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NOW READING: 12 Scary Facts About The Ocean

Interesting scary facts about the ocean

12 Scary Facts About The Ocean

Every water that streams into the sea, river, or ocean can make anyone feel relaxed and calm. Experts have studied this matter countless times and concluded that there has always been a deep biological connection between our brains near the water. 

In fact, flowing water can stimulate light hypnosis or deep relaxation that instantly takes the human body to their “happy place.” Apart from that, even staring at the ocean can undoubtedly change your brain wave frequency and put you into a peaceful meditative state. 

By all measures, connecting yourself with any body type of water is absolutely healing. But have you ever thought of swimming through the ocean? It might be very enticing to swim through this kind of water, but here lie some never-before-seen facts that the ocean has never warned you. See all these 12 scary facts about the ocean you need to know.

Dead Bodies

What do you think is scarier than swimming in the dark? Well, that would be finding some dead bodies floating around the ocean. Believe it or not, there have been instances wherein divers have seen dead bodies drifting around the surface of the water. Of course, these remains all came from those wrecked ships that sank many months or years ago. 

In such cases, the bodies on a shipwrecked vessel remain in the ocean for a long period. So, don’t be surprised to see some dead bodies floating around if you plan to swim across the ocean. In fact, many said that the ocean is like another kind of cemetery dimension due to this matter. 

Scary ocean facts

Real Monsters in the Darkness

Another thing that you might want to consider before going deep into the ocean is the monsters around. Yep, that’s one of the scary facts about the ocean. It might seem unreal to think of, but there are actual and unidentified creatures that lie beneath the surface of the water. 

For instance, these species are not the usual fish like what everyone sees. Take note that the creatures that live under these depths are mostly water themselves. That means that they are buoyant and don’t have to fight any gravity, allowing them to grow gigantic in size. 

Bermuda Triangle

If some have passed the Bermuda Triangle without disappearing, then they might have ended the mystery beyond the Bermuda Triangle. If you have no clue why the Bermuda Triangle is terrifying for most captains, then this thought will tell you why. 

Legends have always pointed out that you will never see the light again once a vessel or ship enters the triangle. had reported that one of the most chilling cases occurred when the USS Cyclops, Navy cargo ship that is 542 foot long that carries 10,000 tons of manganese and three hundred men sank somewhere in the triangle. What’s more, the captain didn’t even have the time to send out an SOS signal before it drifted into the ocean. 

Surprisingly, after 100 years of never-ending searching, the cargo ship is still missing. Few conclusions arise to these situations, like the ship has never sailed or there was no Navy Cargo voyaging at that time. What a real chill, isn’t it?

Ocean scary facts

The Ocean Can Crush You

Amazingly enough, there are always scary facts about the ocean crushing you for minutes. In literal terms, you won’t be able to get very far on your own swimming through this kind of water. Because for every 10 meters plunged, the pressure increases by 14.5 psi. Do note that crumbling under the pressure of the ocean equates to being smashed down by 50 jumbo jets. So, the question is, how long can you breathe in the deep depths?

Those “Killer” Box Jellyfish

Jellyfish won't ever go missing to any seas and oceans. What's scarier than that is the different jellyfish that you can encounter, especially on these large water surfaces. Take the Box Jellyfish as an example, which freely lives around the ocean for almost a thousand years. 

While it is true that more humans are killed by the Box Jellyfish compared to sharks, there are an estimated 20 to 40 deaths that happen in the Philippines alone. Not to mention those people who were hospitalized with severe stings left on their bodies. 

Sharks Everywhere

What can you expect from swimming around the sea and ocean? Of course, Sharks. No one could ever miss talking about the scary facts about the ocean without mentioning these large and terrifying creatures. 

Although they swam through the deepest and central part of the ocean, it would still be possible to encounter them in some shallow parts. But, that would only happen if you won’t do anything unsuspicious on their end. So be careful when swimming around the ocean, because, in the future, no one wants to get attacked by these huge fishes. 

Facts about ocean that are scary

The King of Herrings

Often referred to as the King of Herrings, Oarfish are one significant sign of any tragedy in the world. They appear as odd bony fish and tend to move around all tropical and temperate oceans. But the catch with these kinds of fishes is that they are rarely seen, not unless there’s an earthquake happening everywhere. Oarfish are named after their long pectoral fins, which resemble oars.

The Place Where Storms Came From

So, you have decided to stay longer and discover more about the ocean, don’t you? Well, this might just be a terrible opportunity for you to see some of the most devastating happenings around this body type of water. 

Oceans are the birthplace of every storm. With a large force and pressure, these storms can bring strong tsunamis that can flood the mainland and shorelines at any point in time. At some point, it’s much better to stay out in the ocean. There are more scary things that can happen more than what you think of. 

Too Many Bacteria

Like in any other place, one scary fact about the ocean is that it consists of many bacteria in the ocean. What's more alarming than that is that some scientists can't quantify or identify the bacteria around the water. 

Though they can confirm a few bacteria in some instances, there's still a huge possibility that a person can get an underlying disease. One of the rarest infections that you could get is Schistosome Cercarial Dermatitis. This rash occurs when parasites touch the human flesh.. 

Black Holes

Have you ever thought that the ocean is full of black holes? If that’s the case, then you are probably right. Another scary fact about the ocean is that it is packed with whirls similar to the black holes in space. That only means that nothing in their path can ever escape. 

What’s scarier to think of is that such whirls in the ocean are gigantic. These often measure up to 93 miles in diameter, which is larger than the entire city of Los Angeles. So, would you still dive in? 

Interesting ocean scary facts

The Ocean May Attract Lightning

If you are scared of lightning, then it is much better not to stay near the ocean. Take note that water is a conductive substance. Each lightning can spread quickly and electrocute many animals, people, and boats in it. However, also consider that the ocean may not get struck by lightning as commonly as land. Still, when it does, the result can be perilous.

Everything is Still Unexplored

More than what everyone already knows, parts of the ocean still remain unexplored. According to the National Ocean Service, though many experts have taken the time to discover and map out 100 of the celestial bodies, they’ve only handled researching about five percent of the ocean. Isn’t that one of the most scary facts about the ocean? Until now, no one really knows what’s beneath the waters of the world. 

The Bottom Line

With all these scary facts about the ocean, would you still go swim and discover it? Well, although there are underlying hidden facts about these types of water, it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore it on your own. There are still some good things that the ocean brings, like inner peace and calmness within ourselves. Perhaps, it’s within our call if we’re willing to fight through these scary facts about the ocean. 

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Scary facts about ocean

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