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NOW READING: Recognize The Different Unique Colors of Pearls

Different colors of pearls

Recognize The Different Unique Colors of Pearls

Pearls are known to have arrays of colors that everyone loves. They are filled with colors; from natural white, gold, yellow, pink, blue, black, and different shades in between – there’s more to colors of pearls that make them very interesting.

They come in a variety of overtone colors and bodies. Some may even have colors that are sought after. While color white pears are traditional colors, this blog will primarily deal with other colors of pearls that naturally occur. These colored pearls would spice up the jewelry collection and will add a rare and unconventional look.

Most Common Colors of Pearls 

Pearls, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater, come in different colors. Therefore, its value must be elevated, not only by its color but also by its size, origin, smoothness, and other aspects that must be considered. First, we will talk about the different colors of pearls, along with their meanings.

White Pearls 

White pearls are known as the glamorous South Sea Pearls or Akoya Pearl. White pearls have been common ones for centuries. Both men and women wear and love the color white pearls because of their elusive versatility and elegance. In addition, the white colors of pearls are associated with purity. This is why brides have traditionally worn pearls.

Common white colors of pearls are White Akoya. These are cultured in Japan, China, and even Vietnam. There are also White Freshwater Pearls and White South Sea Pearls. Moreover, there are common overtones that you will see, like Rose, which tends to be a hint of pink. There are also ivory or cream – which are a tint of French Vanilla. Finally, there are also silver overtones, which are close to bright and true white.

Most common colors of pearls

Golden Pearls

Golden Pearls are known as luxurious, opulent, and the best of all. They are naturally colored, like the Golden South Sea Pearls, and known as some of the world's rarest and largest cultured pearls. The golden colors of pearls range from pale Champaign colors to strong 24K golden hues. These pearls hail from atolls of the islands in Australia and the Philippines and even tropical lagoons.

The usual overtones of Golden Pearls are neutral yellow, gold, rose, silver, bronze/green, and champagne overtones. As to the meaning, golden pearls are believed to fill their owner with prosperity and wealth. Therefore, the Chinese often portrayed their dragons to bear golden pearls in their claws and even mouths.

Different pearl colors

Black Pearls 

Known as exotic and dark, the black pearls have always captivated the imaginations of men and women for centuries already. Black colors of pearls have captivated a hundred times than white pearls. They have been filled with all kinds of lore and mythical properties.

The types of Black Pearl are known for their natural color of cultured black pearls. The common type would be the Black Tahitian Pearls from the Sea of Cortez and French Polynesia. There are also Black Freshwater and Black Akoya Pearls that are also available. However, these types are color-treated and usually dyed to achieve darker hues.

As for the meaning, Black Pearls are believed to be the god Ono that came down from the heavens and on a rainbow. This is to give something to his beloved princess, the first black pearls. The pearls were then filled with colors because of his magical rainbow.

Beautiful colors of pearls

Blue Pearls 

These are naturally colored pearls that are known as the rarest colors of pearls in the world. The blue-colored pearls come in fascinating hues, from pastel blue to dark midnight blue colors. The blue color pearls have existed for decades already. However, they have naturally colored blue pearls recently that gained popularity in the jewelry market.

They even have dazzling overtones of Aquamarine, Violet, and Rose. Pearls such as the Cortez Pearl and Tahitian feature variations in their overtone range. That includes blue-green, cerulean, violet, teal, and more. Furthermore, the meaning of the blue colors of pearls is about peace, serenity, and calmness. It also means confidence, integrity, intuition, and loyalty.

Amazing pearl colors

Colors of pearls

Pink Pearls 

The pink colors of pearls are subtle and look very feminine. There are times that white pearls can be artificially pinked and feature pink overtones. It’s an industry treatment that would give white pearls a kind of blush hue. However, pink pearls come from freshwater mussels that are from China.

Pink pearls are not as common as white pearls, which makes them the desired variety. Furthermore, pink pearls are recommended to be paired with yellow gold. It is the most common and traditional to use as yellow gold warms up and blends well with pink to enhance its sparkle.

Beautiful pearl colors

Lavender Pearls 

Lavender pearls are from freshwater mussels. They are similar to pink pearls and are known for their unique rich hue that often features overtones of blue-green, green, and sometimes gold and rose. They are best when paired with white gold, as it is the most traditional and popular choice. It cools the pearls and enhances its lovely Blue, Green, and Aquamarine overtones.

On the other hand, the yellow gold may create a high contrast between the clasps and the pearl. It may also create mountings that are eye-catching and may enhance Rose or Gold overtones. The colors may also present as pale lilac to purple-silver, to deeper lavender. This would include mauve tones as well.

Unique pearl colors

Chocolate Pearls 

They are among the rarest and perhaps most interesting of all colors of pearl. They appear to have dark brown and metallic looks. They became popular because they are in demand in the world of fashion. Designers like Erica Courtney assist in solidifying the status of chocolate pearls. That’s why they are deemed worthy gemstones. The Chocolate Tahitian pearls may also be naturally colored, but there are also dyed versions among the freshwater pearls.

Interesting pearl colors

Wrapping Up 

Pearls are perhaps among the most sought-after and best-loved gems of all time. Whether it’s natural or modern culture, something in it makes it unique and fascinating. Perhaps it’s about the colors that make it more interesting and the style and elegance, especially when worn.

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Different colors of pearls

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