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NOW READING: Elephant Anklet: The Meaning Behind The Jewelry

Elephant anklet meaning

Elephant Anklet: The Meaning Behind The Jewelry

Have you ever thought of elephants being your spirit animal? Perhaps, you might be curious how elephants are and their symbolism in this world. Well, there might be times that you want to attach your spirit animal/s into your life by carrying them with you wherever you may go. So in that sense, that could be in the form of materials like bags, shoes, clothes, or even jewelry.

That said, you might be one of those people who’s constantly looking for an elephant anklet yet looking for an elephant anklet meaning behind it. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry as you are on the right post. 

We’ll discuss everything under the sun and together discover the elephant anklet meaning. See more information about it below this post. 

The Elephants

Elephants have been together with us for an extended period. They are the world’s largest animals in the world and are one of the most unique-looking creatures that you can encounter. If you try to look at them, they seem to be scary, but they’re not. 

Although they are the “Gentle Giants” of the Earth, you need to know that their trunks have mad skills with 150,000 muscle units available. Their tusks also serve as their actual teeth, which they dig up roots, help them eat, or protect them whenever they go into battles. 

Elephants also have thick skin that measures at least 2.5cm protecting them from sunburn or other weather. Best of all, elephants always eat. Yes, you read that right! If you think you’ve got this attitude, then maybe you chose the right spirit animal!

An interesting fact about this mammal is that it needs 150kg of food per day to survive. They eat this much food that they can even spend three-quarters of their day only eating. But that’s because they need to sustain their lifestyle, being the largest animal living on Earth. So, in such a case, it is pretty bearable to achieve. 

So, what’s a good reason for elephants to be your spirit animal and have it as a charm? What’s with having an elephant anklet without knowing the elephant anklet meaning behind it? Let’s find out all the possible symbolism and the elephant anklet meaning here. 

Meaning of elephant anklet

The Meaning Behind The Elephant Anklet

First of all, it’s not only the elephants who have been roaring its symbol overall in the fashion world. Different kinds of animals and special creatures impact the industry, giving their charm and symbolism to the people. But with elephants, there are more facts that you should know, especially why it deserves to be on your collection. 

In general, Elephants symbolize pure wisdom, strength, and beauty. They might be the gentle giants of the Earth, but they are used in many stories and have a huge contribution that leaves a permanent impression on all. These mammals are also best defined by bringing luck and fortune. In Hinduism culture, Elephants are connected with Ganesha, the God of luck, fortune, protection, and blessing upon new tasks. 

Elephants also represent the behavior of peace and calmness as they have a low-key temperament. Ancient proverbs also mention that keeping an elephant near your doors helps you put out the bad luck and attract good luck to everyone in the area. Based on this, Elephants are a natural symbol of fortune, not only with your family but with those you are living with. 

So, to any person bringing any elephant jewelry with them, it is believed to bring good luck, peace, and strength whenever they go. It also makes an excellent gift for sending wishes of luck to someone whom you love. Above all, elephant anklets and other jewelry represent a great reminder to keep strong but calm and maintain peace even though you are aware of your power. 

Meaning behind elephant anklets

Interesting meaning of elephant anklet

Other Elephant Beliefs

It’s not only elephants that are believed to bring an entire fortune to you and your family, but it also tells something about fertility. White elephants are the most sacred of all, as it ties to the story of the Buddha born from a white elephant on his mother’s side. In Feng Shui, elephants can help couples to bring a child home. Many have said that it is advantageous to have an elephant image inside the bedroom, especially if the couple wants a male child. 

On the other hand, superstition says that the trunk of a decorative elephant must always be downwards in Eastern cultures and facing upwards in Western cultures for good fortune. Also, Western cultures believed that having an upward trunk ensures that all the good luck will not run out; simultaneously, the downward trunk symbolizes mourning. 

Overall, the Elephant greatly symbolizes good luck, fortune, protection, confidence, and peace. So, you can say that all the best of luck is within you for those who have it with them. But still, you have to remember that Elephants being your spirit animal, is only a way to guide with the correct pathway. So, it would still be best to put all the hard work within your hands and not within all these jewels. 

What elephant anklet means

Final Thoughts

These are all the beliefs behind the “elephant anklet meaning.” There are many more interesting facts that you can know before trying to get an elephant anklet on your own. Thus, having an elephant anklet as a gift would suffice if you wish someone to bring good luck. 

Nonetheless, everyone in this world would have wanted to have good fortune and peace. With Elephant carrying all these meanings, it is safe to say that it might help you boost your energy and luck as you bring it as a piece of jewelry. So, why not get one today now for you, your family, other relatives, and friends? Luckily, there is Atolea Jewelry that will give you Elephant-inspired jewelry

Share the meaning of the elephant anklet and recognize how powerful this animal is. Besides, elephants are cute whether they may be small or large depending on their size, don’t you agree with this fact?

Elephant anklet means


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