described turtles as a slow animal but very clever reptile that ensures to find a solution to every problem they encounter, even in the most dangerous scenarios. Apart from that, Egyptian history considers turtles to have artistic works. The truth is, many fossils have been discovered in the place. And surprisingly, some of them are like the Galapagos tortoises. 

What turtle pendant means

United States

America has been treating turtles as their sacred animals being Mother Earth. Turtles for the American people symbolize eternal life and good health. The Native Indian Legends have once said that turtles have played an essential role in creating the world. They mentioned that turtles have explored the sea and go above the surface with the "mud" that the creator used to form the Earth. 


From the island and country where you can see most turtles, Hawaii, like in any other culture, represents longevity, good luck, and endurance. If you got a chance to discover more about it, the Hawaiian legends gave many stories about this reptile, and the most popular among them is the "Kauila" turtle. The magic happens when this turtle can transform into a young girl to guide the children on playing on the beach at Punalu'u. What a fantastic thing, right?

The Turtle Pendant as Gift or Present

Getting or giving a turtle pendant or necklace during a particular day or occasion is worth celebrating. It only means that the person who gave you that turtle necklace wants you to experience a long life and good luck. And in case you're planning to give it to someone special, for sure they'll appreciate it, as they discover the symbolism behind it. 

Is Having a Turtle Pendant / Turtle Necklace Worth Having?

You may have been overwhelmed by how these countries patronize turtles. After all, turtles have certainly lived a longer life than any people in this world. Most of them have lived for around 100 years, which may still be too young for them. 

The answer to your questions "turtle necklace meaning" and "turtle pendant meaning" may have partially been answered by this post. Thus, it will still be your call if you choose to agree with all these meanings and facts. But, above all, you'll never "feel the magic," not unless you have a turtle necklace or turtle pendant on your own. So, why not grab one now?

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Turtle pendant means

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