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NOW READING: 5 Threats To The Ocean

Surprising threats to the ocean

5 Threats To The Ocean

When you hear the word ocean, often, you feel relaxed, calm, and soothed. There's no wonder why these words usually come to mind, as the ocean gives one of the best "moods’' in life. For some, going somewhere near the ocean opens the mind and helps them get themselves back again. Others prefer going around the ocean to enjoy the sea breeze and hear its beautiful waves with their loved ones. Whatever your reason may be, you would never think that the ocean has many secrets deep within, don't you? 

But believe it or not, there are threats to the ocean that you should also know. What's more surprising is that human beings are the ones most in charge of it. While it may not be you, your friend, or your relative, others are mainly responsible for doing such activities with the ocean. Though these issues may seem to be depressing, there are many things that everyone can do to help the ocean recover. 

In this post, let's find out the possible threats to the ocean and what you can do to promote new and reasonable changes in this kind of body of water. Scroll down for more details.

Here 5 Threats To The Ocean

Plastic Pollution

It is not new for many people to see plastics and garbage around the environment. That's why this is usually the top reason it becomes one of the threats to the ocean. For instance, there are more than thousands of plastic pollution floating around every body of water, which can kill the species underneath it and affect humans as well. 

Many fishermen believed that for every pound of tuna or any fish that they take out of the ocean, they accumulate almost two pounds of plastic back in. And the result? The fish could either be infected, contaminated, or dead. In the end, no one would ever want this fresh fish to go out on your plates and serve it to your family. 

Shocking threats to the ocean

Climate change

One of the toughest competitors when it comes to being a threat to the ocean is climate change. Aside from the creator itself, no one can certainly control climate change. But, how does this affect the ocean and other bodies of water?

Well, it makes the ocean hotter, making it harder to breathe in them by lessening dissolved oxygen levels. If you try to imagine an aquarium, with a heat up high, dripping in acid, and out with an oxygen bubbler, how would a fish go? Will it survive? Will it live even for a second? Eventually, this is what happens to the ocean when heat arises. 

At some point, we may not see this kind of value from here, but many living creatures might die or soon be extinct. If we don't take action towards this kind of thing, we may not see more of the ocean's beauty in the future. Right now, there are a lot of ways that each of us can do to help and stop climate change. 

What's great about this is that many movements are pushing every campaign to save Mother Earth. Of course, this also includes saving the whole environment against climate change. Thus, in simple ways, if you think you can help little by little, GO GREEN as much as you can. 

After all, we're all sharing the same air where we lived. And, we also have to remember that this is not our territory. We may be only renting from the land that our creator lends upon us, and he may take it anytime he wants. So, before it's too late, let's learn to take care of our environment. 

Ocean threats

Shipping Traffic

These days, shipping businesses like cargo and cruise lines have been sailing the ocean for many years. Although this kind of operation brings many advantages to the people, it can solely harm and be one of the threats to the ocean. 

Mind you, large ocean animals like dolphins, whales, and sharks can be affected by ship strikes. The main issue is that when a ship strikes, these marine species can be hit, resulting in internal damage and external wounds, and can be fatal in some circumstances. Ultimately, this has been the leading cause of endangered species' death, as the North Atlantic Right Whale.  

Coastal Growth

Everyone might enjoy a good and warm feeling on the beach, but the ocean might not be in favor of it. As the world progresses, more of the coastline has been established. The impact on seagrass meadows, wetlands, rocky shores, and coral reefs has negatively emerged due to tourism and commercial activities. 

The result? Loss of habitat for some ocean animals like turtles can mean that they will have no place to live. Not to mention that there are some small species present in every ocean; this can lead to a worse scenario that no one would ever want, which is extinction. After all, nobody wants to lose their home, yet, these living marine creatures have no choice but to relocate to live a better and peaceful life away from humans. 

Interesting threats to the ocean

Marine Parks & Protected Spaces

We all know that every marine species inside the marine protected spaces are mostly preserved and protected. While it may be true, there are instances that marine parks have become a haven for fisheries. Meaning, the fishes that grow inside the area are much larger than the usual and can generate more offspring. 

So, where's a bad idea here? How can it be one of the threats to the ocean? Some people would go beyond their boundaries and start to harvest everything to get their investment in the business. We are already behind the goal of setting up protected areas around the ocean. Experts have estimated that we may need to take care of at least 30% of the ocean to better ocean wildlife for marine animals. 

The Bottom Line

These are only some of the threats to the ocean caused by humans. No one could initially say that people have caused all these tragic scenarios. Some are also made because of nature itself. Thus, upon looking at most of the reasons, humans are accountable for what is happening to their surroundings. 

To a great extent, some people wouldn't mind all the species getting endangered to continue their projects and businesses. Though this matter happens, there are still small things that we can start to control what is happening. Begin by joining campaigns that can save the ocean and help spread the word. 

Above all, we wouldn't want future generations to witness what we have negatively done with nature now. Remember, what we do today will always reflect tomorrow. So, by all means, start saving the ocean and marine animals. May we all help and save their lives.

And by supporting us here at ATOLEA, you will be contributing great to our mission of preserving the ocean from different threat. With every profit we make, part of it goes to Ocean conservation charities.

So dive into our Ocean-inspired jewelry collections and be more inspired to make a change for our sea creatures' natural habitat; the Ocean. 

Ocean threats you should know

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