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NOW READING: The Deadliest and Most Dangerous Sharks in the Ocean

Deadly and dangerous sharks in the ocean

The Deadliest and Most Dangerous Sharks in the Ocean

Sharks are one of the most fearsome creatures not only in the ocean but on the entire planet. Although there are a hundred species of sharks, not all of them are harmful. Still, some sharks are feared for their behaviors and an instinct that will truly send shivers throughout the ocean waters.

These apex predators date back to prehistoric times. Their deadly combination of being fast swimmers, agile creatures, and violent towards their prey makes them all the more fearsome. So, in this article, we will be talking about various types of shark species known to be the deadliest and dangerous.

Ranking the Deadliest and Most Dangerous Sharks in the Ocean 

As we mentioned earlier, not all types of sharks are bad. Some of them are just triggered by various factors. However, there are still species of sharks that are known to attack humans and have had a long history with these apex predators dealing with humans all over the world. Here’s the list of the deadliest and most dangerous sharks in the ocean.

The great white shark

The Great White Shark, or commonly as the white pointer, is one of the most dangerous, largest, and deadliest shark species on the planet. It is reported that the Great whites are more involved in human attacks than any other species of shark. Great white sharks have had a storied life; they dated around 34 to 56 million years ago.

These fearsome predators are known to grow about 11 to 12 inches long when they turn into adulthood. On the other hand, great female whites grow larger, even reaching 16 to 17 feet. This is because great white sharks primarily feed on different kinds of marine creatures. That’s what it does when you are on top of the food chain.

It is also reported that great white sharks mistake divers and surfers as silhouettes, especially when they are below the water's surface. In addition, with their staggering 300 sharp teeth, great whites are known to have the most powerful bite force on the planet, as they can power up to 18,000N of pure bite force.

The Great White sharks are responsible for almost one-third or even one-half of shark attacks each year. So, if you happen to find one, it is better to take a step back and just chill above water. You’d never want to mess with them.

Deadliest sharks in the ocean

Tiger shark

The Tiger Shark is another type of shark that grows extremely big. They measure around 14 to 18 feet when they mature and are also known to have a bad reputation against humans. However, unlike Great Whites, tiger sharks aren’t as active and deadly in interaction with humans.

They have a wide variety of food selection, combined with their sharp teeth, long fins, and relatively large body size compared to other sharks. They are also hailed as one of the most fearsome types of sharks on our planet. Tiger sharks are known to interact the same way with other sharks and often mistake humans and divers as prey.

Like with other sharks, tiger sharks tend to be curious, especially when there are unusual things around them. So, whenever you find tiger sharks lurking in the water, the best thing to do is just to stay away from them, as you might be included in the menu for the day.

Most scariest sharks in the ocean
Interesting and dangerous sharks in the ocean

Shortfin mako

When it comes to shark species, the shortfin mako is known to be one of the most migratory types of sharks globally. Not only that but they are also considered one of the most dangerous sharks in the world. Their combination size, speed, and agility make them a dangerous predators in the open ocean.

They are also known as the ‘blue pointer’ or the ‘bonito shark.’ The shortfin mako shark is also considered the biggest ratio when it comes to the brain to the body, making them adept predators and heavily relies on their smell, vision, and hearing to hunt their food.

What makes them much more dangerous than the others is their numbers. They usually swim in groups and are often curious about unusual things on the water. Their aggressiveness and the ability to swim fast have been blamed for some shark attacks reported. It is also noted that fishermen are also to be blamed as they deal with this kind of shark for their meat.

Dangerous sharks
Sharks in the ocean that are scary

Bull sharks

Although great whites get the most flak when it comes to shark attacks, the Bull sharks are undoubtedly the one of the most dangerous sharks of them all. While humans are attacked because of their silhouettes, bull sharks have the highest number of unprovoked shark attacks on humans.

Unlike most sharks that thrive in a saltwater environment, bull sharks tend to enter freshwater territory, and their association with humans proves futile at times. It has been reported that an infamous event related to bull sharks dates back to 1916, wherein four people were killed in two weeks by bull sharks.

As mentioned, bull sharks are easily one of the most aggressive sharks in the world, and this is because they have the highest testosterone levels of any animal in the world. Furthermore, bull sharks have a high number of unprovoked shark attacks because they are often found in high-density population areas or shorelines. Most of the time, they attack people out of curiosity or inadvertently.

Most scary sharks in the ocean

Wrapping Things Up

Sharks are, without a doubt, one of the scariest and most dangerous marine creatures on the planet. However, not all sharks are the same, and in some instances, sharks attack out of curiosity or humans looking like food. Still, sharks are important to our marine ecosystem, they are on top of the food chain for various reasons, and one of them is to provide balance.

Although sharks are dangerous, they still face many threats, which are large because of human activities such as global warming, commercial fishing, overexploitation, and many more. Let us just be cautious when they’re around you and try not to hurt them. 

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Most deadly sharks in the ocean

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