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NOW READING: What Does It Mean Wearing a Pearl Anklet?

Pearl anklet symbolism

What Does It Mean Wearing a Pearl Anklet?

Aside from bracelets and necklaces, anklets are also becoming a hot fashion trend. It’s because designers can also put pendants on anklets that are just mere accessories alone.

Over the years, different pendants have meant something. 

For example, most anklet pendants often have designs, such as the sun, moon, waves, and even the move. But as meanings and symbolisms are engraved into these fashion accessories, so do ocean-inspired ones that have a deeper meaning than they actually are.

Today, we will discuss what it means to wear a pearl anklet. What is pearl anklet symbolism? Is there a deeper meaning to why people wear a pearl-inspired anklet? Let’s find out! 

Pearl Anklet Symbolism: Everything to Know

If you’re wondering why more and more people love the idea of wearing pearl anklets, you are not alone.

The oldest mention of pearls dates back thousands of years, and this shouldn’t surprise us, as many philosophies are centered around the value of pearls and associate them with spiritual awareness and wisdom.

One of the pearl anklet symbolism is wisdom. As we’ve mentioned, mentions of pearls date back thousands of years, which means they have been with us for a minimum of a thousand years. 

They symbolize wisdom because pearls that are formed naturally take time before it becomes one. So, as they go through this experience, they gain wisdom. 

In addition, one of the popular beliefs why people wear pearl pendants in their anklets, bracelets, and necklaces is because they believe it offers protection. Pearl anklet symbolism is also known to attract good luck and wealth. 

If you’re wondering why many businesses, especially restaurants and takeaways, have pearl pendants or sculptures on them, it is because of this particular reason. 

In fact, during the Roman times, pearls were the measurement of one’s wealth, which means when a person has lots of pearls embroidered around their clothes or around their bodies, this signifies that they are rich. 

On the other hand, people who use pearl pendants in their accessories speak of the wearer’s integrity and purity. 

There are a lot of things the pearl symbolizes, but wisdom is by far one of the most common attributes the pearl is known for. Interesting facts about Pearl anklets

The Myths Surrounding Pearl 

There are thousands of myths surrounding pearls, some of which might be why an individual prefers to wear one.

For example, according to Chinese lore, you can only gain pearls if you slay a dragon, and this is because they believed that pearls are made inside a dragon’s head. Sounds amazing, right? We have more.

Another Japanese lore associated with pearls is that they believed pearls were formed because mermaids, nymphs, and other mythical creatures cried. In fact, according to one religion, when God removed Adam and Eve from Eden, it is said that their tears formed pearls. 

One surprising belief is that Adam’s tears formed black pearls, whereas Eve’s tears formed white pearls.

On the other hand, Hindus associate pearls with karma, as it reduces karma and strengthens your relationship with your lover and everyone around you. 

According to the Greeks, pearls are a sign of integrity and honesty, whereas the Quran says that when you arrive at paradise, you will be greeted with thousands of pearls. 

Another belief from Persian people is that pearls are formed through rainbows, and the reason behind their impurities can be blamed on lightning and thunder. 

You see, these are just a few of the reasons why people wear pearl anklets. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Every walk of life has its own way of resonating one’s self to the life of a pearl. 

Are Pearls for Good Luck?

They say that pearls bring tears, but oftentimes, this is not the case. Most popular beliefs will tell you that pearls bring good luck. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why most women prefer wearing pearl anklets, and it might be this particular reason why they might be wearing this one.

Remember, a pearl symbolizes a lot of things that are positive in nature, which means it can give a whole new meaning to what we’re trying to talk about. For sure, most people believe that it came from tears, but wisdom has been the driving force of why pearls are relevant as pendants in the world of jewelry. 

Are Pearls Given because of Love?

As we’ve mentioned, pearls are often given as tokens of appreciation and love way back a thousand years. Maybe, it’s a symbol of love in a way that it can deliver different meanings to what it actually is.

In addition, during the time of ancient Greek, pearls are given to brides to prevent them from crying during the monumental day of their lives. We believe that pearls are not only tokens of love but also a symbol of it. There is no reason why they have become a popular pendant in almost all accessories worn by people. 

Why Are Pearls so Special?

If you all knew how pearls are created would give you a better understanding of why they’re special. They are only created when dust or dirt comes inside a clam, mussel, or oyster. 

These creatures would deem these particles as irritants; as a result, they send fluid to wrap around these so-called “irritants”. They will wrap these irritants time and time again until it becomes a pearl. Just imagine how long it will take for these clams to make one pearl. 

Although pearl-making has been commercialized, naturally-occurring pearls take far longer to create than those commercial ones. 

Wrapping Things Up

Pearls are definitely one of the most popular pendant designs on the market today, and for a good reason, they symbolize different kinds of things that humans feel like they resonate with this naturally-occurring matter. 

Are you amazed at how these pearls came out to be? They can often be misinterpreted because ancient people believed they are formed through tears, but sometimes, it’s the reason behind those tears that the pearl truly symbolizes. 

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Pearl anklet meaning

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