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Thank You Jewelry

Discover the appeal of Thank You Jewelry, designed for everyday wear, waterproof, with free shipping and a lifetime color warranty.


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BEST SELLER Baroque Freshwater Pearl NecklaceBaroque Pearl Necklace
LOW STOCK ON SALE Gold Layered NecklaceGold Layered Necklaces
"Ios" Layered Necklace 283 reviews Sale price¥9,100 Regular price¥11,600
Gold Sun PendantGold Waterproof necklace
Beaded RingGold bead Ring
Beaded Ring 34 reviews Sale price¥6,800
Sold out Gold Sun PendantSummer Sun Pendant
Sun Pendant 29 reviews Sale price¥8,100
Sold out Baroque Pearl ChokerSingle pearl choker
Pearls RingGenuine Pearl Ring
"Isle" Ring 36 reviews Sale price¥6,600
Cowrie Shell PendantSilver Cowrie Necklace
NEW Birthstone NecklaceBirthstone Necklace
Gold Rainbow RingRainbow ring
Golden Hour Ring 74 reviews Sale price¥8,500
TRENDING Layered Herringbone BraceletLayered Gold Bracelet
Tiny Pearl BraceletGold Single Pearl Bracelet
ON SALE Onyx Ring"Kaya" Onyx Ring
"Kaya" Onyx Ring 27 reviews Sale price¥8,000 Regular price¥9,100
Layered Pearl NecklacePearls Necklace
TRENDING Seaside NecklaceBold Waterproof Necklace
Seaside Necklace 24 reviews Sale price¥8,700
TRENDING Luna NecklaceLuna Necklace
Luna Necklace 24 reviews Sale price¥8,500
Sold out Paperclip Pearl BraceletGold Freshwater Bracelet
Everyday Pearls RingEveryday Pearls Ring
Gold Pearl PendantNecklace Choker Pearls
Chunky Green RingQuality Emerald Ring
Gold Octopus NecklaceOctopus Necklace
Octopus Necklace 12 reviews Sale price¥8,300
Sold out Waterproof Signet RingDainty Signet Ring
Dainty Signet Ring Sale price¥7,000
TRENDING Coin Pearl NecklaceCoin Pearl Necklace
Sold out Dainty Emerald RingDainty Emerald Ring
Dainty Emerald Ring Sale price¥8,000
Green Zircon RingGreen Zircons Ring
Auroras Ring 6 reviews Sale price¥8,300
NEW Bold Pearl NecklaceBold Chain with Pearl
TRENDING White clover necklaceMother of Pearl Clover Necklace
Positano Necklace 3 reviews Sale price¥9,100
NEW Double gold ringBold ring waterproof
Double Twist Ring Sale price¥7,800
NEW ON SALE Gold street ringamalfi ring
Amalfi Ring Sale price¥6,800 Regular price¥8,100
NEW bracelet four leaf cloverMother of Pearl Clover Bracelet
Positano Bracelet 1 review Sale price¥8,300
NEW Malachite NecklaceReal malachite necklace
Malachite Pendant Sale price¥10,700
NEW Inca NecklaceAventurine necklace
Inca Sun Necklace 1 review Sale price¥9,100
NEW green stone pendantgreen stone necklace
Green Stone Pendant Sale price¥8,700
NEW Summer necklacesSummer Gold necklaces
"Soleil" Layered Necklace Sale price¥10,500
BEST SELLER ON SALE Jewelry Pearls ComboSummer Jewelry Bundle
Aloha Bundle 5 reviews Sale price¥15,300 Regular price¥19,100
NEW ON SALE Bliss BundleBliss Bundle
Bliss Bundle 6 reviews Sale price¥13,000 Regular price¥16,400