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NOW READING: Classic But Chic Seashell and Pearl Necklaces for Your Beachy Vibes

Seashell and pear jewelry

Classic But Chic Seashell and Pearl Necklaces for Your Beachy Vibes

The ocean is indeed one of the sources of motivation and inspiration. There’s something about the ocean that makes us feel relaxed and let go of our worries as we get in touch with nature’s beauty. It makes us feel calm and happy as we find peace. Indeed, the ocean alleviates stress and clears our minds.

The seashell and pearl necklace is a great way to carry that feeling wherever you go. Whether it’s simple, classic, or chic, the seashell and pearl necklace will always remind you of the ocean. Wearing a necklace will always help you to get in touch with freedom and happiness when you are not in the sea.

The good news is that Atolea Jewelry is here to help you choose the best seashell and pearl necklace to wear. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Classic but Chic Seashell and Pearl Necklace

Check out our list of necklaces that will surely become your favorite jewelry to wear.

Freshwater pearl - stunning pearl and seashell necklace

1. Freshwater Pearl Choker

When you always want that fresh look as you go to the beach, there’s no other necklace to wear than the Freshwater Pearl Choker from Atolea. The tiny pearls will impress you as it nicely strung along the necklace, making it look unique.

This jewelry was nicely made from high-quality steel, coated in authentic gold plated 18K. It’s handcrafted with real freshwater pearls, and it’s also made waterproof, so don’t worry if you go swimming and showering. There was only a slightly longer extender, so you may wear it on the collar bones or as a choker, but everything is perfect.

Baroque Pearl Pendant - Best seashell and pearl necklaces

2. Baroque Pearl Pendant

Who wouldn’t love wearing a necklace with its stunning pearl pendant? Atolea’s Baroque Pearl Pendant is known for its timeless beauty. You can wear its simple and elegant look on any occasion, and this necklace goes with everything you wear. From your office outfit to a sweet summer dress, it will look amazing.

This precious jewelry was made from quality stainless steel in 18K gold. It’s also sweat, water, and heat resistant, so there is no tarnishing or discolouring.


Mykonos necklace - Cute pearl and seashell necklaces


3. “Mykonos” Necklace

You will love this unique “Mykonos” necklace from Atolea. This necklace will surely make you feel like you’re at the seaside and always ready. You will always have that touch of summer when you wear this necklace, especially if you feel landlocked.

Its stunning and real mini natural freshwater pearls come in an 18K plated gold chain, making it a perfect accessory anytime and anywhere. This necklace will not tarnish or discolor, no matter how many times you wear it.

“Tulum” Cowrie Necklace - Classy shell and pearl necklace

4. “Tulum” Cowrie Necklace

Tulum’s Mayan vibes inspire this beautiful Cowrie Necklace. Atolea’s “Tulum” Necklace boasts its Cowrie shell pendant, making a perfect touch of boho to any summer outfit. It’s best paired with the Cowrie Ring to create a perfect beachy and summer vibe outfit.

It’s made of stainless steel material and 18K Gold plated. It’s waterproof and nickel-free; best of all, it will not tarnish. It will be perfect to wear, especially if you are fascinated with the ocean.

“Manihi” Necklace - Unique shell and pearl necklace

5. “Manihi” Necklace

You’ll be impressed at how these handpicked original pearls were turned into necklaces. Its golden details are superb, and its brightly painted glass beads combined to make the best summer talisman, the Atolea’s “Manihi” Summer Necklace.

Whether you’re going on a beach vacation or just staying in the comforts of your home, this gem full of colors will always bring a holiday vibe everywhere you go. It comes with an extender, and the pearls are natural. And like any other necklace, this one is also sweat, water, and heat resistant.

Pearl Droplet Necklace - Adorable shell and pearl necklace

6. Pearl Droplet Necklace

You will surely fall in love with how these small pearls have become droplet necklaces. Its unique design will give that great effect whenever you wear it. It’s going to be your favorite everyday jewelry to wear. Seven freshwater pearls were handpicked, so they are guaranteed to be genuine.

You will feel it’s lightweight every time you wear it, making it very comfortable. Of course, you’ll be confident to wear it, making you want to flaunt it all the time. The necklace is gold-plated and it’s made of stainless steel.

Choker Shell Necklace - Elegant shell and pearl necklace

7. Choker Shell Necklace

There’s nothing more impressive than the Choker Shell Necklace from Atolea. The necklace will surely catch anyone’s attention every time you wear it. It features natural shells that will always bring you summer vibes. It will be your perfect accessory when you go to the beach.

Best of all, you will appreciate how this necklace is handmade with Cowrie shells. You can wear it alone to come up with the best bohemian look. It’s going to be a perfect time for you on the beach.

Mother of Pearl Necklace - Classic shell and pearl necklace

8. Mother of Pearl Beaded Necklace

When choosing a pearl necklace, the Mother of Pearl necklace from Atolea Jewelry is something you can never overlook. The necklace adds a touch of paradise to any clothes you wear. Its fine beads give a very classy design to make it fit perfectly.

This necklace goes with everything by just wearing a simple white top or a nicely colored summer dress. Or perhaps you just find your favorite combination, as you can never go wrong with this necklace. The chain length is just enough, and it comes with an extender. Furthermore, the material is made of stainless steel and 18K Gold plated.

Seashell Necklace - Shell and pearl necklace for sea lovers

9. Seashell Necklace

This Seashell Necklace comes with a mermaid design that you can wear alone or stacked for a superb bohemian look. It’s going to be perfect for seasons of ocean waves and sandy beach moments. Best of all, there are three colors to choose from based on your preferences; gold, silver, and rose gold.

Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace

10. Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace

Did you know that Cowrie shells were once a currency and a symbol of success and wealth? These seashells are also connected to fertility, feminity, Divine, and protection. That’s why wearing this Gold Cowrie Shell Necklace will always bring your mind to the seashore and sandy beaches. You may feel like an easy-going person who enjoys adventures, life, and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Key Takeaway

The depths of the ocean hold a lot of mysteries. This is the reason why designers love to create ocean-inspired jewelry. With so many designs of seashell and pearl necklace, perhaps you don’t know what to choose to wear.

Hopefully, our list has narrowed down your searches. It has always been our pleasure here at Atolea Jewelry’s to provide Ocean-inspired jewelry for you. As long as the ocean is not harmed, everything will go accordingly.

And if you are looking for more Ocean-inspire jewelry, we got you covered!

Dive into our wide selection of ATOLEA Sea-inspired jewelry. We have the most unique and elegant designs from Sea-animals to Waves and Ocean-inspired jewelry that will make complete your beachy vibe outfit!

Check out our designs now and wear your love to the Ocean anywhere you go!

Classic and chic seashell and pearl inspired jewelry

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