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NOW READING: 10 Simple Steps For Saving Coral Reefs

Let Save The Coral Reefs

10 Simple Steps For Saving Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are one of the most important parts of marine life. They are composed of skeletons of marine invertebrates which are also known as Corals.

Coral reefs are very important for human beings because they are used for various purposes. You can see them getting used in the manufacturing of medicine that is important to save the life of humans. They are also used in many types of jewelry and other pieces of interior decor.

They also help in protecting the seaside from Storms and other environmental factors. Most people depend on the coral reefs for their businesses.

Unfortunately, coral reefs are getting destroyed because of human and environmental factors. There are a lot of ways you can acquire resources for saving coral reefs.

Top 10 ways that can save coral reefs:

Nature provided us with various natural resources which are very beneficial for us. We As human beings are not taking care of them properly. Coral reefs are one of the common natural resources which are endangered.

Saving coral reefs is crucial at this time because we cannot lose access to this significant creation of nature. Let’s have a look at some of the ways which we can acquire for saving coral reefs.

1. Start raising awareness

This is one of the easiest things that you can do on your part. Start educating people about the importance of coral reefs and how they can be saved. You can start a moment of saving coral reefs on your social media platforms.

There is a lot of communities’ present online working for saving natural resources. You can simply join them or create a new community. At universities and colleges seminars can be held which will help a lot to raise awareness among the youth.

2. Do not throw trash in the ocean

It is one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind while visiting beaches and seasides. Sunlight is very important for the coral reefs to survive and grow.

The trash that you dump into the ocean can block the way of Sunlight reaching the coral reefs. Most of the trash left on the banks of the beaches also gets deposited in the water.

Let Save The Coral Reefs

3. Start recycling

Recycling the products can help a lot because it will limit the number of manufactured products in the factories every year. Water pollution can be controlled by recycling and reusing various products. Most of the factories also dump their Chemicals into the seawater which is a threat to coral reefs.

4. Start avoiding the use of plastic

Plastic is the greatest enemy of marine life. It can kill most of the organisms present in the oceans including coral reefs. You should start raising awareness about the use of plastic and how it should be avoided on a larger scale. You should stop the use of plastic and also educate your friends and family about the hazards.

5. Limit your use of energy resources

If you limit your use of electricity less water will be used to generate more electricity to fill the needs and requirements of the population. This can help a lot while saving the coral reefs because less amount of water will be wasted causing lesser pollution.

6. Volunteer for beach cleaning

You can make a community of your friends or join the existing communities for cleaning the beaches. If you clear all the plastic and trash present on the banks of the beaches it will not get deposited into the ocean water.

This is one of the most important things you can do for saving coral reefs. Volunteering for such activities can bring a lot of difference in saving the coral reefs. You should also arrange events especially for the youth because they have the most energy and motivation.

7. Watch your use of fertilizers

Most people use fertilizers that have a lot of toxic chemicals present in them. These fertilizers can get deposited into the seawater damaging the coral reefs and other organisms present in the ocean.

It is recommended to use environmentally friendly fertilizers and always check the composition of every fertilizer before purchasing. There are certain companies providing eco-friendly fertilizers which should be considered by you because you will be saving coral reefs by doing so.

8. Get control over fossil fuel emission

Fossil fuel emissions can result from the vehicles that we use very frequently without thinking about the damage we are causing to the environment. The best way to get control over these toxic emissions is to cover short distances by walking or using a bicycle. Use a car only when it is necessary.

You can use public transport because it can be convenient for many people at the same time. If every individual starts using a private vehicle it can be alarming for the environment also giving rise to global warming.

9. Try to approach the authorities

You should start trying to contact the authorities responsible for the preservation of the environment and nature. You should start a moment on the internet tagging the current government of your country to make them aware of certain issues.

The government can take action on a wider scale. They can also make specific laws about saving marine life in certain ways.

10. Practices safe water activities

In various cases, human water activities can also damage coral reefs. If you like surfing, diving, fishing, traveling through boats and ships, scuba diving, or other such activities, ensure you are not damaging the marine life.

Sometimes unintentionally you can destroy a lot of coral reefs while getting indulged in such activities.

You should not touch the organisms present in the ocean because it can be life-threatening for them. It is recommended to practice safe water activities which are enjoyable for you and safer for marine life.Let Save The Coral Reefs


Saving coral reefs is a necessity and your duty as a human. We cannot lose access to the resources that nature has provided us very conveniently. Some of the most important steps that you can practice for saving coral reefs are described above.

Here at Atolea, we make Ocean-inspired jewelry and we give a part of our profits to Coral Conservation charities to help make a difference ! 

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