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NOW READING: 10 Best Gift Ideas for Surfing Lovers

Beautiful surfer gift ideas

10 Best Gift Ideas for Surfing Lovers

Surfing is both a sport and a recreational activity. This sport evolved throughout the years and continues to be developing. It is considered a way of life for many folks, especially for most surfing lovers who move near or to the beachside. It does take guts and packs of adrenaline to be in the sea or ocean and ride the waves.

Now, we know why you are here. You must be looking for a gift for someone who loves surfing, right? Don't worry, for we are here to help you. We'll give you the 10 best gift ideas  for surfers to choose from and you would even get some for yourself. 

Possible Gifts for People who Loves Surfing 

Finding a gift for your surfing enthusiast friend is easier with ATOLEA Jewelry. Check out these items: 


Anklet bracelets were worn as early as eight thousand years ago. It is also part of other cultures, especially in Asia. But today, anklets are famous pieces of jewelry for the beach or as a fashion statement. So, here are the anklets we recommend:

Ocean Anklet

Does the receiver love, or is it okay with something beady? Then this anklet design is the perfect one of these surfer gift ideas series. They will love this particular gift (2-piece anklet) because it will remind them or her of the ocean with its cool starfish and marble-like beads. Plus, it has a wave charm to seal the sea vibes.

Best surfer gift ideas

Boho Ocean Anklet

If your friend, special someone, or a family member loves wearing anklets and likes the Boho vibe, then this one is what you should buy. Like the first option, it is also a two-piece piece of jewelry but is not a beady type. Instead, one is beautifully woven that screams Boho, and the other is an anklet with a simple silver chain and a wave charm.

A piece of well-balanced jewelry, right? Since these anklets are separate ones, they can be worn together or separately by your surfer friend. 

Unique surfer gift ideas

Whale Tail Anklet

Are you still looking for a much simpler gift? Then this one is the right present for you to give out. With still being a two-piece anklet, they can be worn both or separately. Both are silver in color with simple singular chains and with different designs. One got a cute whale tail charm, and the other one was a wave design.

Since these anklets are minimalistic but cute in appearance, they can wear this anywhere. So whether on the beach or not, this gift will remind that person that you value them being a surfer. One of the best gifts for surfers indeed.

Perfect surfer gift ideas


Earrings are worn whether at home or going outside. It’s a personal decoration or ornament worn for the ear. If you’re thinking about getting people who love surfing with earrings, then check out these surfer gift ideas of beautiful earrings from the ATOLEA Ocean-inspired jewelry collection

Wave Earrings

Do they love minimalistic things? Then this fourth choice is the one to be. Available in silver and gold, these earrings can be worn anywhere, especially when they are surfing. Can you say that it matches well? Yes, you can!

Lovely surfer gift ideas

Ocean Wave Ear Cuff

You might not want to wear piercing earrings? Then you can consider this one. But first, what's an ear cuff? You must have heard about it somehow. But, unfortunately, they only became famous for the later part of the last decade. These cuffs don't need piercings but are only designed to hug the curves of the edges of the ear.

They are a great gift because if you planned to give something that can be used even while surfing, this is the one. Also, it has a minimalistic design that's wearable on the beach, while surfing, or even in other places while still looking fabulous.

Elegant surfer gift ideas


Who will not love bracelets? Check out these beautiful bracelets from ATOLEA that would be one of the surfer gift ideas. 

Surf Bracelet

Ta-da! Presenting option number 6, the Surf bracelet. The name says it all for you to understand. It is a perfect bracelet and one of the best choices in the surfer gift ideas category. This bracelet is available in three colors, silver, gold, and rose gold. 

Also, if you worry about this being exposed and wet with salt water, don't worry because the material is stainless steel fit for the surfing experience.

Simple surfer gift ideas

Wave Bracelet

If your options are still open, may we present to you the wave bracelet? You must be thinking that this is a bracelet with a chain and charm, right? We hate to break this to you, but you're mistaken. This bracelet is a bangle type and is very adjustable and waterproof. It won't get in the way of surfing, and thus, very versatile.

Gift ideas for surfers

Rings and Necklaces

Here are some of the best necklaces and rings selections from ATOLEA Jewelry to give to your surfer friends.

Beach Wave Necklace

This necklace represents the reflection and memories that you held in your heart. The receiver of your gift can take this back to the beach while surfing or wherever they will go. Since this also represents a perfect wave design, this is excellent memorabilia to that friend of yours who loves to bask the day away.

Surfer gift ideas

Wave Ring

A ring that is ready to make a statement represents that great wave perfect for surfing. Since minimalistic rings are the least jewelry that can cause disturbance while doing something, this is a lovely gift that you can say is the best gift for surfers indeed.

Amazing surfer gift ideas

Santorini Cross Ring

This last option of the surfer gift ideas is not a wave design that, when seen, can easily be said to have beach vibes. But this is still perfect because it's pretty, minimalistic, and the memory that will hold is you, the present giver. This can still be worn solidly at the beach while surfing, anywhere, or even when that person is just plain chilling with you.

Popular surfer gift ideas

Summing Things Up

Our presentation is now done with the ten surfer gift ideas that you may now choose from. They are all quality-guaranteed and very affordable that even you may want to have some for yourself. We are sure that whatever you choose and bequest is fantastic as long as it comes from your heart.

You may also want to check our other Sea-inspired jewelry designs from ATOLEA perfect for your every beachy mood outfit!

Idea gifts for surfers

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