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NOW READING: Starfish Anklet Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning and symbolism of Starfish anklets

Starfish Anklet Meaning and Symbolism

There’s no denying that the starfish is one of our planet's most distinguishable marine creatures. Their star-shaped appearance pales compared to any animal roaming around Earth’s waters.

But did you know that these creatures are becoming a fan-favourite in terms of having them as designs for pieces of accessories? Starfish anklets are also a popular commodity for beach-goers and outdoor-loving people.

If you want to know what makes them popular, we will discuss further what it means to wear a starfish anklet! Chime in below!

Starfish Anklet Meaning: The True Meaning of this Beautiful Creature

The starfish has quite a few connotations and meanings engraved into it, but the starfish represents regeneration and renewal. If you’re asking why these creatures have both of those qualities, it is because a starfish regenerates its own limbs if it's severed from its main body,

When a predator attacks a starfish, there’s a likelihood that it can incur serious damages, such as losing a limb or a part being torn off from the body. However, starfish have the ability to regenerate any parts of their body.

In fact, whenever it loses its limbs, it can regenerate new one and the severed limb can also grow into a new starfish. But the new limb can only grow into a new one if it has a central region of the starfish’s body.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? 

Although this might not sound amazing to someone, many people find this attribute very inspiring and fascinating. Its ability to regenerate and heal its torn parts symbolizes healing and regeneration.

This symbolism is also in conjunction with water, as water represents cleansing, purification, and healing. 

In terms of healing, the starfish can be your great companion in your quest for renewal. If you’re struggling with health and mental issues, the starfish can be a great tool to cope. If a starfish can regrow and regenerate its body parts into new ones, a human can also regenerate and heal in a different way.

One good example of this healing is the human’s ability to heal through its neuro-network patterns, wherein the brain looks for different avenues and systems to cope with stress and health issues in a different way.

We, humans, may not re-grow limbs and body parts, but we recover and regenerate in a different way. 

In culture and myth, there are a lot of things a starfish symbolizes and represents, from representing superior strength to love. You can gain a lot from having starfish as your spirit animal and representation. 

Interesting meaning and symbolism of starfish anklet

Starfish Meaning in Legend and Myth

Wearing a starfish anklet comes with beautiful meaning and symbolism. In this blog, you will know why people wear Starfish anklet, as we give you the Starfish anklet meaning and symbolism. 


In Christian Religion, the starfish represents Stella Maris - known as the Star of the Sea. She is the one responsible for calming rough seas and rides for safe travels. In addition, i also represent salvation, especially when times are hard and trying.

Stars and starfish are seen as celestial symbols, which means they also represent divine love from above. Other Christian symbolisms of starfish include brilliance, intuition, inspiration, guidance, and vigilance. 


In Roman Mythology, it symbolizes the love of Venus to its people the same way as her Greek Counterpart, Aphrodite. 

Venus hailed from the storming tides of the Adriatic Sea. Some of her depictions see her either holding a starfish or a shell. The Goddess has an uncanny connection with the starfish as she is considered a sensor Goddess, which the starfish also uses its sensory organs to maneuver the ocean floor.

The Starfish and Venus make for a fantastic duo symbolizing amazing attributes of emotion, love, and physical wholeness. 


Like in Greek and Roman Mythology, the starfish also resonates with the goddess Isis - who also lives by the salvation motto of “befriending the friendless. In other words, the goddess Isis is the friend of the impoverished people as well as those who are looking for help. 

Isis’ connection with Starfish is they both served as guardians of the sea for troubled seafarers, not only in the Red Sea but also in different bodies of water across the globe.


Many might not be familiar with Tsimshians, but they are an order of Native Americans hailing from the Northwestern Coast of North America. This order is composed of Haida and Tlingit, which are divided into two factions, the Ravens and the Eagles.

The first faction, which is the Haida-Eagle faction, uses starfish symbolisms on their totem poles as they see this creature possessing great strength for its ability to crack open mussels, which they deem impossible due to the starfish’s physical appearance.

The Haida People also see starfish as a symbol of longevity. They have seen its ability to regenerate its lost body parts and deemed this marine creature immortal for this particular ability. 

Meaning and symbolism of Starfish anklets

What Can The Starfish Teach Us About Life?

The starfish can teach us about self-healing, regenerate our thoughts and focus on other parts, and divert our attention from negative factors that may affect our mental health.

It also teaches us not to dwell too much on negativities and build a more positive and refreshing thought. Our world is full of negativity, and I think what starfish teaches us is to be stronger than we are accustomed to. 

Remember, this creature has hundreds or even thousands of predators, but it can live a long life because of how it glides through the storms and the waves without problems. Like life, we humans are also dealt with failures and shortcomings, but it is how we deal with these problems that makes us stronger than we know for ourselves, like the starfish,

Wrapping Things Up

There are many good qualities and attributes this amazing sea creature represents and symbolizes. It is why there’s it doesn’t come as a surprise that this creature is often used as jewellery, especially anklets and bracelets. 

Are you fascinated with how this simple yet fascinating creature can be a good source of strength and representation of how you deal with life?

If you’re interested and looking for some amazing Starfish anklets and other Ocean-inspired jewelry collections, you are in the right place!

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