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NOW READING: Shark Tooth Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Meaning and symbolism of shark tooth necklace

Shark Tooth Necklace: Meaning and Symbolism

Many people these days like the idea of a shark tooth as jewelry. Some even have it as home decoration, stickers, or other accessories. But then, you are probably not probably unaware of the meaning of a real shark tooth necklace can have it as a gift to someone who loves the ocean, especially if they have a fascination for sharks. 

Shark tooth pendants meaning, along with other jewelry, tend to be unique and majestic. So, it’s like, it gives you enough confidence and power when wearing it. But perhaps you want to know about shark tooth necklace meaning. That’s why in this article, you will learn more about its meaning and symbolism and why people wear it, not only for the style and fashion, but also the real meaning. 

Understanding a Shark Tooth

To understand more about the Shark Tooth's meaning and symbolism, know first what a Shark Tooth is. Then, here are the facts about Shark Tooth. 

  • Sharks have about 3,000 teeth in their mouths 
  • According to myths, shark tooth prevents shark attacks 
  • The traditional Hawaiian piece called Leiomano uses the strength and durability of a shark tooth as their weapon
  • During the 1970s, the movie Jaws has helped shark tooth necklaces become popular
  • Shark tooth necklaces meaning are believed to embody ancestors, family deities, and gods

Shark Tooth Necklace Meaning and Symbolism

Shark Tooth Necklaces are known to be ancient amulets. Though many have considered a shark tooth an everyday accessory, the shark tooth necklace is also very popular, especially among those looking for traditional gifts.


Shark teeth are believed to contain spiritual meanings linked to them. Since sharks have about three thousand teeth, the large number is attributed to believing that sharks will never lose their teeth and will never run out. 

Its popularity is because it has something to do with a shark tooth that holds powerful and protective powers. Therefore, the wearer of any shark tooth necklace could also be protected from any attacks while they also serve as their ultimate source of strength.

Physical Healing

Since the shark tooth is made of calcium phosphate mineral, many people would wear it as a necklace to treat the calcium deficiency. A shark tooth is reliable and cogged, which could safeguard you. Sharks also represent the acting on life, which is said to strengthen the body of the wearer. It has physical strength and is the most important gift anyone can have. 

Meaning behind the shark tooth necklaceSurvival

Before shark tooth became a fashion statement, it was used as a way of survival. The Native Hawaiians would call them Leiomano, as sharks serve as weapons and food preparation. Sharks were even passed down to royalty. That said, the shark tooth necklace meaning has something, and it's a good fit for Kings and Queens.

Good Luck

People who are fascinated by sharks also consider Fiji sharks as an important part of their folklore. They have the God of sharks called Dakuwaqa. Dakuwaqa was half-man and half-shark. Many fishermen and sailors in Fiji also believed about the shark tooth necklace held Dakuwaqa's spirit. With that, it brings good luck while they are fishing and traveling. The same goes for shark tooth pendant meaning, as it also brings good luck. 

The Western culture doesn't believe in ancient gods and spirits. But many would still believe that a shark tooth necklace is more than just a fashion accessory, especially for expressing yourself. So it is good to know that shark's spirit will always be with you when you wear your necklace.


Shark tooth necklaces, precisely shark teeth that are fossilized, and believed to bring healing power and effects. It's like the crystals, and fossils are always believed to help the transition a lot easier from old to new. This makes it more open to available fresh and new innovative forces. 

The tooth is said to help the wearer of the necklace grow personally and change for the better. Even if they instill quality and excellence in the environment, best of all, they also impose superiority, as long as it is used in the right way.

Wonderful facts about shark tooth necklace


A shark tooth necklace has long been known as a symbol of protection. It originated in ancient Hawaiian mythology, and there was a belief that the shark tooth necklace could work as a talisman. It protects its owner from attacks and dangers in the water. Also, the legend would tell us about the warrior who fought a God and won. Then, they came out of the ocean and wore shark tooth necklaces. 

Many divers and surfers would intend to wear a shark tooth necklace to give them safety and protection. African tribes also used to hang shark teeth at the entrance of their houses. This is to protect themselves from the bad eye and evil spirits. They use shark teeth to protect their house.

Strength and Masculinity 

A shark tooth necklace is also a sign of strength and masculinity. Although, of course, men would wear them to attract women and said it worked for them. Best of all, it displays manhood and potency. Just so you know, sharks play an important role in the Maori culture in New Zealand. 

Maoris believe that when they wear a shark tooth necklace, it connects them with the shark spirit. That being said, it gives them energy, strength, and even masculine power. They consider it an amulet passed on from generation to generation. 

Key Takeaway

A shark tooth necklace carries the symbolism of awareness and would aid the beings to live life fully. These days, a shark tooth necklace is among the trendy boho fashion statements. However, there are gold color versions or popular leather strands. 

With that in mind, if you consider the shark tooth necklace meaning and are unsure about the symbolism, it all goes down to your values and belief. In the end, it's all about the faith that you have. 

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Shark tooth necklace symbolism

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